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Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!




By sheer coincidence, all of my favorite beauty products this month are looking pretty in pink… 🎀 As we get close to the end of November, I’m curious to know what products members of the Beauty Insider Community have been reaching for the most this month! Temperatures outside are dropping further and further, and my monthly faves have been helping me stay hydrated … no dry, flaky scalp for me this season! 😤


Here is a list of beauty goodies I’ve been loving lately:


Now it’s your turn, BIC! Name the makeup, skincare, hair, fragrance, and wellness products that have been carrying you through the month, because the rest of us are taking notes! Be sure to use the “#” symbol to tag those faves. 😉

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

Yes @itsfi! I even find the red handle detail adorable ❤️ The gift cards are so pretty this year! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

Yes, yes, yes @GeorginaBT! Completely agree. The detailing on the bag and the designs that are available for the actual gift card were so well thought out. 😍 Kudos to the Sephora team who turned this fab concept into such a fun and great product itself. 🙌🏼  


Would love to see the gift cards be reloadable at a another time. ♥️ I don’t know if that would stop me from picking up more cards because there are some really great designs. 😂 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!


Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

@Nahnom, completely agree about the cleanser performing better when applied to a dry face with dry hands. That's ordinarily how I cleanse. This one works well too on damp skin and dry hands (if using as a second cleanse). I'll have to remember to pay more attention to the scent on it; I don't notice a scent at all - or maybe I've just grown used to it. Making a note to check on the scent. 


That's a great find (and deal) for the cleanser. Woohoo!!! 😀 Love a good bargain. 👊 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

@itsfi Such a pretty photo and note

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

@SportyGirly125, thank you! So much to be thankful for.

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

Great faves @itsfi !! The Byredo sounds so cozy!!

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

@cianni, I went into the store to pick up a couple of stocking stuffers. I left with a lot more. Hahaha! I did not expect to love this scent so much when I first tried it in the store. It's perfect for this time of year. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

Lancome does do mascara so well @itsfi !

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

100% agree @Kim888! I've had at least one Lancome mascara in my stash at all times for probably close to a decade now. 💖

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

Agreed, @itsfi @Kim888!! They really are some of the best!!

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

Great faves, @GeorginaBT!! The Vegamour treatment looks especially interesting but I don't think it's available in Canada.


My faves for the month (look at me getting them in before the month ends!)



The GlossGods Gal on the Moon Palette is a stunner. So many pretty shift shaded and I've had a better time keeping them in line on my oily hooded lids than with most indie shimmers like this.



Ciaté London Extraordinary Translucent Powder + Beautyblender POWER POCKET PUFF™ Dual-Sided Powder Puff for Setting and Baking is working out great for under my eyes. It's not perfect but it's so much better than a lot of brightening powders I've used.


CAY SKIN Isle Glow Face Moisturizer SPF 45 with Sea Moss and Niacinamide 1.5 oz/ 45 mL - I'm loving this for the winter + my dry skin. I can see why this wouldn't work for everyone but on me it's a win!! I have a sample from a Sephoria box I finally picked up from my sister; wish this came to Sephora Canada!! We need better SPF options!!


#StriVectin Super-B Barrier Strengthening Oil with Vitamin B3 and Prebiotics 1 oz/ 30 mL - I got this in a Trendmood Box and I've really come to like it; it's almost as good as my favorite oil ( #Herbivore Orchid Antioxidant Beauty Face Oil - For Combination Skin 1.7 oz/ 50 mL ) . A little goes a long way and it absorbs pretty quickly. 


SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Concealer Brush #71 I got for a sweet deal during the VIB sale. I don't know why I'm always a little shocked by how much I like the PRO brushes but they're really good. The shape on this lets it get into nooks and crannies. 


To whomever put the FaceTory Chamomile mask into the Masks on the Move Fall V4.0

Thank you!! It's become one of my faves. I haven't been masking much but earlier this week I slapped this one on and my skin felt and looked so much better the next morning. Calming and hydrating goodness!!

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

@haleyvvvv - You look wonderful! 🥰  The colors and products are meant for you! 💖💖💖

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

Thank you so much, @Titian06!! 🥰

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

That palette looks beautiful @haleyvvvv!

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

Thank you, @faeriegirl!! It's a beauty!! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

@haleyvvvv love the inclusion of Ciate!! i feel like nobody talks about it anymore, but I've had some hits over the years from the brand. I'll look into GlossGods - i have oily lids too and have to prime to no end to make some shadows stick without creasing

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

To be clear, I am getting some creasing, as I have oily/hooded lids, but it is better than other similar type of shades, @cianni. I really like some of the Ciate products, but I definitely feel like it has been falling out of favor lately. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

@haleyvvvv better than other products is more than ok by me! i honestly thought Ciate was one of those brands that was going to file for bankruptcy, like i know a bunch have lately. ive seen a lot of their products in Winners/Marshalls, but seems to only be their nail line, so maybe they're laying low for a rebrand? i dont think ive heard of a collection launch from them in a while. the only recent ones i can think of have been collabs (like the miss piggy one, but even that was a while back i feel like)

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

I know!! I definitely thought they were going to file. But maybe they're doing well in the UK or other markets? 


I'm finding these shadows stay best after setting my primer, which isn't my favourite for getting pigmented/shifty/foiled looks, but eh, what can you do, @cianni 

Re: Monthly Favorites: November 2022 Edition!

@haleyvvvv @That was one of my favorite masks from facetory as well! 

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