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Ask a Beauty Expert

Ask a Beauty ExpertAsk a Beauty Expert

If you know your way around the Beauty Insider Community, chances are you’ve seen a few of our Sephora Pro Artists sharing their looks on the Gallery and dropping their beauty routines in some of our favorite challenge threads.  @ElizaPRO@ShawnPRO, and @ProAmy are Makeup Artists with years of industry experience with a bounty of product knowledge to share. These beauty geniuses are subject matter experts and they give life-changing advice on how to build your basket and put your haul to good use!


We've created this thread to allow you all to better connect with our Sephora Pro Artists here in the BIC! This is a place for you to ask them ANYTHING beauty-related. Don't forget to bookmark this thread by clicking the bookmark icon at the top right of this thread. It will come in handy for those moments you wish you had a beauty expert on speed dial for questions like "is it a good idea to layer these skincare products?" or "what's the best brush for my foundation routine?"


Want to ask a question? Click the 'Reply' button below!


*Did you know? You can book a 60-minute consultation with a PRO Artist for even more customized, one-on-one beauty advice! Find out more here:PRO Virtual Consultation: Book a Session with a Sephora PRO Artist! 

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hi alyssaaa07! Call 1-877-SEPHORA if your ordered them online. Take them back to the store to exchange them if they didn't come with a pump. Some brands have refills and it is possible you could have purchased a refill instead of a full product. I would call to make sure that is the case and if so, proceed to exchange for the one you need.


I hope this was helpful.



Sephora PRO

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Oh no! That’s frustrating. 
I know glow recipe sells refill packaging ie you can buy the moisturizer in a package that you insert into the jar. I wonder if it’s similar for serums and you bought a refill? 

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hi, I have no idea what color foundation or concealer to try. I also have a lot of allergies to makeups. I was wondering if there's a way I can have samples of your foundation in regular and/or matte and if I could also get a sample of concealer as well before deciding which shade if like to purchase. 

The colors I'm thinking of are cream puff, pearl, nude, and taffy. 

Thank you,


Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

@tgibb Thank you so much for reaching our to us on here:) We want to suggest a couple of options for you:)

- With samples double check if your local Sephora is allowing them at this time. 

-Get a color match with MCIQ and communicate your need for a clean allergen free makeup. (they may what to know exactly what kind of allergy you hae)

-Alternatively you can book a session with a PRO artist via this link and we can answer all your questions and suggest the best products for you from the comfort of your own home!


-With regaurd to shade it looks like you may be referencing Too faced? The MCIQ will help intuitively match you based on your preferences of coverage, finish and formula plus it will link directly with your beaut insider account.

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert


Please accept my apology for whining… 


I live in the Indianapolis area and I’ve visited 3 different Sephora’s - no one seems to know what the heck MCIQ is. This is frustrating for me. Every foundation shade I have tried this winter - none have been a good match for me. I realize that MCIQ isn’t the answer to world peace but when I had my color IQ back in the day, I had a baseline to start with. I would do a search on Sephora’s website and then find samples that aligned to the foundations I wanted to try.  

i now have 3 different foundations - my fault - that people shade matched for me in the stores and while they may have looked fine under their lights - not so much when I’m outside or in different kind of lighting. 

i looked into the appointment with the beauty pro from home however that doesn’t address the MCIQ and I don’t want to take a chance purchasing another foundation that doesn’t look good on me. 

Do you have a list of Sephora stores that do MCIQ? 

PS to everyone that has told me to go to findation - that would mean I’d have an idea of what already works for me….I don’t. 

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Very beautiful 🙂

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

@glossfiend  YOU are very beautiful!❣️

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

I want to learn how to makeup. I never use makeup before. Where and how do I start? Does Sephora offer makeup classes?

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hello Katie2403!


Yes! We offer Virtual Consultations where a Sephora PRO will walk you through anything you want to learn with in an hour. 🙂 Go to the top of the website where you see "Stores and Services". Click on that and scroll down to Virtual Consultations and book what time is best for you!!!


In the meanwhile, what is the one thing you want to learn first? We can do our best to answer your questions here, too!


Hope to see you soon!


Sephora PRO Artist

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

My question is simple. Do I need an other brush to use the Translucent loose setting powder if I have the 196 synthetic slanted flat top foundation brush of MAC? If I can/need an other one what's your suggest?

Thank you!

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hi stephmalletC!


I got you 🙂


I recommend the SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Powder Brush #59  for sure. If I want a little more targeted control of my loose powder, I will sometimes use SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Contour Brush #79. It is a bit smaller but the same shape and more dense for more control.


Hope this helped!


Sephora PRO Artist

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hi! I’ve been struggling to get rid of my blackheads and whiteheads on my nose and chin for my entire life. I’ve managed to tame all of my other acne issues except for this one. Do you have any product recommendations for oily skin?


thank you:)

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hi @celinayg  


Black heads are no fun! I want to suggest a product that you may not have tried yet. Its from Peter Thomas Roth Peter Thomas Roth PRO Strength Microdermabrasion Blackhead Eliminator 2 oz/ 57 mL  This is an intensive triple action rinse off treatment. It's going to help eliminate and treat the look of black heads and even white heads in the skin.


I would recommend using this 1-2x per week with your skin routine! 

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Does Sephora still do skin consultations? I can't find anything about it at the locations near me. I need some skincare help and would love to go in and see what they can recommend based on my concerns. 



Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hi @RobotBike !!


You can double check on what services your local Sephora is offering. Alternatively you can get a paid service from the comfort of your own home with a paid virtual consulation! You can book a service here(scroll down to where it says services): One of our PRO team members will help guide you through a one on one virtual consultation! Check it out! We book in 60min sessions or 90 min sessions!


Re: Ask a Beauty Expert


I need some help with my skin care. To be honest I have always worn makeup ,but I haven't taken care of my skin. I am 62! I have red hair and fair skin. The other day I saw my reflection and I wanted to cry. I realize that at my age I may need more than a new moisturizer. Can anyone give me some honest advice,? I have deep wrinkles between my eyes and deep laugh lines around my mouth. I have saggy skin due to losing 80 pounds. I work at a animal adoption center taking care of orphaned cats/kittens


Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

@Rescuewithme  HI there, I'm a Mua . I seen that you had concerns with your  skin. 

You can start with products  with Hyaluronic acid  serum that with help with wrinkles and fine lines.   Personally use high end and low end products. 

1. LOREAL Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid

2. Shani Darden Retinol will help with line lines &Brighten follow up with a moisture once you apply Hyaluronic you have to follow with moisture to bring moisture back to you skin.

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Complete rookie here—I was color matched yesterday at a Sephora store. I bought a foundation and now that I’m home it looks a little dark. Is it supposed to match your chest? This was the match and I purchased Armani 5.1 color. 



Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Armani Luminous silk 5.1 color 

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert



Complete rookie here. Not sure if this is the right forum to ask but I was hoping to get recommendation on hair products that help eliminate dry scalp? I have tried a variety but to no avail.


Any insight would be most appreciated!



Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hi @Tajszz !


Welcome! Here are some of my personal go to products for dry scalp. I find that they work best with consistency. 


1) Pre wash hair treatment oil Fable & Mane HoliRoots™ Pre-wash Hair Treatment Oil 3.4 oz/ 100 mL 

2) Wash with adwoa beauty Baomint™ Moisturizing Shampoo 

3) Conditon adwoa beauty Baomint™ Deep Conditioning Treatment 16 oz/ 453 g 

4) Use a scalp serum PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross Scalp Serum for Dry Hair & Scalp 4 oz/ 118.3 mL 


Hopefully these are some that you havent tried yet<3


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