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I used foundation color (Golden Tan) what color of veil should I use? There are 4 choices: Original, Tinted, Illuminating, and Hydrating.

Re: veil

I am a bareMinerals junkie. Since it sounds like you are just referring to the loose powders:


-Original: can't go wrong with this


-Tinted: its a little dark to me (I am medium beige) this would probably be good for you and I do think the original does lighten the skin a little bit - however I like that because I use it to help blend and tone down my blush


-Illuminating: this is what I am using right now since I have a giant size of it. There are sparkles in it. Depending on how heavy handed you are, you will see sparkles on the skin. I would think most people wouldn't like this one. I do, but I like sparkles Smiley Wink


-Hydrating: my absolute least favorite. The texture is weird. It sort of feels like a sticky powder if that makes any sense at all... I would skip this one IMO.


Have you considered getting one of the ready mineral veils? They have a lot now and they have ones that match your skin tone! Tan would probably be for you. I really enjoy the ready mineral veils (the pressed ones) and I use the translucent and I find these a little bit more matte - I have oily skin so I love to use these ones in my T-Zone. Also way easier to throw in your purse/take with you.

Re: veil

I use the BM shade Tan and I use the Tinted mineral veil, works a lot better than the original veil imo.

Re: veil

Next time, please be more descriptive like saying what brand of the product you are considering.  


It depends on what you are looking for because it doesn't matter what foundation color you are but what kind of effects you desire on your face.


This is just copied off from the bareMinerals website


Original Mineral Veil creates a spectacular, flawless finale for any kind of complexion.


Illuminating Mineral Veil gives you a pearly, ethereal glow that reflects light for a photo-fabulous look.


Complete your complexion with Tinted Mineral Veil, a feather-light finish that adds just a touch of subtle color to your skin.


Hydrating Mineral Veil saturates your skin with cooling vitamins and minerals, brightening your complexion, minimizing lines, and leaving your skin supple and smooth.


Try going to a Sephora or bareMinerals store to try different powers if you want to see how they can look on you without buying and returning them.  


Hope this helps 

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