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Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Hello beautiful Beauty Insider Community members! 


We’re starting this thread for you guys to report any issues and weird things that you are seeing or ask any questions. We have a number of issues logged that we are already working on a fix for, so this is a work in process.


Some things to note as you are reporting issues:

  • If you are looking for a thread and can’t find it, please post here. We’ll need to manually move some threads that got lost in the migration to their correct groups.
  • If you are reporting a bug please be specific about the issue you're seeing, how you got there (“I clicked here and it did *this*”), the device you're using and which browser you're in. 


Some tips:

  • If you are looking for a thread that you commented on in the old community, go to the front page of conversations and click the “My Posts” tab. This is where you will find all of your conversations activity, including your heart count.


It’s good to see you all and thanks for being patient!


Whenever reporting a bug we need as much info as possible or our tech team cannot reproduce the issue and verify it's actually occurring. If they can't see the issue they cannot fix it. You cannot overshare details, test on too many devices or share too many screenshots... The more detail the better!

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Hi @KatieBT. I was wondering how long you expect to be in beta mode and what changes will be made in view of the feedback you've been getting?

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

I hate to be that gal that constantly complains, but I just lost a ton of respect for the mods and sephora and how this has been handled so far. 

We have been begging for info/updates/feedback...anything to let us know that we are being heard over how heinous this board transition has been... but instead of taking the time to address us, @KatieBT is posting discussion threads instead. Because clearly a list of our favorite eye cream is more important than the fact that hundreds, if not thousands of members are having serious issues. Screenshot_20170717-155256.png



Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Has anyone figured out what the privacy settings mean yet?


If if you go to "Privacy Settings," You can adjust it to "Show private information in profile to" all, nobody, etc. Right now there doesn't appear to be a whole lot of info in profiles, but what exactly is meant by private information? 


I think this is why some usernames are not viewable at this point depending on these settings.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@Samtian hot tip for avatar resizing! If you do it this way, you can adjust the image:
Click the bell and go to the settings gear (bottom left). In setting, go to 'Avatars' and upload there. If you do it through the 'edit' button on your actual profile, you aren't able to resize.


Hopefully helpful photos because I know this has been a problem for many! 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@NotCrocker Ah much better! Thank you!!!

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

You are welcome @Samtian! I was pretty frustrated in trying to change mine, my eye isn't quite as striking as yours 😉 so I got to poking around! Really happy I could help, and hopefully the Sephora mods catch wind of this and make the edit button on your actual profile have the same functionality as in this somewhat obscure settings area.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

How do we adjust our avatar size? When I upload it it looks fine, after I save...well its not fine.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@Samtian I'm cracking up over your giant eyeball avatar! 😄 😄 😄

Yeah, the avatar customization settings really need to be fixed.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

I am wondering if this is a glitch. I noticed my total heart count in my profile is different than the number in the top contributors or kudoed authors. I find this confusing, are hearts and kudos the same thing? 




Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Wait.  WhaaAt?  Okay confusion has set in. 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@heartsmyface,  @Titian06,

It is weird! Why two different numbers, and why kudo on one page and hearts on the other. It doesn't make sense to me! 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@angel7594 - I can't even find my heart and/or kudo count.  I did see a number listed on the leader board once, but it certainly wasn't my heart count.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@Titian06 You have 5372 hearts:) 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@Titian06 If you click on Posts (under Groups), your heart count will appear near your name.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback


There's a setting in your preferences to change the display timeframe for the leader board...a day, a week, 30 days, a year, or all time, so it kinda depends on what timeframe you have selected there. If you already have "all time" selected, then yeah...another glitch...


While on the topic...I wish "none" was an option and we could at least get rid of it on our own...

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback


This would feel more like a community again if navigating were easier. I now never go further back than 2 pages of Conversations because all this dang scrolling is a beast (I almost exclusively access via my phone)...which means I see whatever 20 topics were most recently replied to and that's it. I miss mindless wandering, but it's too much work now. 


As for replies, the best workaround I've found is to reply to the one right above...that should put yours right below mine in this case. (for now at least...if they ever fix the sort order, it'll be all out of whack again lol 😕 )


Eta: and I don't really care about more hearts. Sure, I like em and all, but I also realize they're just a number and have no impact on my real life, outside if not having an awesome custom HoF lipstick. But what I would love to see is some sort of guidance on how levels are calculated. 400 vs 3600 is a huge gap, so what's the difference in why some seemingly count more than others? That's what I'd love to know more than anything. 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@RGbrown Well, now we have exhausted the number of allowed replies, which is super annoying! I did not know that about the 3600 hearts, that makes me sad. Especially in light of the feel-good clubbiness in the yearbook thread. I'm sure you aren't the only one with hurt feelings. Maybe we need a support group thread for anyone who feels unpopular or left out? Maybe we can bring back some feeling of community? You can start it and get more hearts. Excuse me, KUDOS. 😝

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@RGbrown @angel7594 I believe kudos used to exist in the old BT as well.


Prior to the rollout I was cleaning out my photo album and noticed when you are scrolling through photo album mode, you could see and give 'kudos' to the photos.


I'm assuming it's possible to view photos that aren't in a private album and 'kudo' them without hearting the post they were attached to.  


I don't really understand why, it was just something I'd noticed.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback


Meh, yeah, hearts should equal kudos AFAIK...same thing, just a new name. But this board is soooo messed up I'm not surprised there's yet another discrepancy. 👎

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@RGbrown I selected "all time" My heart count is correct, I just don't get why the "kudo" number isn't the same if hearts and kudos are the same thing. 🤔

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@angel7594 I can't even figure out how to see my total heats anymore. I stumbled onto it one day and forgot after. But I know I have over 5k hearts but under the all time authors it's only 4K.