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Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Hello beautiful Beauty Insider Community members! 


We’re starting this thread for you guys to report any issues and weird things that you are seeing or ask any questions. We have a number of issues logged that we are already working on a fix for, so this is a work in process.


Some things to note as you are reporting issues:

  • If you are looking for a thread and can’t find it, please post here. We’ll need to manually move some threads that got lost in the migration to their correct groups.
  • If you are reporting a bug please be specific about the issue you're seeing, how you got there (“I clicked here and it did *this*”), the device you're using and which browser you're in. 


Some tips:

  • If you are looking for a thread that you commented on in the old community, go to the front page of conversations and click the “My Posts” tab. This is where you will find all of your conversations activity, including your heart count.


It’s good to see you all and thanks for being patient!


Whenever reporting a bug we need as much info as possible or our tech team cannot reproduce the issue and verify it's actually occurring. If they can't see the issue they cannot fix it. You cannot overshare details, test on too many devices or share too many screenshots... The more detail the better!

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@RGbrown you probably won't see the webinar unless Sephora decides to release it, which I can tell you is pointless at this stage. Major companies aren't required to clue anyone in on things that have not been made final, that would only cause confusion like it is now.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback


This FAQ?

Nope nope nope...there are all sorts of mentions of stuff around the threads that have NOT been made public by Sephora, and I don't see any links to the webinar or video or whatever it was. I now know that there are plans for something called "community mods"...but Sephora didn't tell me that; someone else mentioned it in passing. There were a couple of other things that I'm having a hard time finding reference to right now as well, but...there are things that Sephora has NOT made public, but yet seem to be common knowledge to some.


Please don't tell me "oh, it's all public" while the actual content that was withheld from most folks has in fact NOT been released. Maybe that webinar didn't have much else, but I would still be very interested in seeing it so that I'm on a level playing field with everyone else. I personally like information...I love having ALL of the resources at my disposal; the early info given to HOF's (or whatever the secret group was...I assume HOF's but could be wrong) is simply more information that I'd love to see. JMHO.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Hi @KatieBT , I have another question.


I think someone already listed that the WAYW thread is missing, but I just wanted to confirm that we can still have that sort of thread? I remember it being encouraged that we use the Beauty Board/Gallery to share our looks, but I think some of us are more comfortable with a What Are You Wearing conversation/thread. 


If someone remembers the answer - thanks in advance!

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

1. It would be really handy to have a report inappropriate content button on the main feed next to a thread so we don't have to open a sketchy spam posting to report it. They are often filled with paragraphs of links etc. and it is annoying to scroll all the way to get to the 3 dot gray report icon.


2. When I check the "show only" box on the main page to filter content I am not interested in, it keeps unchecking when the page is refreshed, etc. so I have to keep re- checking it.


3. Will it be possible to delete notifications in the "bell" icon, such as who "kudoed" postings?

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Copy & pasting my concerns here:



I see that the spam issue is still not fixed. It's becoming a huge eyesore and definitely not a good impression for all the new members. I had really hoped that something was put in place when the new layout was launched. As someone suggested, a CAPTCHA before account creation would definitely reduce spam and bots. Are the community mods assigned yet? If so, I hope some are up and putting these aside! 


The follower aspect seems kind of unnecessary as this is more of a community, rather than the usual social media platform. I understand why Instagram and Twitter has this in place. It's for those who want to view what others post, but I don't really care to see what specific users has posted or replied to recently. In a way, that would seem like the "following" tab on IG, which I already do find creepy-ish. I do know that we are able to see a user's activity on this community through their profile. Though, I don't think I've ever cared for it except for the times I checked out a troll's previous postings. I don't think it is necessary for us to have a following function if it's just going to be as I described.


Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

I think the following/followers is primarily for the gallery section, so you can follow individuals who regularly post looks you like. I agree that it's pretty pointless in the community/convo/groups section.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

So I'm agreeing with a lot of what I've read below.  Just wanna add in my 2 cents 😄


What I like to far:

Hearts: Being able to clearly see we’ve hearted a post. A++++++

Pictures: Being able to upload more than 1 picture at a time. Just overall easier when uploading.


What I have questions/concerns on.

Following/Followers: What’s the point? It seems like a popularity contest and doesn’t go with the community feel BT had. I really haven't check out that feature because I don't get it... I thought this was a community not IG/Twitter which is why I love BT so much.

Top Contributors: Again what’s the point of that? I find it doesn’t go with the community feel BT is.

Pictures: Where are the picture folders? Where can I manage my pictures like I used to. We had 3 folders private/public/profile. I can't seem to find them and can only see that when I'm uploading.

Main Feed: Hard to find what I am looking for and hate that I have to change pages instead of scrolling. I also don’t like that you can’t see the newly added pictures in a thread. Didn’t it used to be 4 or 5 preview from the main feed?

OP’s: Hard to tell sometimes what the OP is vs the rest of the thread. It was so much easier in the old format.

Spoilers: Why is it white space instead of greyed out when you are creating it.  Just made it easier to have it a different color when creating a spoiler tag.

White Space: Not sure why there is so much white space… feels really off. It's like it's all compacted and it makes for less info and more scrolling/page changing.

