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Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

Ever since I started at Sephora, @KatieBT has been trying to get me to try DevaCurl products. I’d come into the office each day, inevitably complain about something related to my hair, and she’d remind me that I needed to try long-time Community Holy Grail products from @devacurl And now that the sun is finally shining in San Francisco and I’m spending more time outdoors, my curls are just looking a bit …tired. Let me show you what I mean.


Exhibit A:

A photo of me during a normal work day after my hair has fully dried. Some of my curls are intact, others are not. The frizz is real, and especially on the top of my head. I call it my halo. But at least I am smiling, right? 🙂




And yes, my wash days are few and far between. I respect the natural oils! I have to believe that my issue is one part curly girl truth, one part thirsty damaged hair, and one part not using the right products. That is where @devacurl comes in!


They recommended a few products for me (will share in the comments), and they have so graciously offered to do the same for all of you! That’s right, I know all of you are unique unicorn curly wizards, so take this chance to get a personal consultation right here in Community.


**Sound off!: ask your question in the comments or post a photo and ask for recommendations.**

Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

I’m having a pretty good hair day today!  All Deva products, of course. A combo of Low Poo and No Poo (one feels too heavy, the other too drying... so I mix them ), One Condition rinsed out after, a touch of B’-Leave In at crown and sides for a little more volume and definition, and then something different I tried today — a mix of Ultra Hold Gel with a tiny bit of One Condition. That part worked out well. My curls look less frizzy and they’re super soft!  Sometimes I feel a little like a mad scientist with the Deva products!  Lol!73830822-FB99-474C-878F-21FDFFCA04AA.jpeg




Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

I hope I'm not too late to the party for this!! I'd love some advice on any products to make my hair better. I currently use the Low Poo shampoo and conditioner from Deva Curl. I occasionally use the Frizz Free volumizing mousse. I've tried the B'Leave In and the Wave Maker but didn't have much success. I don't know if I was using it wrong or what. I'm currently using a different brand to try to make my curls/waves work together and have less frizz. I'd like better curl definition and less of a crunchy look even though I diffuse it completely. Thanks!!Me.jpgMe2.jpg

Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl


Hello! I hope I’m not too late!  My hair isn’t just so frizzy with the desert heat. It looks great wet.  Then  it’s it stops. Also, how can we extend wear in between washes? 

Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

@freudianlip Thank you so much for the pic!❤️


We recommend Original Low-Poo and One Condition. To style Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam and Light Defining Gel. For extra moisture in the desert heat leave some One Condition in your curls 🤗

Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

@devacurl I have naturally wavy, very frizz-prone, dry hair; it is also very thick.  It is halfway down my back, and I usually flat-iron it.  However, that can be a chore.  I haven't worn my hair in it's "natural" state since 2003! 


I just tried to wear my hair wavy earlier this week, and was stunned by the *volume* (think shoulder to shoulder!) and *lack of definition*.  I read "Curly Girl" by Lorraine Massey and loved it, but I need some personalized recommendations (pretty please!).  


First, what products should I be using?  Second, what application techniques do you advise?



Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

@greeneyedgirl107 Hi there! 

Would you be able to post a photo of your hair in the thread? It really helps us personalize your product recommendation❤️


Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

I don't have any photos of my hair in its natural state 😞  I don't anticipate trying to wear it wavy again until I find some better products.  I've been flat ironing for about 10 years!  @devacurl

Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

@greeneyedgirl107 That's alright! We're always here to help 😊

We recommend starting off with Delight Low-Poo and One Condition. To style Wave Maker and Arc Angel Gel❤️

We also recommend using a dual treatment mask of Deep Sea Repair and Melt Into Moisture to help bring your waves back from using hot styling tools!

Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

Thanks @devacurl!

My favorite curly hair products are Moroccan oil, Morocca...

My favorite curly hair products are Moroccan oil, Moroccan oil curl cream, Amika mousse. Scrunch and diffuse. Finish with all over Moroccan oil medium hold hairspray. This curly hair regime is perfect for me!

Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

Thank you for all the advice you have given me previously @devacurl. I do have a new question. I have wavy/swavy curl pattern and I have received a sample of the new Leave In Decadence Conditioner. Do you think it may be too heavy for my curls?

Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

@Loretta55 It's super lightweight, that's one of the many great things about it! Focus application at the ends where hair tends to be the driest 🤗

Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

Absolutely love this post and the steps you walked us through with the process of using Deva Curl products that worked for your hair texture! I can definitely see the difference in the before and after photos of using the product over the course of a few weeks:) Your curls look so soft, defined, silky, and there are no signs of frizz! (something I struggle to keep down). My hair is a bit different in the sense that I have two different textures of hair in the front versus the back. I have very curly hair in the front and wave like hair more towards the back. Also, being a Michigander we are known for our cold winters, but we also have hot summers! The humidity is very high and it can be a battle trying to find the right products to keep my frizz low while still keeping my curls intact and lustrous. I've heard great things about Deva Curl from my team, in addition to our lovely community members so I'm hoping Deva Curl can recommend a few of their products for my summer hair challenges!



Photos for Deva Curl.jpgPhotos for Deva Curl 2.jpg


 Any recommendations @devacurl?!



Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

@TayBT Your curls are so cute! 😍

For you we recommend Decadence No-Poo and One Condition. To style, SuperCream and Ultra Defining Gel!

For those freezing Michigan days use some Melt Into Moisture to help keep your curls hydrated as those thermostats get higher. For those hot summer days make sure you start with a cream styler first, in your case it would be SuperCream! Then layer up with your Ultra Defining Gel to help lock in definition and hydration. 

Here's a tip: For frizz-free curls throughout the day, turn to the glazing technique! Place product in your hand, flip your head over and lightly spread the product over the top surface of your hair❤️

Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

@devacurl I went lighter on my naturally dark brown hair for summer. I love

the color but it gets super dry in the front and ends, especially with pool time. What product do you recommend? My curls are somewhat loose. See pics





Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

@Tremmy Loving the lighter color! Perfect for the summer 😍


For you we recommend some Delight Low-Poo and One Condition. To style, Wave Maker and Ultra Defining Gel! 


Try out some Deep Sea Repair and Melt Into Moisture! Deep Sea Repair will provide extra strength that might've been lost when you went lighter. Melt Into Moisture will add extra moisture and hydration. The great thing about these masks is that you can use them together! Add an equal amount of each product in your hands, mix them together and then apply🤗

Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

@devacurl If I'm on a budget, which product do you think is most essential?

Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

@Tremmy Our Low-Poo and One Condition is a great place to start and they are sulfate, paraben, and silicone free ❤️

Re: Curly Fries, Let’s Talk Summer Hair with DevaCurl

Exhibit B

Here's what my hair looks like after 3 weeks of using DevaCurl products:


devacurl highlight.jpg






Here's everything I've been using:

  • Low-poo - the name set the expectations about the lack of lather, but I am used to this!
  • One Condition Original - coverage and silkiness that normally comes with a deep conditioner
  • Styling Cream - LOVE THIS; the smell, how little product you need, and the end results - truly soft, touchable curls
  • Ultra Defining Gel - normally I have PTSD from years of using men's hair gel for crunchy curls (it was the 90s and I had 3 brothers), but this gel gave me perfectly defined curls. Just make sure you put it on right after you wet it, so you can fight the frizz!
  • Set it Free shine spray - I know this is for shine, but I think it helped with frizz too! Don't need much of this.

For these photos, I also used the Melt Into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask after a day in the sun. I love all things matcha, but I have never incorporated it into my beauty routine! So let me tell you: MATCHA BUTTER IS MAGIC. 



Thank you @devacurl for helping with my summer frizz halo!!




gorgeous curls!!!

gorgeous curls!!!
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