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Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Hello beautiful Beauty Insider Community members! Welcome to your new Community. 🙂 


It’s an exciting day! We’re starting this thread for you guys to report any issues and weird things that you are seeing or ask any questions. We have a number of issues logged that we are already working on a fix for, so this is a work in process.(Beta!)


Some things to note as you are reporting issues:

  • If you are looking for a thread and can’t find it, please post here. We’ll need to manually move some threads that got lost in the migration to their correct groups.
  • If you are reporting a bug please be specific about the issue you're seeing, how you got there (“I clicked here and it did *this*”), the device you're using and which browser you're in. 


Some tips:

  • If you are looking for a thread that you commented on in the old community, go to the front page of conversations and click the “My Posts” tab. This is where you will find all of your conversations activity, including your heart count.


It’s good to see you all and thanks for being patient!



We hear you on the sign on issue. We reported this bug weeks ago and haven't reached a solution so we're still investigating with our tech teams. 


For now, we want to collect as much information as possible to identify why this is happening so please follow these steps. 


  1. Clear your cookies and try to sign in
  2.  If you're still unable to sign in after clearing your cookies note your browser where you are experiencing issues
  3. Switch to a different browser / device (desktop, mobile web on tablet or phone, Sephora App)
  4. Please test different sign on methods and let us know your experience in detail
  5. Screenshot any errors
  6. If you cannot login on any browser, device and the app isn't working either we don't want to miss your feedback so please email your feedback to email and include your username
  7. If you can take a video of the experience the team says it would be extremely helpful. If you're willing to take the time please email that to and let us know your username 


Whenever reporting a bug we need as much info as possible or our tech team cannot reproduce the issue and verify it's actually occurring. If they can't see the issue they cannot fix it. You cannot overshare details, test on too many devices or share too many screenshots... The more detail the better!




Previous updates will be saved in the spoiler below:


UPDATE 8/23:

  • Live Community Chat is here! Visit the FAQs to learn how it works:
  • Q&A has been removed from product pages.
  • Reviews are temporarily down and will be back up tomorrow, 8/24.
  • We are seeing that many of you have received notifications about your rank changing. The ranks will (still) be changing soon but that was a glitch that does not necessarily reflect the actual rank changes. 

UPDATE 8/21:

  • Third level replies are being fixed.
  • Threading order should be fixed for everyone but you must be signed in or you may still have problems.
  • We're fixing the app keyboard.
  • Recent photos will be coming back to the Conversations feed but we do not have timing.
  • On the issue of the Customer Service threads clogging the feed: We feel your pain and we're working on it. We do not have timing yet but it's one of our priorities. 
  • You should also see some movement in your ranks soon


Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@wheeeee  OMG me too! It had minor problems but man I liked it so much better. There I said it too 😄

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

You basically addressed all of the concerns I have @veronika23!


White space is really bothersome and the text size. I wish it was just easier to view MORE content in a glance like the old layout. 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

This!!! The constant scrolling is killing me and I feel like the text is SO SO LARGE.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@myumew  yes more content!!!!

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

It's funny I've grown accustomed to spam at night, but this during business hours is nuts!! It's taking over the first couple of pages. Those CM's would be a good addition soon 🙂

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Navigating the new community is hard enough, but wading through the spam on top of the glitches is discouraging. I hope an ignore feature will be considered at some point. 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

My 2 cents: apart from being an eyesore, the new layout is just not practical. Before, I could scroll through main page and see the last 40 threads or so (not sure, but they were many). They were super compact, easy to identify, and showed all info I needed to know if I wanted to check it out. I could see the OP, the name of the thread, the last comment and who posted it, and the last pictures to be posted there. Now, the threads are super bulky and there are only a few of them, before I have to "turn the page". They are difficult to identify in one glance, there's only the name of the thread and some random comment, maybe I'm able to identify who did it, maybe not, it's just not organic and pleasant anymore.

Also, about the pictures we had saved: I could find them after a lot of searching (why hide them?) but they are so tiny I can hardly see them. I hope this is just a bug. 

All considered, I have to say I'm extremely impressed at the will power of the users who are actively posting and maintaining threads, while I can't even find my properly through it. Maybe It's just me, becoming jurassic from the top of my early 30's. I now can empathize much better with my granny trying to figure out her iPad 😄

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

I have to agree with you. I'm trying SO hard to not be "that guy" but I've never, ever had such a steep learning curve in simply navigating and posting on a messageboard. They've all just been intrinsically obvious. I'm sorry Sephora but I've felt a little defeated over the past two days when I visit here. It just feels hard. 😞

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@DaintyDiva You're not alone.  I'm not liking having to go "hunting" for topics I may enjoy.  I also enjoyed having everything out on one page to scroll down and click on on a whim.  

