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Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

Monthly Faves February 2024Monthly Faves February 2024

I hope this month has been treating you well, BIC, because this year we get an extra day to celebrate our February favorites! 💞 I’ve been feeling a little adventurous lately and testing out some new (or new-to-me) products, as well as some new shades of products and brands I already know and love. I’ve been manifesting sleek hair, smooth skin, and natural-looking makeup this month, and I think I found the right combo of products to get me there – or at least try! 😉


Here are the beauty goodies I’ve been reaching for the most this month:



Take it away, Community! Tell us what your favorites have been this February. Be sure to tag any products you mention with the “#” symbol (hair, makeup, fragrance, wellness, skincare, etc.)!

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

@itsfi  Raspberry Beret, Fox and Beverly Hills! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

@itsfi those swatches look so nice!  I feel like I never hear anyone talk about these.

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

@CookieGirl1, these fly under the radar, which is too bad. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

These are fabulous swatches @itsfi ❤️

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

The color payoff on these sticks is fab @danielledanielle. I like that as well as the fact that they blend easily. The red shade is outside my comfort zone but I have a feeling I’ll pick out the plum shade at some point and as I look at the swatches, wondering if Dune might work as a bronzer on me. 🤔 

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

It could @itsfi , but I think the Ami Colé Skin-Enhancing Lightweight & Blurring Foundation Stick would work better as bronzer.  Dune for me pulls mauve, so I'm thinking blended out, it may look a little different.

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

Oh, interesting! Thank you for the heads up @danielledanielle

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

It sounds like I really need to try out the SC caffeine eye masks @itsfi!

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

@faeriegirl, highly recommend the caffeine eye masks. I’ve tried the other “flavors” in the line but the caffeine one is the best, in my opinion. 👍🏼 

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

@itsfi I tried the SEPHORA COLLECTION Clean Eye Mask Caffeine and boy do they make you look awake even when I had an early morning wake up 

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

@CorgiMommy, they’re so good! I have to have a few on hand at all times.

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

And they have a ton of that serum, @itsfi and @CorgiMommy .  That with an eye good

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

Showing my Thé Fantôme votive because my full size candle’s nearly done.Showing my Thé Fantôme votive because my full size candle’s nearly done.



ColourPop Lux Creme Lipstick shade Getty - an old favorite dark teal lipstick shade I wish ColourPop would bring back. CP’s raised the price of their bullet lipsticks over the last few years, but I still say they’re undervalued. I’d have happily paid 3x what I did for this and all my other Lux bullets.

NARS Talc-Free Powder Blush shade 413 BLKR - this deep pink is one of my favorite discontinued blush shades. NARS needs to relaunch some of their discontinued shades, dang it. Then I can stop nursing the heck outta some of my old compacts.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette, Tiger - the more I use it, the deeper in love I fall. It’s just a solid beautiful face palette for my skin tone—though I do wish Hourglass had included At Night instead of Iridescent Rose as a blush shade, to make Tiger even more deep skin friendly. Still, Tiger makes me very happy.

Natasha Denona 28 Palette, Purple & Blue - I still frequently use my ND 5 palettes* and forget that most of those shades are also in the ND 28s. So this month, I’ve mostly used my Purple & Blue 28-pan; gotta rotate through palettes I’ve not used in a long time. It’s been fun having 28 shades to play with in a single palette again.

*The brand now calls the original 5-pans “minis” alongside their actual mini 5-pan palettes, which are smaller than the original 5s. I know ND has discontinued the 5s, but I have trouble calling them “mini” now. 

Sonia G. Sunset Cranes Soft Pencil Brush - a squirrel pencil small enough to precisely apply color throughout the inner corner, and soft enough to not irritate my eyes. I had to survive Battle Royale to get this gorgeous brush set from Beautylish (failed my first attempt but won one of the re-releases) but I’m glad I did.

Tanseido AKA Series MQ10 Brush - a Japanese weasel eye shader brush I bought primarily for undereye concealer. It’s dense enough to lay down product, yet fluffy enough to easily blend product out. And I love the very short handle. Possibly my new favorite concealer brush. 



