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Discontinued Brands & Products

@moderator (and want feedback from everyone on Beauty Talk😞 
I would really like to see Sephora add a link which could be accessed from the home page going to a section listing brands and products that are being discontinued.  Right now the only way to find out is when I go to order one of my favorite products and I find that it’s no longer listed on the website.  The way it is right now, when an entire brand is being discontinued the brand’s product page will still pop up when selected, but it will only have the items that are still remaining in Sephora’s stock.

It would be really great if Sephora would add a link to the home page that says something similar to other websites I’ve seen that has this feature that’s called, for instance:

-          Going, Going, Gone

-          Last Chance

-          Goodbyes

-          RIPs

-          Curtain Call


I know this would help me a lot and I’d like to know what all of the rest of you think about the idea, too.

Thanks!  Smiley Happy

Re: Discontinued Brands & Products

Great idea!!!

Re: Discontinued Brands & Products

oh my goodness! I just saw that the OG post is from 2011! Sephora definitely needs to add this feature!

Re: Discontinued Brands & Products

yes! Hope this happens normally I'm not even tune with discontinued brands(ex:tokidoko) so it doesn't effect me very much but just recently i went to add the marc Jacobs original formula of lacquers to my list and they were gone! Maybe they were replaced by the high shine glossed but I wish I'd known that formula was going! I really wanted a bright coral shade

Re: Discontinued Brands & Products

i second this suggestion!  i was told by a US Sephora employee that something was being discontinued but i still found it on Canada's sephora website... now i'm scared it will soon disappear and i wish sephora would give advance notice. 

Re: Discontinued Brands & Products

Yes, I love this! When I saw that MUFE was coming out with new glosses, I started to wonder about my beloved Lab Shines. I saw plenty of them on the site, so I didn't panic. But now, they are gone! I would have bought a TON of them!!!!!!!


But regardless, a great idea anyway. As everyone already said: it gives us a heads up and it gives Sephora a chance to make some money as we stock up : )

Re: Discontinued Brands & Products

I love the idea. I was so angry they suddenly discontinued my favorite and most natural-looking false eyelashes called "flair." Not realizing the difference, I ordered 6 of them online and when they were delivered they were fake looking and now called "flare." If I had known this product was being discontinued, I would have seriously stocked up!


Re: Discontinued Brands & Products

Great idea! 🙂

Re: Discontinued Brands & Products

Yes! I would love that. Atleast a month in advance so I can put money aside for it. Imagine if they just randomy got rid of some favorite products like MUFE HD foundation or Urban Decay eye primer everyone would be fuming


Re: Discontinued Brands & Products

Another reason for the advance notice of discontinued products would be for new purchases to decide if they want to try a product that Sephora will no longer carry.



Re: Discontinued Brands & Products

That's a great idea!  I too have been disappointed a number of times when I finally get around to placing an order and find a bunch of things gone. Plus if Sephora had a "goodbyes" section, I think it would help them clear out the remaining inventory faster since we could use it to stock up. The sale section as it is now is so big (which is a good thing in some ways) that I don't always take the time to scroll all the way down and find all the discontinued items.

Re: Discontinued Brands & Products

Great idea, as always tenngal! I have been frustrated by things like this, too! It would help to know what I have to go elsewhere for. It would make my beauty shopping more efficient. 🙂

Re: Discontinued Brands & Products

Excellent idea! It would be great to have a heads-up so we could fill our bathroom cabinets with a good supply of things before they're discontinued....wait, my cabinets are already full, lol

Re: Discontinued Brands & Products

LOL!  My cabinets are already full too, if the dog isn't careful, I might stuff some of my skincare stuff in with his. Just got to remember not to put Advantix (a once a month flea and tick treatment) on instead of my wrinkle remover!!!!

Re: Discontinued Brands & Products

daisy346 wrote:

Excellent idea! It would be great to have a heads-up so we could fill our bathroom cabinets with a good supply of things before they're discontinued....wait, my cabinets are already full, lol



Re: Discontinued Brands & Products

Definitely!  It drives me crazy when things I've been wanting to try just disappear from my shopping list.  I understand when it's an LE item, but when entire brands or product lines are discontinued sometimes I don't find out until it's already out-of-stock.  If there was a good-bye section it would give us a "heads-up". 

Great idea Tenngal! I'll forward your suggestion. :)

Great idea Tenngal! I'll forward your suggestion. 🙂

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