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2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

Last month, the BIC Team selected several community members to attend Sephora's first ever immersive beauty experience, Sephoria: House of Beauty, which took place this past weekend in Los Angeles.  In addition to receiving keys to unlock the House of Beauty, the selected community members were asked to photograph the event and report their experiences to the community.




to my fellow Gold Key Recipients:

 @darkiceis @jazmineshepard @NotCrocker @KNC24 @Tamara76 !


                          We Came, We Saw, We CONQUERED SEPHORiA !




**all insights are more than welcome and I'm sure Sephora will appreciate the feedback, particularly if they host another event next year ...



Image result for fingers crossed gif

****Also, I'm not sure if there are size limitations to the threads so we each may need separate threads to house our copious photos.  I'll add links here as needed****


@darkiceis review can be found here:


@KNC24 review here:


Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

It only took me 10 years but here my review of the event:


The day prior to the event @shimmerbait @julz385 and I decided to scope out the venue.



ZombieMetroAnt and I arrived just before 5PM to find a bit of a line, with @darkiceis leading the charge for the Gold/Silver line.  The lineup was a bit confusing initially.  Thanks to chatting with another attendee, I realized that I had joined the Bronze line since the two lines overlapped.  A bit later several of the other BT/BIC ladies arrived and joined us in line.  We floated up and down the line chatting with other members before Zombie introduced us to one of the Beauty Directors, Jeffrey, that she had connected with at a prior event.  I was surprised by his enthusiasm about the amount of representation from the community and his interest in making sure we enjoyed the event. 




They let us into the garden area around 6PM where we ran into @KatieBT @LexBT @BrendaBT .  It was a bit surreal to see them in person!  Watching their reactions to the BT swag some of the community members has created for Sephoria was incredibly heartwarming.  While meeting the 3, we learned that another BIC member was among us, @fantaji 


We were excited/surprised to learn that the one woman problem-solving machine, Lindsey, who we had bombarded with questions about masterclass registration was not only in attendance but she was part of the checkin process!  (Thank you Lindsey for all your help!!). We quickly toured the outside booths and sipped some tea before lining up again to finally enter the inside. 



Upon entering the venue, ZMA and I grabbed Sephora shopping bags and waters before heading over to the booths.  After a quick wander through the Charlotte Tillbury station, ZMA beelined to the Too Faced station where she purchased an engraved Better Than Sex mascara.  We eyeballed the create your own palette section before wandering to Tatcha (who had a stunning set up), Ole Henriksen, Belif, and Biossance.  At the Biossance booth ZMA played their toxin pick up game and put everyone to shame, HA!




**Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to upload the Boomerang of ZMA**

Crossing back by the entrance to the other side, we headed toward the Huda Booth where the the workers seemed pretty disinterested in chatting with attendees.  It didn’t take us long to lose interest but before we could head to one of the other booths we ran into the other two Beauty Directors and then the BIC mods again.  One of the Directors encouraged us to go downstairs ASAP so we could get a head start at the customizable lip stations.  He also told us of the YSL bracelet the brand was giving away so we headed there.  Both ZMA and I made our first YSL purchases (lipsticks with engraved caps) before strolling over to Bite where we also created a lipstick. 





We wandered back upstairs and happened across the line to meet Charlotte Tillbury so we decided to jump in.  CT was such a doll, I love how she took the time to engage in conversation with each and every person that came in.  This definitely made me want to support her by purchasing some of her products.   After this we made our way upstairs where all the beauty services were being offered.  We passed the color matching station en route to the booths around the other side.  A number of hilarious photos were snapped at the Dr. Jart, Jo Malone London, beauty blender, and Drunk Elephant booths before I helped myself to a bottle of champagne from the Fresh fridge 🤫


20181026_003941.jpg20181025233851.jpgA missing bottle :-O? Where?!A missing bottle :-O? Where?!

Back on the entry level, we breezed by the now empty Huda booth before meeting with a rep from Youth to the People.  I loved his demeanor and enthusiasm about this new-to-me brand; yet another brand that won me over by the people representing them.  At Glow Recipe we ran into @NotCrocker and her guest and had a mini photo shoot where another Sephoria guest with a glittery gold lip grabbed our attention and convinced us to head back downstairs to get our own Pat McGrath application. 






Downstairs again we found ourselves at the Sol de Janero booth where the reps had the CUTEST rainbow/glitter jumpsuits on and were glowing from head to toe thanks to their Glow Oil.  Both ZMA and I received our own glow from the Make Up For Ever booth next door.  Remembering our Pat McGrath mission we crossed over the empty dance flooring ran into a few more ladies.  @sister13reminded us to utilize our fast passes so we each headed to the front of the line.  In the middle of my Pat McGrath application I saw ZMA’s eyes go wide before she darted off.  Thanks to @darkiceis, ZMA raced upstairs to hop in line for our Natasha Deanna masterclass which we had all but forgotten.  Thanks to some pointers by @shimmerbait I knew the room was pretty small and that if we weren’t up front there was a strong possibility that we would not be able to attend the class.  While waiting for them to let us into the room to get seated I met Deborah Yeh the SVP of Marketing and Brand at Sephora.  Somehow or another we started to chat about my work and she told me about the #SephoraStands initiative before giving me the associated pin she had on her kicka$$ personalized jean jacket.  I was extremely impressed with the Natasha Deanna masterclass.  It was great to watch her work on the models and I love how responsive she was to our very interactive group.  She also entertained us with not one but two mini photoshoots which we of course loved.




