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*Applications Closed* Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!



[[UPDATE 4/7]] Applications are now closed. Good luck to everyone who applied!


It’s that time of year again: #SephoraSquad will soon be accepting applications for its 2021 crew! Launched in 2019, #SephoraSquad prides itself in being a different kind of influencer program, comprised of inspiring storytellers who come from a variety of backgrounds, who also have a diverse range of followers with their own unique points of view and interests. The Squad values a genuine passion for beauty and authenticity (sounds like you, BIC!) over “picture perfect” presence, so don’t be shy – apply! 😊


Those who are chosen to join the 2021 Squad will partner with Sephora on various campaigns throughout the year, and will also have access to program perks including (but not limited to): free product (woo!), peer and professional coaching, access to industry leaders, and of course, the chance to be featured on Sephora’s channels. Sounds pretty fun, right?


Interested? Hop over to for more info on how to apply! Good luck 🙂


Know someone here on the BIC who you think should apply for the 2021 #SephoraSquad? Reply and mention them with the “@” sign below!

Re: *Applications Closed* Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

This is the first time I've applied and I'm so nervous. This would mean so much as a Brazilian-American non binary gay person. My instagram doesn't have a huge following but I'm working towards it, so this would be a beautiful opportunity to create something beautiful. IG: tayinmanbeauty

xoxo, Taylor 🙂

Re: *Applications Closed* Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

If anyone would like to leave me a testimonial I would be very thankful!! This would be one of the most life changing opportunities of my life... I love Sephora's push for diversity and inclusion so being involved would be a dream come true 🙂



Re: *Applications Closed* Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

Dear Sephora, for inclusion, may I ask where the “mature beauties are?” 
thank you for the inclusion of different ethnicities and genders. Now let’s see you go a step farther to include much older representations as well as people with disabilities. No excuse Sephora, go above the new standard and show what you are capable of. I believe you can do it. 
PS, don’t be the “Victoria Secrets of makeup” and refuse to acknowledge ALL the various forms of  diversity. we all know how that worked for them!



one of the millions of older people responsible for keeping your lights on by spending vast amounts of money at Sephora. 


Re: *LAST CHANCE!* Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

First time I’ve applied! Nervous but curious like crazy! My following may not be so great, but I am truly passionate about makeup and I will feel blessed if I’ve been gifted this opportunity! Good luck to all! ❤️ @TeamBIC makeup account on insta: @_makeupbycat_

Re: *LAST CHANCE!* Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!


Re: *LAST CHANCE!* Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

We're so excited to see so many of you apply for this year's #SephoraSquad! Tuesday 4/6 is officially your last chance to apply - applications close tonight at 11:59pm ET. Good luck!

Re: *LAST CHANCE!* Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

Good luck y'all! Can't wait to see who makes the squad from our BIC community Heart 

Re: *LAST CHANCE!* Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

Sending well wishes to everyone who applied (or will before the deadline - go, go, go!!!) 💗


Excited to see who makes the squad this year, @TeamBIC


Good luck lovelies!!! 😘

Re: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

I have finally completed and submitted my Sephora Squad application. It will mean a lot to me if those of you who know me, can leave me a testimonial. If you are applying too and I am familiar with you here in community, I’ll be more than happy to write one for you. Please check my IG (@_the.fairy.tales) for reference. Thank you so much in advance.

Link to the testimonial is in spoiler below as well as in my Instagram bio. 



Re: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

Just applied! This would be so exciting. Good luck to all🖤

Re: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

I just applied! I am so excited for this as I do not have a huge following on Instagram but am so passionate about makeup and beauty! I have posted some mini tutorials on my page and would appreciate if you guys would check it out! If you would love to leave a testimonial, that would be so awesome!!! Thanks everyone 🙂 


Re: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

This means so much to me! I don’t have a huge following in Instagram but makeup and beauty has always been a passion of mine. I don’t work in beauty full time and this year I realized how much I missed it. It makes me feel more complete and fulfilled as a person. If anyone would love to leave my page a testimonial, I would be so grateful. Instagram: jmarchesebeauty


Re: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

Applied! And I’m working on getting my followers to add testimonials! 

Re: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!




I was going to apply but I am new to these posts and haven’t wore makeup for over a year thanks to masks and I need to get rid of my old makeup that I hoarded over the last 6 years 

Re: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

My makeup friend and I both applied! What an exciting opportunity, it would truly be a dream come true. Here are our instagrams if anyone loves fun makeup looks! @andra.r.mua. 


Re: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

So grateful and excited for this opportunity! This is also such a great way to bring more representation into the world of beauty 😍

Re: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

Goodluck to all applicants! This is such an amazing opportunity 😍 

Re: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

Good luck to everyone who applies! It's been so great to watch our very own BIC Babes become official Sephora Squad members Heart 


Maybe one day I'll be cool enough to get on there too 😄

Re: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

@Mcakes   If you are not cool enough then no one else is.

Re: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: Apply to the 2021 #SephoraSquad!

You're too sweet Heart !

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