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dry/ flaky/ acne prone/ oily skin

I have a weird skin type. In winters it gets really dry, flaky and dull. In summer its super oily. I suffer from occasional breakouts. I have tried many creams/skin care regimens but it has not helped me at all, the results of which is I have many pores (though small) all over my cheek area. My skin also feels very rough to touch now. Could you please suggest a remedy for this? 

Re: dry/ flaky/ acne prone/ oily skin

I feel ya!! I have a similar issue. My T-zone gets VERY oily but the sides of my face and forehead get super flaky and dry. The best thing I've found to do is not skimp on your moisturizer because of the oil and use a regular exfoliator.


I like ProActiv's green tea moisturizer, because it's light and hydtrating, and I just focus more of it on my dry patches after I've exfoliated it.

proactive green tea.jpg

One pet peeve of mine w/ facial scrubs is they're either too harsh,  or they have too much "filler" (oils, etc) in them, and the exfoliating substance can't really grip my skin. This one is awesome & healthy. It's exfoliants are in the pic below & I love that it's all organic with no parabens, propylene glycol, etc. I got it at Whole Foods:


Another thing I really love is to use a heavier moisturizer at night. I mean, who cares if I look like an oil slick while I'm sleeping?? When I wake up and wash my face I'm like a new woman!! These are my 2 favorite night time go to products to slather on:

josie maran.jpgI also use this Josie Maran Argan Oil in my hair, on my cuticles and to mix essential oils in. It's one of my all time favourite products, hands down! And it's one of the only true oils that won't cause acne.

boots.jpgBeing in my 20s I never thought about a lifting/firming cream, but this stuff feels heavenly, and when I wake up my face feels like a baby's bottom! I love it. Smiley Happy


I'm sorry this was so long! I hope that helped somewhat. I realize 3 of the 4 recommendations aren't from Sephora, but I know you can find similar products there. I'm just using what I've got until it's gone.


Happy New Year & here's to your healthy skin!! Cheers!

Re: dry/ flaky/ acne prone/ oily skin

I think it's pretty normal that you have dry skin in the winter and oily skin in the summer. I would suggest switching out products before the season comes, so your skin has time to adjust to the products. For summers and those occasional warm winter days, I love using Murad's Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15. However, for winter, I like using my Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPF 15. I'm not sure if you're looking for a whole regimen or just something to help with the roughness of your skin, but if you want to change your whole regimen, I would say going into Sephora and getting samples first. As for the roughness on your skin, I know many people will suggest this, but a Clarisonic will literally change the texture of your skin. I was a non-believer until I used it, and since you have acne-prone skin, using the acne brush head one will be safe. I hope this helps and good luck!

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