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Which Pride Parade Are You Heading To?


Pride Parade Photo.png


Pride month is here and that means inspiring, colorful, F-U-N pride parades are starting to kick off all over! We celebrate pride to commemorate the Stonewall Riots, which hugely contributed to the spark of the LQBTQIA+ movement. This year will be the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and the 49th annual pride parade.


While the first pride parade took place in NYC, the celebration has spread across countless cities. Pride has always been a big event in San Francisco where people across the Bay Area unite to show their support for the LGBTQIA+ community. I was also lucky enough to see the gorgeous production that is the NYC pride parade a few years back on 5th Avenue. Pride is now celebrated in big cities and small towns alike and we know that BIC members live in so many places across the US and Canada.


We are starting this thread for everyone, regardless of the city they’re in, to share their pride parade plans, post pictures, share highlights, and even get beauty advice for pride looks!


Will you be attending your local pride parade? If so, share all the details on this thread!

Re: Which Pride Parade Are You Heading To?

June 30 is the 50 year anniversary of the Chicago Pride Parade. Hopefully I’ll be able to attend (I might be out of town that weekend). If not, there’s also Chicago Pride Fest the weekend before the parade. 


After last year’s parade (or the year before’s; it’s all a fun blur), I overheard a woman in her 20s (and guessing by her accent, from Texas) nervously apologize to her very elderly grandmother: “I’m so sorry grandma, I forgot this was happening this weekend... didn’t mean to get us caught in all this congestion and craziness! Oh my goodness!” Her grandmother said “are you kidding? That was FANTASTIC! Let’s do this again next year!” 😂 And that’s one of the many reasons I attend this parade each year I can. ❤️

RE: Which Pride Parade Are You Heading To?

I’ll be in the Seattle pride parade on the 30th and I’m so excited! I cannot wait to walk again and support LGBTQI+ as an ally. I love love! 💕
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