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Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

Monthly Faves: December 2023!Monthly Faves: December 2023!

Wow, what a year, Beauty Insider Community! I don’t know about you, but reflecting on 2023 makes me realize how many new beauty favorites I’ve discovered (some of those thanks to you!) and how many former favorites have now become current holy grails. There’s nothing like shopping your own stash…. but splurging on some brand-new beauty is pretty fun, too. 😉 I’m so grateful for all of you BIC-ers for sharing your favorites here for all of us to enjoy, all year long!


Here are the products I’ve been loving this December:


Now it’s your turn! Hit the reply button and tell us which products you’ve picked up the most this December… or even throughout all of 2023. Be sure to tag those products with the “#” symbol (hair, makeup, fragrance, wellness, skincare, etc.)!

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

Oooh there is sooo much Tilbury out there to try.  @AlexBT  I have been eyeing those cream eyeshadows quite a bit. I think it was all the looks @caitbird  had been making with them that really put them on my radar. 🤩

I just tried some fair sized samples of skincare from Charlotte Tilbury and I really liked how deeply hydrating her Magic Cream was. My skin is dry and thirsty. I would love to dive into her skincare line up. 💛

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

@CynthieLu that JVN was about to make my list too! I’m obsessed with the scent 😩 I already knew those Fenty lip stains would be on your list - you’re basically an ad for them, I’m so impressed with them time I see you wearing one!

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

Oh that's a good point. A bonus to the JVN is it's lovely scent.  @cianni 

I love that it keeps my style after blow-drying better than anything I've tried. My bangs keep thier shape for a few days. Its a treat. 😄


I had a feeling no one was going to be surprised to see them. 😂  I thought to myself, what's sooooo good that I'd love to share? And of course it was those stains from Fenty. I finally caved and ordered the last shade I didn't have to complete my collection. (I should really thank @missjeanie and @Mellmars1185 again for introducing me to them 😘🙏)

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

@CynthieLu Yes!! Bangs are so high maintenance, it’s such a win to find products that make them work

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

Oh, the last monthly favorites for 2023 @AlexBT! Excellent reminder - I need to pull that Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand back into my routine. You and @GeorginaBT turned me onto it last year (I think it was last year?) and I've just gotten distracted by other things. Contouring is definitely on my list of things to work on for next year.


I'll have to spend more time thinking about my overall favorites for 2023 but here are my December favorites - a medley of beauties that have been part of my routine for years as well as new ones that became near and dear to me this month. 

December 2023 Favorites.jpeg

I've had a bottle of L'Occitane Immortelle Reset Overnight Reset Oil-In Serum 1 oz/ 30 mL # for almost as long as I've been here. It can be used year round, but I like it best for helping my skin transition to the cooler seasons, when the brisk air outdoors and the central heating indoors wreak havoc on my skin and skin barrier. With consistent use, my skin looks and feels better overall - softer, better hydrated, and more naturally glowy skin! 💗
I fell in love with Ami Colé Hydrating Lip Treatment Oil Romance # and am so pleased it is a permanent part of the collection. Nourishing. Comforting. Gorgeous. 💋 Shout out to Baby DanDan's mama, the phenomenal @danielledanielle,  for introducing me to the brand! You are to *blame* for every Ami Cole haul.
This next favorite, Hourglass Unlocked Instant Extensions Lengthening Mascara, is courtesy of the loving kindness of@TeamBIC - thank you! It's one of those products with results (specifically, its lengthening claims) that I had to see to believe. See I did. And, therefore, I believe. But check it out for yourself (see spoilers).
If ever a product's name nailed it 😉😊, it would be ILNP Joy. This festive red with fun holographic sparkles sprinkled throughout really does bring joy. 
VOLUSPA Baltic Amber Glass Candle # is perfect for creating a warm, cozy and comforting atmosphere. It's been one of a few candles I've been reaching for after a long day at work. It's been great for unwinding this month.
Favorite Activity / Thread:  A fabulous fun and festive 10 days of unboxing was had (and continues to be had) on TeamBIC’s 2023 Holiday Gratis Thread. 💝 As curious as I was to see what generous beauties were awaiting us inside the bags that TeamBIC & Sephora graciously gifted, my favorite part of those 10 days was hearing people's excitement for each day's unboxing and everyone's experiences with their new goodies,  whether they were tried-and-true treats or products people were hearing about for the first time. What a treat! Truly.