We reconnected with the other ladies after the class.  Now I don’t know why but I became enchanted with the styrofoam head which made several appearances in our living room photoshoot.




ZMA and I ventured downstairs again to visit the booths we had previously bypassed.  We stopped by the Stila booth where the rep gave ZMA’s eyeshadow a little touch up.  Somehow or another we found our way back around to the front of the downstairs booths and got pulled into a massive Fenty glitter bomb photoshoot. 




Some of the other ladies reminded me of the fragrance bar so ZMA and I made our way to the Atelier booth.  I love that they had a professional photographer there who snapped our photo and printed them out for us. Our MUFE highlight and PMG ruby red glitter lips were on full display.  I had an unfortunate experience at the bar despite managing to get one Atelier inspired drink.




Back upstairs the remaining ladies and I snapped a few photos on the stairs before we headed out, grabbing our goodie bags on the way out.  On the stroll back to the hotel ZMA stopped us by a yummy ice cream spot which was the perfectly sweet ending to an incredible night.




Little Damages InteriorLittle Damages Interior


Pros & Cons of the event to come…..btw if you read all this you’re a rockstar 😘!



Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

AMAZING recap and pics @ElleElleG!!! Congrats again! Looks like it was so much fun!

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

Why thank you @veronika23 😊 . It was, and the fun ended far too soon!!

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

Great reporting @ElleElleG!  So happy for you!

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

Awww thank you @greeneyedgirl107 💕

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

AW....These pictures are so amazing! @ZombieMetroAnt is a riot! 😆 Great feedback @ElleElleG! You ladies had too much fun! 

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

She is indeed @Lazybeautybeast , thanks for reading 😘

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

I love your pics and love your review, @ElleElleG!!!!!   I had so much fun with y'all at the event and I can't believe we were all hanging out there together a week ago!!!!  I hope we can do it again next year! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

Time seems to have steadily sped up since that wonderful weekend @Tamara76 ! Love how well we all clicked.  Can't wait for our next adventure.

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

Thank you for the detailed review and beautiful pictures @ElleElleG I am a rockstar because I did read each and every word of the review. So glad you guys have so much fun together. You all make such a gorgeous group 💗💗💗 I didn’t have a doubt before but after looking at all the event pictures, I. Sure @ZombieMetroAnt is a perfect companion for any fun activity. I can feel her energy through the pics. Lol. 

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

You're more than welcome @fatimamummy and thank you for reading my lengthy post.  


@ZombieMetroAnt has INSANE amounts of energy, I think I barely captured a tenth if it LOL 💕

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

Smiley LOL  OMG!!!  Some of these pics I'm seeing for the first time!! 

Spit Take GIF - Spit Take Laughing GIFs

Especially that Ice Cream shop pic @ElleElleG!  That one is my favorite!!!    That group pic at the end is a keeper!  Too bad we're missing a couple sisters..


What a great recap of the event!  Thanks for taking such thorough notes - I was like a kid in a candy store without parental supervision and running wild.  


What an amazing adventure this was!!  Heart  Smiley Wink

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

hahaha I'm so glad I got to do this with you!  You running around like a kid in a candy store DEFINITELY contributed to the amazing time I had 💜💜💜



Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

This is great @ElleElleG!  I'm glad you had a great time.  I love your pictures!

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

Thanks @curlychiquita !

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

@ElleElleG This was an AMAZING recap 🙂 It sounds like you and ZMA had such a great time and your pictures put me right into the mix! Can't wait to hear your pro's and cons, though I have to say, meeting all the BIC ladies in person and getting the chance to hangout and participate in impromptu photoshoots...that might be all the incentive I need to go next year!

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

Aww you're more than welcome @MissPuff !  I was hoping to capture as much to share as possible, and @ZombieMetroAnt was a HUGE help! 


Working on that feedback post now 😬

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

@ElleElleG I loved reading your review! I'm sorry something unfortunate happened at the Atelier Bar, hopefully that yummy looking ice cream made up for it! I kept waiting to see your and Zma's PMG red glittery lips!! 

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

Thanks @GG84 ! I think there's a better photo or boomerang featuring the Pat McGrath lips somewhere, just need to find it 🕵🏽‍♀️

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

This was a blast to read and imagine just how much fun you all had, @ElleElleG. The pics are great, especially the one of everyone. Must have been an amazing evening😄

Re: 2018 SEPHORiA Feedback Thread

Aww thanks @eshoe , it certainly was a memorable night!

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