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What's New Wednesday: Smartypants

Today's picks have caught the eye of my inner beauty geek. 


givenchy lip 8.21.jpg




GIVENCHY Le Rose Révélateur Magic Lip Gloss

This new gloss looks like a soft baby pink, but changes color when applied to give you the perfect sheen that enhances your natural lip color. And we discussed my weakness for packaging. So chic.







smart liner 8.21.jpg


Sephora Collection Smart Liner

 My boyfriend has caught me in some weird positions in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to get my winged liner just right. This handy shaped liquid liner was created for those of us who aren't professional contortionists, enabling us to get that perfect line without the effort. #Brill




beautyblender 8.21.jpg


 beautyblender Pure Beauty Blender

We're all in agreement that the Beauty Blender is on the list of top 10 best makeup inventions EVER, yes? Can we also agree that after a few cleanings it loses it's bright pink color and becomes a little sad looking? Well guess what, this one is WHITE. I see what you did there, Beauty Blender. And I like it.




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Re: What's New Wednesday: Smartypants

The Sephora Smart Liner looks pretty cool. NYX has a liner just like it, but this Sephora one looks a lot better. 

Re: What's New Wednesday: Smartypants

Ooooh all of these look like MUST HAVES!


I have to admit, I'm most wanting the Katy Perry perfume.. the bottle is so cute!


It's a spicy sweet scent from the sample I tried in a magazine.. maybe not for me but the bottle just sold me in itself:


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What's New Wednesday: Smartypants

Besides the Kate Somerville Age Arrest and Dilo Oil mentioned in the Kate thread, these are some of the most exciting products for me this week. I got to try samples of these prior to launch (have been rotating layering the Cream over my face oil and the Liquid under). Just great for balancing the skin/ supporting the skin's natural moisture barrier w/ ceramides. I'm not sensitive but since skin tends to be more sensitive when its moisture barrier is compromised, these are also great for anyone with sensitivity or redness.





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