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Ask a Beauty Expert

Ask a Beauty ExpertAsk a Beauty Expert

If you know your way around the Beauty Insider Community, chances are you’ve seen a few of our Sephora Pro Artists sharing their looks on the Gallery and dropping their beauty routines in some of our favorite challenge threads.  @ElizaPRO@ShawnPRO, and @ProAmy are Makeup Artists with years of industry experience with a bounty of product knowledge to share. These beauty geniuses are subject matter experts and they give life-changing advice on how to build your basket and put your haul to good use!


We've created this thread to allow you all to better connect with our Sephora Pro Artists here in the BIC! This is a place for you to ask them ANYTHING beauty-related. Don't forget to bookmark this thread by clicking the bookmark icon at the top right of this thread. It will come in handy for those moments you wish you had a beauty expert on speed dial for questions like "is it a good idea to layer these skincare products?" or "what's the best brush for my foundation routine?"


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Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Call customer service 

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

1. I’m looking for the best ever 🙂 evening moisturizer for very dry skin. I have tried various oils but am now looking for a cream and or gel type product,  The less fragrance, the better. 

2. I’ve never been a face mask chick but during the sale I’d like to purchase one. I’m not interested in sheet masks. Again - very dry skin and the less fragrance, the better. 

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hi Kristinafh!


I'm suuuuuuuuuper dry myself, so I will share what actually FINALLY worked for me.


Night Cream recommendations for nighttime:

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Vitamin C Brightening Rich Hydration Moisturizer(I actually use this during the day too haha)


JLo Beauty That Blockbuster Cream with Hyaluronic Acid 1.7 oz/ 50 mL  (seriously, so good)


I usually apply my oils under my nighttime moisturizer and massage them in completely until i am a little pink. Using a massage tool is even better. I use the Herbivore Rose Quartz Gua Sha becasue it's extra important for my dry skin to warm up with a good massage for better penetration of the moisturizer.


A mask recommendation is Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Clay Mask 2.54 oz/ 75 mL !!! I can't live without it! I was hesitant at first to use a clay mask on my really dry ares but it doesn't harden and it is truly amazing! For elevated results: make sure your face is still damp from cleansing it, apply a sheer layer of either a serum or face oil, massage that in with the Gua Sha and then the mask right over it. Leave on for 15-20 mins. incredible!


Follow with the rest of your skincare routine!


Let me know how it goes!!!



Sephora PRO Artist


If you wanted a virtual face to face experience, we do offer Virtual Consultations, too! To book, they are at the top of our website under the Stores and Services tab! 🙂

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

220E3820-872D-4CFD-B164-B18CA24356A1.jpegI just bought this and it feels really thick and pasty, but I like the shade. Do you have recommendations for a more lightweight product?

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

4F0BEDE2-4081-464A-BC7A-498DC558B960.png Hi there! 

Check out this amazing formula! This one give really nice coverage and also provides SPF 30!


This one is easy to apply with fingers, sponge it brush and looks and feels good on the skin! I hope this is helpful for you! ❤️ 

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hi, I plan on buying YSL Nu skin tint but I can’t come personally to the store so I’ll buy it online. What would be the color match for it if I already use YSL All hours foundation in B40 and YSL touché eclat all in one glow also in B40? Thanks a million for your help 

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hi @barbarica !


Thank you so much for writing in! I know YSL very well and took a close look at your existing shade. 
Based on your specific depth and undertone, I would suggest The YSL NU 7 Light-Medium with Cool Undertones- I comparatively looked at models and foundation swatch to come to my suggestion! 
I know you will love this formula! I also highly suggest paring it with the YSL NU Glow in Balm! It’s a face priming moisturizer to perfectly prep the skin before applying tint!


I hope this helps make your purchase a little easier! 

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Thank you so much. I was thinking shade 6 but I’ll listen to your advice 😉

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hi, I have dead and frizzy hair for the last 2 years since I got permanent straightening treatment done.They break a lot and look absolutely there any way to fix it without damaging it more.



Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hello Taru1!


I am not sure what you ave tried so far so I will do my best to answer your question with the information you provided!


Most of the time when we receive chemical treatments in our hair, the bonds that hold our hair shaft together begin to break down. Then they become super dry and lack luster.This can include anything from straighteners, perms and hair color. Straighteners could be the most intense depending on what was used, because you are changing the structure of the hair from deep inside of the shaft.


First thing i recommend is to repair your hair with a weekly treatment like Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector

Use once a week (in between the days you use the hydration mask below), after you shampoo, apply to damp hair. Leave on for 10 mins or more then rinse. Do this once a week for two months.


Then hydrate the living daylights out of your hair with a mask twice a week on alternating days of the week (like on Monday and again on Friday) with Fable & Mane HoliRoots™ Repairing Hair Mask 8 oz/ 237 mL start to apply the mask at the ends and work your way up to the root. If your scalp is more oily, then stop before you reach the root. If your scalp is normal/dry then apply all of the way to the root. You can do this step once a week after a month or two.


Repair then hydrate/nourish! That's the way to get the results you need. consistency is key!


When your are finished styling your hair, apply adwoa beauty Baomint™ Protect + Shine Oil Blend on the ends and work your way up the hair to the root. This will help to bring some beautiful shine back to your locks.