Replies: When you reply you can only see the person you are replying to and not the whole thread… Is there a way to change that so you can see the whole thread? Sometimes I reply to more than 1 person. It wasn't like this before and kinda makes it hard to reply.

Replies: Why is there a maximum number of replies? After 2 replies (I think) we can't reply to the most recent comment and have to reply to the comment above. It doesn't make sense and the conversation doesn't flow.

Thread: Why are the threads all messed up? Some are missing information or they aren’t arranged properly… like they will have stuff from 2 months ago on the 1st page and the recent stuff is lost in the thread. Will that get fixed?

Thread: I'm assuming all threads haven't been moved yet? Some are still missing.

Thread: It seems like the amount of replies on one page is short compared to the old BT. You often have to change page and wondering if that's a setting that can be changed.

Notifications: I like that we have the notifications on the sides but it would be nice if it could be separate like kudos/replies/tags. That way if someone replies to you you can see it better and doesn’t get lost in the other tags/kudos.


I think that's all I have for now... sorry for all feedback. :D. Thanks for all the hard work! Heart

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@veronika23 No, that's perfect. Also, when writing a longer post you can't scroll up and review what you've written.  The beginning is lost until you post.  Nor can you edit more than the portion of your piece that shows up in the box.  Does that make sense? 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Ohhh I understand what you mean @heartsmyface but I guess I haven't noticed that yet. I know when adding pictures on desktop I have no problem scrolling up or down in my reply.  Really that's the only feature right now, besides the hearts, that I am very happy with.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Yea, I am just gonna say it!  I like Old BT better.


Old BT wasn't perfect but at least I could see the threads/posts/replies/photos.


It is very difficult to tell the "Main Post'  from the replies.  Please add more contrasts or use different fonts, etc.  


Right now this was a reply to @veronika23  but, it is showing up on top.  


To reply to people, we literally have to tag them now!  This is gonna clog up people's email notification.


Not to mention, in addition, to all the random threads Spam we have been receiving. lol!!!



Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

wheeeee wrote:



To reply to people, we literally have to tag them now!  This is gonna clog up people's email notification.


This wasn't an issue that I've noticed. Commenting to test the in-thread reply. I'm  not tagging you - do you still get a notification?


I will say that I dislike how it loads a different page to type the reply. It's sort-of-but-not-really helpful that the comment I'm replying to is visible below (as I'm typing my reply) but it would be SO much easier/more intuitive/more useable if it just opened a text editor within the thread like the old BT. Opening a new page for a reply feels clunky and cumbersome.


Edit: I'm currently browsing in Chrome (up to date) on a laptop

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@wheeeee  OMG me too! It had minor problems but man I liked it so much better. There I said it too 😄

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

You basically addressed all of the concerns I have @veronika23!


White space is really bothersome and the text size. I wish it was just easier to view MORE content in a glance like the old layout. 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

This!!! The constant scrolling is killing me and I feel like the text is SO SO LARGE.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@myumew  yes more content!!!!

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

It's funny I've grown accustomed to spam at night, but this during business hours is nuts!! It's taking over the first couple of pages. Those CM's would be a good addition soon 🙂

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Navigating the new community is hard enough, but wading through the spam on top of the glitches is discouraging. I hope an ignore feature will be considered at some point. 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

My 2 cents: apart from being an eyesore, the new layout is just not practical. Before, I could scroll through main page and see the last 40 threads or so (not sure, but they were many). They were super compact, easy to identify, and showed all info I needed to know if I wanted to check it out. I could see the OP, the name of the thread, the last comment and who posted it, and the last pictures to be posted there. Now, the threads are super bulky and there are only a few of them, before I have to "turn the page". They are difficult to identify in one glance, there's only the name of the thread and some random comment, maybe I'm able to identify who did it, maybe not, it's just not organic and pleasant anymore.

Also, about the pictures we had saved: I could find them after a lot of searching (why hide them?) but they are so tiny I can hardly see them. I hope this is just a bug. 

All considered, I have to say I'm extremely impressed at the will power of the users who are actively posting and maintaining threads, while I can't even find my properly through it. Maybe It's just me, becoming jurassic from the top of my early 30's. I now can empathize much better with my granny trying to figure out her iPad 😄

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

I have to agree with you. I'm trying SO hard to not be "that guy" but I've never, ever had such a steep learning curve in simply navigating and posting on a messageboard. They've all just been intrinsically obvious. I'm sorry Sephora but I've felt a little defeated over the past two days when I visit here. It just feels hard. 😞

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@DaintyDiva You're not alone.  I'm not liking having to go "hunting" for topics I may enjoy.  I also enjoyed having everything out on one page to scroll down and click on on a whim.  

I fear I may be missing out on conversations I woild enjoy which I would otherwise have seen in passing.  

Theres also the danger of me getting stuck in one group and seeing that as my whole world.  I rarely went to off topic because the topics weren't immediately visible and I'd forget about its' existence.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Exactly @heartsmyface. And I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with this new format 😕 I'm now considering just subscribe to the few threads that I visit most and just visit them through the link emailed to me 😞

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