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jacyln hill lipsticks!!

sooo has anyone tried the JH lipsticks?? have you experienced anything like other people have? (hair in their lipstick, holes, wet spots, etc.)

Re: jacyln hill lipsticks!!

Saw this from People, posted a few hours ago:


Hill said that the tiny black holes were actually air bubbles, while the gritty texture was a result of the formula not getting blended properly during manufacturing. As for the tiny hair fibers, the beauty star said they were caused by fuzzy white gloves used during the quality control inspection process.

“My lab, instead of using a standard glove that they would use in the lab, they decided to use white cotton gloves,” she explained. “They didn’t want to standard glove to put any smears on this component, to in any way have any prints on it.”



arent white cotton gloves really bad as they can keep bac...

arent white cotton gloves really bad as they can keep bacteria in easier than latex gloves

RE: Re: jacyln hill lipsticks!!

I just watched the video but I’m still a little skeptical! that lab should definitely be sued in some way, who wipes down the product while still in the storage containers with towels?? NEVER heard of that..and the gloves??? also, why didn’t jacyln inspect the product before it was put out..I mean she probably did a few but wouldn’t the lab see the fuzzies too?? you’d think they wouldn’t ever let that product be sold but idk

Re: RE: Re: jacyln hill lipsticks!!

There's probably more to the story, that isn't being released.

Re: jacyln hill lipsticks!!

@MadisonKovach  Nope, I steered clear. I honestly give a pass to most influencer merch because I have my tried and trusted brands, for the most part. If I do venture outside of those brands, it’s usually because of people here on the BIC, that have been around a long time. The vast majority of their makeup is purchased with their hard-earned money. 


It’s easy for a YouTube influencer to say, “It’s so creamy, it’s so buttery, it’s so pigmented, it’s so gorgeous, it’s so amazing, it’s so luxe, etc.” when they want you to open your wallet 😉


That being said, I have to admit that I’ve been following the drama on YouTube lol 😁 My favourite moment so far was when RichLux had a “close look” at a Jaclyn Hill lipstick with a magnifying glass. Amongst the various amoeba he spots in his hiiighly scientific on-screen close-up are the heads of “Manny Mooch” and “Laura Leech” as he refers to them 😂

Re: jacyln hill lipsticks!!


I wanted to order Sophia and Mom because those kind of colours are up my alley. I don’t watch her, I just saw the swatches on Instagram. I also saw the defects you mentioned so I won’t be ordering. I don’t know the scenario that caused those issues but a product that goes on my mouth I shouldn’t have to think twice about. 

RE: Re: jacyln hill lipsticks!!

@GG84 if you go to her YouTube channel she posted a video explaining what had gone wrong, but I’m still skeptical. if she knew this was happening and that fuzzies were being disputed throughout her product why would she still think it’s okay to let it be sold? also what kind of lab uses towels to clean the bins that the product is being stored in knowing it would leave fuzzies, etc. I watched another youtuber who ordered the lipsticks and received them as PR and she compared her two packages! (the PR one had less fuzzies, less holes A.K.A “air pockets” ,etc.) it seems like maybe she gave the better product to PR people and gave the more disgusting ones to buyers?? idk tbh, it’s all such a weird mess

RE: jacyln hill lipsticks!!

also I know these aren’t available at Sephora but I just wanted to get the latest scoop on what’s happening!
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