My last suggestion is to also get a hair trim to remove some of the damage at the very ends. It will help with the over all health of your hair and keep the damage on the ends from unraveling further up the hair shaft.


I hope this was helpful! And feel free to ask any more questions!



Sephora PRO Artist


Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

I work somewhere that is heavier labor but I love love makeup and need to wear it at work. My problem is that it comes off immediately when I start sweating then before I know it all my makeup is rubbed off in certain spots and i look like a hot mess! Suggestions please 😞

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hi @DOstrander86 ,


In addition to all suggestions by other Community members, I recommend trying out setting it with Fashion Fair Set It Loose Setting Powder  - this makes foundation transfer-proof.  Bonus, it protects you from blue light!




Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hello DOstrander86!


To make your make up last, make sure your skin is hydrated really well. this will help your makeup to adhere to your skin better! Also, applying a setting spray under your foundation then after your foundation should definitely help!


Spray foundations tend to transfer less. Dior Dior Airflash Spray Foundation is amazing to try out for that reason! Spray directly on the face or on a sponge or brush and apply it that way. Then set with a setting spray! Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray Jumbo Jumbo Size - 8 oz/ 236 mL 


I hope this helps!



Sephora PRO Artist


Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hey babes! I know a few things to help with this. When applying foundation spray some setting spray on your beauty blender. Do everything as normal then spray again once you’re all done. Getting a good setting spray will help with this issue a lot, especially if you use powder contours or blushes! Hopes this helps!


I’m not a professional but if anyone else has suggestions or has a better knowledge on how to fix it please don’t mind to correct me.


Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hi pros! I’m a little rusty on my makeup skills (working from home temporarily ruined my makeup motivation, but I’m back!). I was never much of a contour girl, but I’m going to a few weddings and want to give it a try. What do you suggest as a product that’s beginner friendly? I’ve tried in the past but I found it always looked a little muddy and undefined on me. For reference, I have light/medium combo skin with neutral undertones 

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hi Cianni!


We got you 🙂


Cream formulas look the most natural and are easy to use.


For light/medium and combo skin I recommend the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Match Stix Matte Contour Skinstick Amber or the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer in Amber works fantastic!


The Match Stix Matte Contour Skinstick (in Amber) is easy to use since you can simply press a small amount directly onto an area and use your fingers or sponge to blend it in. The Cheeks out Freestyle Bronzer (in Amber) is a bit more sheer and balmy feeling, much easier to blend and you can use your fingers, sponge or a brush!


Steps to a natural looking contour:


1. apply a sheer layer of your foundation/tinted moisturizer.

(if you use a powder foundation, apply your concealer then your cream contour, then your powder foundation last (don't cover the contour too much)


2. highlight with your concealer with small dots at the high points: inner outer corners of the eyes, between the eyes (bridge of nose), above the center of the brow, cheek bone, tip of nose, above the center of the upper lip (cupids bow) and center of the chin. Blend by pressing with fingers or damp sponge


3. contour

Add a small amount:

-Under the cheekbone back by the ear (jaw bone socket) and blend inward, feel your bones for direction

-At the temples

-Jawline but start behind the ear first then blend inward


4. Set with a powder or setting spray


We also have Virtual Consultations available of you want to practice with one of the PROs live!


We can take you step by step, through the entire application and recommend the right products for your specific needs. We email all recommendations and instructions. Go to the Stores and services tab at the top of our homepage, scroll down to services in Happening at Sephora! Scroll down to Virtual PRO Beauty Consultation!


Best of luck!!


Sephora PRO Artist

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Looking for a foundation for 60 year old having hormonal acne and I have combination skin??


Pro lancome


Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hello Charlre!


A really great recommendation would be the Lancôme Teint Idole 5-in-1 Foundation Stick and I'm curious what your skin care routine is.


After your skin care routine, while your skin still feels a bit sticky/hydrated, warm a small amount of the foundation stick in your fingers before pressing the product onto your skin. Then use a brush like SEPHORA COLLECTION Clean Foundation Brush or a damp sponge like beautyblender Biopure Sustainable Green Makeup Sponge to press the foundation onto your skin until it blends in. Use the tip of the sponge to press more foundation onto any blemishes/breakouts.


For hormonal acne (I am also experiencing hormonal acne) I recommend Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum 1 oz . The Murad Resurgence line (green color stripe) was specifically formulated with clients experiencing your specific concerns of more mature clients experiencing hormonal acne with classic combination to dry skin concerns.


For a spot treatment, I recommend Peace Out Salicylic Acid Acne Healing Dots 20 Acne Healing Dots They really work and help to prevent scarring.


I hope this helped!


Sephora PRO Artist


Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

So what do y'all do with empty perfume bottles? 

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Throw them away... 

Re: Ask a Beauty Expert

Hi @Ashletta216 ,


Aside from the smell, I love beautiful, aesthetically-designed bottles that looks great on my display shelf! Those two factors definitely inspire my purchase. I also have used it as a flower vase and as a diffuser stick holder, very pleasing as a photo or a Zoom call background.


I hope this inspires you!




Sephora PRO Artist


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