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sephora always shows most expensive products first and than cheaper ones ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Have you guys ever went to sephora and aked a sugestions about a product and asked them which one is the best and of course they would show the most expensive one first and would go lower and lower,,,, SO that's the trick . remember that

Re: sephora always shows most expensive products first and than cheaper ones ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Yeah that happened to me too. I was looking for a concealer and they showed first showed me GUERLAIN touch up pen, I died when I found out the price so I said move on... we then went to YSL touch eclat, which is 10 dollars cheaper I think.. I almost died again. so I said to move on.  She then went on to MUFE, it was okay, but still was a bit higher than what I would pay for a concealer.  Until her last recommendation,  benefit boi-ing. That was the best recommendation ever!!!


I didn't die by the way. I died many times that day, but I managed to be strong. Smiley Happy hehe

Re: sephora always shows most expensive products first and than cheaper ones ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

What product was it?


Two years ago, I asked for a really great concealor that wasn't heavy - the Sephora associate showed me Touche Eclat first.  Since then I've tried Dior, Clinique, Sephora Collection, Jane Iredale from Nordstroms - and Touche Eclat was superior.  So she must've known something Smiley Happy  Did you give your budget?


Whenever I go shopping and need assistance, I give my budget upfront so I'm not wasting my time, or swooning over items outside my realistic range.  (Furniture, Cars, Appliances, Flooring, Salon etc...)

Re: sephora always shows most expensive products first and than cheaper ones ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sales people are inevitably going to show the flashiest, most expensive, biggest ticket item they can because they're in the world of sales. Point blank.


Ask anyone who has worked retail, be it make up, clothing, cars, jewelry, and even retailing services like in a salon or wine bar, those who are there to sell will often draw focus and attention to higher ticket items because it drives and increases revenue up and faster.


Think of it like this, if a sales consultant can choose between working 15 minutes to sell a $200 item or 1 hour selling 4 items that cost $50 a piece, for time efficiency wise, it's better to go with option number one.


It's honestly a sales tactic that is run across the board, salon stylists will push pricier services and "senior" stylists rather than throw all incoming clients to newbie stylists; wine bars will push the most expensive bottle to clients rather than reaching for a $25 bottle or red wine; if you're shopping for Chanel perfume, you're going to be shown the 3.4 oz bottle rather than the $25 purse-sized travel spray first.


The best thing to do is to state a budget when approached about specifics on what you're looking for. Give a good range for the price point as you don't want to cap off your search too soon in case there turns up to be something that can really do you good but is maybe $10 more than what you're looking to spend initially.


It's not necessarily a trick, as if you walk into Sephora and don't have $40 to spend on bronzer then obviously no matter how many $40 bronzers get shown to you, you're not going to be able to buy it, so there's no "trickery" involved. What sales reps are trying to do is grab your attention and show you options that you may or may not have considered before and also plant a seed of possibility in your head while you're shopping around. I've worked cosmetics retail before and it really does also depends on the clientele what is being serviced. If a lady walks in in a sharp suit, Christian Louboutin heels, an Hermes bag, looking polished, coiffed, and perfected to the nines, of course she's going to be shown the pricier items. If a 12 year old comes in asking to try make up for the first time, of course she isn't going to be taken to YSL or Dior right off the bat.





Re: sephora always shows most expensive products first and than cheaper ones ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I don't think it's a trick I think they offer you the best sellers and sometimes that happens to be the most expensive one and sometimes not, it's just like online you can click best sellers of the product your wanting to buy and most of the time it's the most expensive you get what you pay for.

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