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triple points fragrance

does the triple points for fragrance special apply to rollerballs?

Re: triple points fragrance

bought my fragrance just in time (before triple points expire!)

Re: triple points fragrance



Yes, fragrance deodorants do count towards the promotion. Once a fragrance is purchased, the entire order or transaction will qualify (before taxes). I hope that this information helps!

<3 Melissa

Re: triple points fragrance

yes! I was told something different from another SA about triple points on the whole order (minus taxes).  She said that it was only the fragrance that would be triple points.

Re: triple points fragrance

I went into my JCP Sephora and the SA's there told me I could get a lavanilla deodorant and it would count as a fragrance for triple points- is this true?


Also, is the triple points just on the fragrance or is it applied to your entire order?


Re: triple points fragrance

Yay! thanksSmiley Happy

Re: triple points fragrance

Hi ladies Yes, it applies to any fragrance, including rollerballs Smiley Happy

Re: triple points fragrance

Is it on anything in fragrance ?

Re: triple points fragrance

Yes! (I just asked the same question on the customer service board)

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