I fear I may be missing out on conversations I woild enjoy which I would otherwise have seen in passing.  

Theres also the danger of me getting stuck in one group and seeing that as my whole world.  I rarely went to off topic because the topics weren't immediately visible and I'd forget about its' existence.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Exactly @heartsmyface. And I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with this new format 😕 I'm now considering just subscribe to the few threads that I visit most and just visit them through the link emailed to me 😞

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

On the main page, prior to clicking into any Conversations I would really like to be able to preview the content of someone's response rather than seeing the "quoted"'s very misleading and looks like someone else has responded to the thread.


Many of my other suggestions are already mentioned below: would like to see who created the thread, add page numbers to top, etc.


Are we able to filter OUT posts with a certain tag? E.g., If members can tag any spam they see before they get cleaned up, we can filter out spam?


Is an "Ignore" feature in the works at all?

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@k617 For now I've been filtering out the spam by making it so Popular posts appear first in my feed. At least it minimizes the frustration for now:/

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

That's a good work around @heartsmyface in the meantime!


I also wonder if there's any way to include a feature to report spam without clicking in it. That way I can quickly click through all the spam and report everything without having to click into the thread...

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Responding to myself to elaborate what I mean.


Here's the Burberry Conversation that has stated blackkitty2014 as the poster ever since I noticed the thread this morning. Most recently, it tells me someone responded 57 seconds ago. Based on this preview I'd expect that it was blackkitty2014 saying "Hi ladies! Since Costco...":


7-13-2017 11-41-14 AM.jpg


When I click into the thread though, it's clearly not blackkitty2014 who just posted. She posted that on Monday. It's actually lipstick4soul who posted just a minute ago:


7-13-2017 11-41-37 AM.jpg


 This is so confusing and should really be fixed. If we are threading responses, why is the Quote: or Reply: function even necessary? We should always be able to see what we responded to as long as replies are nested properly.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@k617 Thanks for spelling out specifically what you mean. That is something that bothers me as well, I just wasn't sure how to explain it! 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

Are outside companies spam ads supposed to be here? This should not be allowed in my opinion. I just saw one from Verizon and this is super annoying. 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

I have a feeling this phone number is a phishing phone number and not actually Verizon. I Googled that number and a bunch of different spam posts with that phone  comes up. Wouldn't be surprised if you were asked for CC and personal info if you called that number asking for technical support!

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

My apologies if this has been noted already but some member pages are not loading and result in either an error or a blank white page.

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

I'm curious to know how to see who is following you and also what is the function of this? It almost feels like we're being turned into Instagram or high school popularity contest which BT was not. Also I've tried to join groups and it won't let me, but if I go in and see if I'm in a group it says that I am. Also not really sure what the function of the groups are TBH. I share the same concern @alexasteph had with the "leader board" (sorry can't remember it's name). 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

A couple more things I've noticed and know a few others have noticed too, but I still wanted to mention it.


The threads do not include an OP or a posting date, so a lot of really old threads seem to be popping up and we don't know until we open it. Is it possible to include those in the header? 


I'm still seeing a thread nesting issue as well. I believe it was a bug, but if it's a setting (and it's been confirmed to work), will someone please let me know so I can adjust mine? 


I like how it looks on mobile, it's much easier to work with and navigate which is great, but it does not look great on desktop. Does Lithium do platforms that have a mobile version and a desktop version? Some platforms are able to expand and collapse based on the device (like Sephora's own mobile site vs. desktop version). Right now it feels like it's been optimized for mobile use and desktop use is running a larger version of the mobile platform. 


Last one, I promise. I am not overly concerned about "followers" and "following," I won't do anything with it, it won't serve a purpose to me. What I do not like, however, is the "top contributors" bar. Those of us who use this frequently know who the top contributors are, and they know we definitely appreciate them very much for their efforts, I'm just worried it will invite more bullying, trolling, and threatening. Users have been targeted specifically for their "popularity." I don't think it's something that really should be be advertised. This isn't a contest and no one is trying to win it, there doesn't need to be a "leaderboard." 



Oh, sorry! Editing to add one that thing!


The spam, ugh! Is there a way to add a multi-step verification for starting threads? They wasted no time transitioning to the new platform. Or a post limit based on time? YouTube live stream comments have that haha, it's silly, but it prevents people from posting the same thing over and over and over. I think it may also prevent some of the snarky, petty, arguing that occasionally occurs. I'm sure others will disagree with me, but sometimes the only way to curb it is to cut people off... Just temporarily of course haha. But for the spammers hopefully it will make it too much of a hassle to spend the time waiting to keep posting. 

Re: Beauty Insider Community Feedback

@KatieBT,  The main feed is filling up with spam again. I reported as many as I could see.

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