Boy Smells Thé Fantôme Candle - fragrance notes: black tea, palo santo, eucalyptus, gardenia, cashmeran, and papyrus. This one’s definitely not for eucalyptus haters. 😅 But this candle’s not one-note: it has an overall smoky, green, and mild floral scent, with a tea and papyrus undercurrent. I love this candle so much, I keep my original full size in my bedroom where I can smell it (unlit, of course) while dozing off. I’m about to order a second full size while I burn through this votive, because I know I’ll finish that bedroom full size soon. The votive has decent throw, surprisingly—though that might just be the nature of this particular fragrance. I mean, I can smell the unlit full size candle from across the room. Neither size of this candle tunnels or has a sooty burn. (The votive’s available in Boy Smells Fantôme Votive Trio and, to me, is easily the best of the 3 scents.) 

Otherland Sriracha Rose Candle - hot chili flakes + Bulgarian rose + pomegranate = a balance of sweet and heat that’s neither cloyingly rosy nor violently spicy (If you’ve ever inhaled too much capsaicin while cooking chilis, then you know what I mean). Like the Boy Smells candle, this one burns cleanly and evenly. If Otherland ever brings this candle back, I’ll happily buy another one. 


Skincare & nail care:

Paula's Choice 10% Niacinamide Booster 0.67 oz/ 20 mL - an old fave I hadn’t used in a long time. Its watery texture and soothing ingredients make it especially nice to apply directly after Paula’s Choice 10% Azelaic Acid Booster. 

Byoma Hydrating Recovery Oil - contains lots of good emollients, antioxidants, and moisturizers: sea buckthorn oil, rose hip oil, sunflower oil, macadamia oil, sweet almond oil, a salt form of licorice root, a ceramide, squalane, and jojoba. Also contains blue tansy oil, so I can’t use it on my face. Thankfully it doesn’t irritate my hands. I use 2 drops at a time and it sinks in without leaving my hands super greasy. (I do always apply lotion or hand cream over it.) I’ve kept this bottle in my front bathroom so I can apply it after hand washings.

Nécessaire The Body Oil - 100% Organic. 100% Cold-Pressed. - a blend of 5 oils: sweet almond, tamanu, hazelnut, macadamia, and marula. This blend is high in oleic acid and very cushy: it always leaves my hands feeling super plush. Each morning and night (right after my first and last hand washings of the day), I mix a drop of this blend with a drop of The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil 1 oz/ 30 mL and a drop of jojoba oil and apply that to my hands and nails, then apply an occlusive cream or ointment/balm to seal it all in. Eventually I’ll start using this oil on other parts of my body. 



Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

@WinglessOne Gorgeous faves! I always kick myself for not picking up one of the limited edition Hourglass palettes every year... when will I learn?!?! 2024 Holiday will be my year I guess lol

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

Thanks @AlexBT ! Heh, I used to pass up Hourglass’s annual palettes too, mostly because there were too many repeat shades and the palettes weren’t often brown skin friendly. I’m glad HG started introducing more new shades and trying to be more skin tone inclusive. I mean, my wallet’s not glad 😅 but that’s another story. I was pleasantly surprised they did another trio of holiday palettes last year; I hope they do that again this year. If you pick one up this year, I hope it works out for you!

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

Beautiful picks! I am in serious deep admiration of your eyeshadow collection. 💖

Ooh that's neat! The way you mix those oils together @WinglessOne it's like your own private blend. That's ingenious 🤩🤩🤩

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

Thanks @CynthieLu ! Customizing your own oil blend is good if you can get each oil for a good price. I’ve been quickly running through rose hip oil, using it just on my hands and nails; mixing it with the other 2 oils helps stretch a bottle, plus I get the added benefits of the others. 👍

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

You recommended the rose oil too me and awhile back for nails, and now I keep a bottle in my purse to use on my hands and nails on the go, it really helps them out. 🙏💗 @WinglessOne thank you!

I don't know if im adventurous enough to make my own blend but I'm a little tempted to try. 😊

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

@WinglessOne, my experience with Otherland candles have been hit and miss (sadly, more misses) with their throw, but I like the sound of that sriracha rose candle. It’d be great if they brought it back! 🤞🏼 

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

@itsfi  I’ve yet to find a brand/house whose candles are consistently Olympic discus gold (or even silver) medalists. Otherland’s no exception. Some of their candles, like the Silk Pajamas candle, scent my entire apartment when lit. Sriracha Rose isn’t that strong a thrower, but I definitely notice the scent, especially if I leave the room and come back a few minutes later. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: February 2024 Edition!

I have been LOVING the Patrick ta blush and would love the contour/bronzer. But since I have dark skin, I don't think they would show up on my skin. There might be a slight chance it would but I don't really think it would?

PATRICK TA Blush Brush #1 

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