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Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!



June marks that we’ve already made it to the halfway point of the year, woohoo! Can you believe it, BIC? The time has come again to take a look back and reflect upon all the things that brought us joy this month in other words, it’s time to share our June monthly favorites! 🌻


Here are the items that brought me a little extra sparkle to my days in June:



Also, I’m giving a special shout out to the The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Exfoliating Toning Solution 8 oz/ 240 mL – I’ve been using this a lot as a power combo for my face and body! It helps me with the bumpier areas on my skin and I love adding it as a bit of #selfcare in my post-shower routine.


What sparked joy for you this June? Whether they’re skincare, hair, makeup, fragrance, and/or wellness goodies (new faves or old loves), the Beauty Insider Community wants to know what you’ve been loving this month. Reply below and use the ‘#’ sign to tag those fave products!


Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

@Tamara76 The Kopari body spf is so good.  Not sticky at all and gives a beautiful glow to the skin.

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

@SportyGirly125 Consider me influenced! Just added to my Ulta cart (I don't see it on Sephora, unless I'm missing it?)

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

@Tamara76 It's not on Sephora's site 😞  I'm not sure if they will get it.  I ordered mine direct since it was 20% from their Facebook deal.

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

@Tamara76 thank you so much!! Yes yes you do!! It's amazing,,, I'm in the middle of watching your haul video!! You may just enable some more purchases 🤣

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

Aww thank you so much for watching @lmaster 💗

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

@lmaster ooh I didn't realize Tarte had a Knockout cleanser! I love the tarte Knockout Tingle Treatment Toner 5 oz/ 150 mL and tingly feeling it gives you. Does the cleanser make your skin tingle a lot too?


Also, I def am going to have to try that LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask Intense Hydration with Vitamin C Gummy Bear it sounds so interesting!

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

@Anna2BT no the tarte knockout daily exfoliating cleanser 4.19 oz/ 124 mL does not tingle, I feel a slight cooling, but not at all like a menthol feel, very subtle,,, this laneige gummy bear is totally worth it 😉

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

@lmaster great to know about the cleanser 🙂 Tbh I think I might prefer that, because the tingle can be STRONG on the toner. Just went into the store yesterday to check out the gummy bear lippie, it smells really good! It's like the right amount of grape scent haha

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

@Anna2BT I feel like the cleanser is top notch, yes the toner is wicked strong!! The cleanser, is on a whole other level of amazingness!! The grape scent is heavenly!!!! Totally addicted!!!

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

@lmaster Great favorites.  So glad the body spf works for the whole family.

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

@SportyGirly125 thank you darlin!!! I can't rave enough!!

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

June favs:

Fenty Skin Fat Water Niacinamide Pore-Refining Toner Serum with Barbados Cherry 5.0 oz/ 150 mL is basically a year-long favorite, but the past few weeks I've been noticing jaw PIH fading more than usual (I didn't add anything to my skincare routine except for more daily uses of the toner). 


Other than that the LYS Beauty Triple Fix Brightening Concealer  is a (May and) June fav.


One thin layer = medium coverage. 2 thin layers or 1 thin layer over color corrector = full coverage!


-experienced no breakouts/sensitivities using this 😍

-lightweight formula (doesn't feel heavy/cakey) 

-little goes a long way

-perfect match after oxidizing

-beautiful finish. Looks like my skin but with a glow (not too much of a glow, like a healthy glow) 



-packaging sucks (getting wand out of the container)

-wand doesn't dispense a lot of product, so I have to go back into the container for more

-oxidizes. The undertone of the product doesn't change, but it oxidized to like a shade or a shade and a half darker on me. So the first 10-15min of me wearing this product, I look like I am wearing the wrong shade. 

-if I use too much, it can get cakey/heavy. So literally a little goes a long way. 


I found the perfect match in the concealer, but not in the foundation which sucks as I really like the medium coverage and finish of the foundation. Overall, best make-up product I've tested/used yet so 5 stars!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

That is wonderful that you have noticed some fading of the pih, @Nahnom! I have a couple of samples of that, maybe I should try them consecutively.

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

Yes to PIH fading @Nahnom! ♥️ That’s awesome the serum has been consistently good for you! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

Thank you sweet @itsfi ! ❤️

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

@Nahnom I keep hearing great things about that Fenty serum - thanks for the thorough review!!!

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

You are very welcome @Tamara76 ! I write a lot when it comes to product trials and product reviews so I am glad someone found it useful. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

@Anna2BT I absolutely love the new The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Lash and Brow Serum . I can't believe how well (and quickly) this stuff works! And the price just can't be beat. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

@niki172, this has been getting so much great feedback from folks on BIC! Happy to hear it’s been a winner for you!

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

@niki172   Ok I am so happy to hear you are saying the same thing. I was looking at my poor brows and I was like I must be crazy thinking it’s filled in already. (Poor 90s me and brows) and my lashes look longer also!!! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: June 2022 Edition!

@ather have you had any negative reactions while using it on your lashes? When it comes to something that is that close to my eye I'm really wary to use it. Seeing how well it's performed with my brows makes me want to try it on my lashes but I'm hesitant. 

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