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Winter Sunscreen

Hey Skincare lovers!!! If you’re just as obsessed with skincare then come here... cause i have a question out of curiosity!!! So, i think it was last weekend, was it... well anyways, last time i went to sephora, i’m like sooo interested in the Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM !!! And I’m sooooooo tired of my acne scars like i’ve had enough of them... but one thing i do is, i buy a product for skincare and use it a few times, then i give up and not be consistent and i lose my patience with the product (meaning i expect results for my acne scars very fast) and since it doesn’t just make them erase like *THAT* i need to stay so damn consistent and PATIENT! the product i’ve been most consistent with is The Ordinary Niacinamide, i love it. But anyways, back to the reason im posting this, so ya i want the Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM, but what i dooooonnnn’t get is how they suggest you wear sunscreen in the day time? (yes, if you live in a HOT/WARM place) of course wear sunscreen, but like me where i live, it’s fall time and eventually gonna be winter... so, do you ACTUALLY have to wear sunscreen in the winter time? like does it actually do a different in the winter time for acne scarring? thanks, please get back to me. 

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Re: Winter Sunscreen

@danibear13 Yes sunscreen should be worn year round. 

Re: Winter Sunscreen

@danibear13 just adding on to the wear sunscreen every train - retinols and chemical exfoliants can also increase your sensitivity to UV rays so it becomes even more important to wear sunscreen even if you're staying indoors. The hardest part for me is remembering to apply just because I sit beside a window 

Re: Winter Sunscreen

right!!! in the summer time i’ll wear sunscreen of course, but when fall & winter & spring, i absolutely do not wear sunscreen and well i never have, so, ya, plus i never even think of that! crazy to think even in colder weather temperatures you should still wear spf, that baffles me! like wow! and i’m soooo lazy lol, but if I DO put spf on, i make sure i take it off, if not shower, cause i hate sunscreen & the texture of it. lol! 

Re: Winter Sunscreen

@danibear13 probs the hardest education I had was wear sunscreen no matter what. Like we're willing to inject botox in our face when we could just wear sunscreen 😂 


If you don't like the feeling of sunscreen you probably just want to experiment until you find one you like wearing. It took awhile but I really like the purito centella sunscreen. It applies like a moisturizer for me so it makes it easier to apply daily.

Re: Winter Sunscreen

Hi @danibear13!


Sunscreen is an absolute must no matter what the weather and season is.  I even wear sunscreen when I'm at home all day since the UV rays come in through the windows.

Re: Winter Sunscreen

Hi @danibear13 ! Sunscreen protects from UV rays produced by the sun, not from the brightness of sunlight. It's the UV rays that damage your skin, regardless of how bright or dim the sun is or how overcast the weather is. The sun doesn't stop producing UV rays in winter. 🙂 So yes, you should wear sunscreen all year long. 


I live in Chicago. Even on the shortest day of the year (which is usually my birthday), I wear sunscreen if my skin's going to be exposed to the sun. Even in these pandemic times, when I'm indoors all day, if I sit in a room that's at all bright as a result of sunlight—even with blinds on all my windows drawn—I wear sunscreen, because UVA rays can penetrate windows and I don't wanna take any skin cancer chances. 

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