@TeamBIC , you created such an extraordinary experience for us, individually and collectively. "Brava" to each of you for your incredible creativity and brilliance in putting this gratis together, and a profound "Thank you" for your unending thoughtfulness and generosity. 💖 Quite simply, THE. BEST. And I'm not talking about the gratis, but you - @LexBT @CarolBT @AlexBT @GeorginaBT !

Ami Cole Lip Oil - RomanceAmi Cole Lip Oil - Romance
Hourglass Unlocked MascaraHourglass Unlocked Mascara

Wishing everyone the best as we count down 2023 and usher in 2024. Excited to see what's to come in the new year! 🥂



Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

@itsfi the notes for that candle sound so cozy, @itsfi!  I can see why it would be a Winter fav.

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

@CookieGirl1, it's one of those scents that I've used for many years but has been quietly in the background while other candles, including other Voluspa candles that are talked about more during the holiday season, but this one has a really lovely mix of notes, and one I continue to keep on hand. I know you have your go-to candles, but it's worth checking out. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

@itsfi omg!  I got that same reindeer from Target!

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

Twinsies @greeneyedgirl107. I initially got her thinking it would be super cute for an ornament exchange. And, it would have been ... if I hadn't decided to keep it for myself. 🙈 😊

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

@itsfi I also got a mint green one from Target this year that is a little similar. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

@itsfi Aww love reading about these faves, especially your favorite thread!!! It is definitely my favorite as well, even though I've mostly been just quietly lurking (and laughing, and tearing up) watching all of the fun unboxings. THE BEST!


And yes, I recently replenned the contour wand because my original one got a tear in the fabric applicator (so I've just been awkwardly globbing it on while it spurts out of the plastic nozzle underneath.... not cute). And let me tell you, it is SO satisfying having a fresh one to apply those perfect dots of contour on my face for my beauty blender to blend out!! It's the little things...


Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

@AlexBT, I'm not great at contouring (another thing to work on; so many things 😂), but the CT wand is less intimidating for some reason. Definitely going to put it to use next year.


"quietly lurking" - ahhh. I get that. I am glad that you were able to see the unboxing, and to hear how well received it was and how we are all so grateful for every one of you on @TeamBIC!

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

@itsfi so many festive faves! That hourglass mascara was on my radar from the unboxing thread, but your before and after shots have officially moved it into my cart 🥰

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

@cianni, the Hourglass mascara took me by surprise, in the best way! My lashes are naturally a lot shorter than yours (which are beautiful❣️), so the results on me may be a lot more dramatic. It does take some work and patience - I built that up with 3 carefully timed coats - just when it starts to dry down - too early, it's too wet and will clump; too late and it's all dried down and it will clump. There's also Hourglass Mini Unlocked™ Instant Extensions Mascara, which I might pick up some time next year to keep in my desk drawer at work, for those days when I might not get into the office with mascara but may find out about an event or meeting that will make mascara something I'd like to have on hand. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

@itsfi good tips for the application! I love the idea of the mini too - an “in case of emergency” mascara sounds like something I’d have on hand as well 🥰 

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

Always having mascara on hand is a must @cianni! Along with a lippie, sunblock, a mist ... 😂 If you end up getting the Hourglass Unlocked mascara (mini or full size), would love to know your take on it. 

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

@itsfi I just realized I actually have a mini in my collection right now…. Ignoring the fact that this may be a sign I have too many 😂 I can’t wait to try it once my macstack is done!

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

Not too many @cianni! Your collection is just very thorough. 😉 Love it! 

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

I have been loving VB eyeliner in Cinnamon and PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross Jojoba Oil Hair Serum Self-Heating Packs 





Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

@SportyGirly125 I haven't ever noticed those hair packs but now you have me intrigued 👀.  I need to go check those out...

Re: Monthly Favorites: December 2023 Edition!

@CookieGirl1 @Tamara76 introduced me to those. She gave me some of her Sephoria items and one of them was in there. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known. 

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