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Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday



Hello BIC! We are starting this thread and updating it the first Monday of every month to welcome all of our new BIC Members and show them some love. If you happen to see anyone who is new to the community feel free to share this thread with them!


Maybe you are new to the Beauty Insider Community and still figuring it out, or maybe you’ve been here for a while but haven’t had the chance to say hello! Either way, we want to welcome you into our beauty-loving family, so don’t be shy- pop in and introduce yourself!  We’re already happy to e-meet you. 🙂


New members! Please reply below to introduce yourself and tell us: If you could splurge on any beauty product for yourself this season, what would it be?

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Re: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

@kokine35 Welcome to BIC!  Fantastic goal of becoming a free-lance make-up artist.  I would also suggest researching regarding what local make-up artists are charging clients.  In addition to my full-time job, I have a catering and event planning business.  This is one of the tactics I did to create pricing for my business.  It worked beautifully.  I initially was not charging enough but the research helped ensure I was pricing appropriately.  Wishing you the best!

Re: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

Welcome to BIC @kokine35 ! I've never been a freelance makeup artist so I can't offer up much advice. But I've done other kinds of freelance work and spent 20 years in a career that required working with attorneys, and my one piece of advice from all that is to draw up a contract for your clients to sign, and make sure it's as easy to read and understand as possible. I've seen a lot of badness happen over misunderstood contracts and misleading wording in contracts. I don't know what the typical makeup artist contract looks like (but now I'm curious enough to look that up later) but I imagine it's not very complicated. Seriously, a good contract can save you so much grief! 


Oh, and as you build your portfolio, resist the urge to over-edit your photos (or videos, if you include any in your portfolio). Show your work in as realistic a manner as you can, so as not to mislead clients into thinking you can do magical things like apply the blur tool to their faces in real life. A little touch-up editing is okay, but try not to misrepresent your MUA skills through your photos. Potential clients will greatly appreciate how genuine your are. 🙂 

Re: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

@WinglessOne Excellent advice.  When managing a business, one must have clear written expectations and agreement by both parties.  Contracts ensure this happens.  Including refund and cancellations policies are important as well.   You always give great feedback and expert advice!

Re: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

@kokine35 Welcome to BIC!


I used to freelance but I am in the USA.  How much you should charge really depends on you.  You also want to do some research on how much other local makeup artists are charging as well.  Consider the travel time and also if you are doing a trial or a full session (for example bridal and touch up).


When building you kit you want a good range of foundations from the lightest to darkest.  You can always then mix foundations to get their perfect shade.  You will also have to make sure that you have different types of formulas like matte, glowy, natural since not all clients want the same results.  Also, a makeup contract is very important that you will have them sign.


For my starter kit it was mostly MAC skincare and MAC products that I had when I went to get my makeup certifications.

Re: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

@SportyGirly125 Great recommendation.  I remember I started my make-up journey with a make-up class that was offered by MAC, many, many years ago.    I purchased my first brush set with MAC and 25 years later, I still have some of them.  Lol.

RE: Re: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

I’m Nikki I’m 27 and I love makeup almost as much as I love life!

Re: RE: Re: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

@nikkayy0 Welcome to the community!

Re: RE: Re: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

Welcome to BIC @nikkayy0 !

Re: RE: Re: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

@nikkayy0 Welcome to BIC!

Re: RE: Re: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

Welcome to BIC, @nikkayy0!

Your winged liner is fierce🔥

Re: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

Welcome to BIC, @kokine35!


Working in the makeup industry sounds super exciting!  Are you taking any makeup classes?


You can follow this thread to find some virtual makeup classes:

There are also some makeup courses you can find online, some even give you a certificate once you've completed the course.  Some companies/ courses will give you a suggestion on what makeup kit to purchase, some will give you a kit for free for signing up.


Having a makeup portfolio is important for makeup artists.  People will want to see your work.  Nobody wants to pay someone to do their makeup if they don't know if you're good or not.  I use Photoshop and Lightroom/ Camera Raw to edit photos.

You can start an Instagram page or a personal website just for your makeup.  Having your own website always looks better on your resume than just an Instagram page.  Since not many people have their own website, it'll make you look more professional.


In the beginning, I suggest doing free makeovers for friends and family members just to get some practice, like you are now.  You can take photos of them and use them for your portfolio.


You can check out the Camera Ready Cosmetics website for some professional makeup kits.

Re: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

@RAWRitsRED Thank you so so much for these amazing tips! I will for sure look at the link you gave me for the school. I really appreciate your input it means a lot to me! Will keep you updated on what I found, which school I chose and when I have my website etc... I want to know do you know any good camera to take portfolio pictures? I don't know anything about cameras. Again thank you so so much have a nice day, afternoon, or evening wherever you are in the world. Take care and stay safe with this nasty virus. 

Re: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday



I usually use the back camera of my iPhone to take pictures (like taking a photo of scenery instead of selfies).  The back camera quality is much better than the front camera.  I hold up a mirror so I can see when I'm taking a photo of myself.

Take photos in natural lighting or you could get a ring light.

I also have a Canon DSLR camera with a tripod.  They range from about $200- $600.


Definitely keep me posted on your journey to becoming a makeup artist!

RE: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

Hi ladies! I'm so overwhelmed with this community, there's a lot of beautiful ladies here! Btw, I'm Layza from Philippines. I'm a makeup enthusiast and part time makeup artist as well. I didn't know this community before until I arrived here in the US and I'm loving it! I'm so happy there's a lot of people here who loves makeup and sharing their experience. I'm looking forward for this community 💕 this is perfect therapy during quarantine.

Re: RE: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

Gorgeous, love your style! 

Re: RE: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

@layzaanne Welcome to BIC.  Beautiful make-up

Re: RE: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

Welcome aboard, @layzaanne ! 

Re: RE: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

@layzaanne Gorgeous look. Welcome to BIC!

Re: RE: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

Welcome to BIC, @layzaanne!


I love your eye makeup!  You're gonna have to teach me how to do that haha.  I've always struggled with eyeshadow with my hooded Asian eyes.

RE: Re: RE: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday

I understand the struggle! I've been in the same position with you before I have slight hooded eyelid so I understand the pain when you put your eyeshadow and realizing when you open your eyes the beautiful eyeshadow is gone! I just learned few tricks now and yes I can help you with that.

Re: RE: Re: RE: Introduce Yourself: New Member Monday


You're honestly a huge inspiration to me!  You should definitely do tutorial or pictorial!

Also, what eyeshadow brushes do you use?  I find that a lot of the brushes are too big for my eyes

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