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What’s New Wednesday: Scalp Revival


Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Scalp Treatment

Revive your scalp! This innovative treatment is enriched with charcoal to detoxify and remove buildup, as well as antiseptic tea tree oil to calm and balance. Refreshing peppermint and spearmint oils reduce itchiness, witch hazel extract normalizes oil production, resulting in less buildup, and sodium hyaluronate and aloe help maintain the scalp’s moisture. Biotin provides essential nutrients to the hair follicle, leaving the scalp feeling healthier and prepped for optimal hair growth. -Tracy J. 


How do you care for your scalp? Show & Tell!

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Scalp Revival

I use Alterna Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner for my hair and it went from curly/wavy and hard to tame to smoother, bouncier curls and little to no scalp itchiness.  Living Proof's Restore leave in detangler and Alterna's CC Cream is just as good at getting my hair to behave so I can comb through it, and Nioxin Scalp Recovery keeps my scalp in check, since dry, flaky scalp happens when I go a week or two without it.




Really wanting to try the Christophe Robin stuff now though, along with the Shealicious too!

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Scalp Revival

@Titian06, I'm not sure if they have the ORS Shealicious in stores since I just discovered it was on the Target site, but it's definitely an item worth checking out! It's more of a deep conditioning mask so it would pair nicely with use of your regular Shea Moisture conditioner. The Shealicious Scalp Relief was just that for me....relief! It fended off the itchiness during Winter the best!

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Scalp Revival

I used to have an extremely dry, itchy scalp.  After trying many products including Neutrogena T-Gel and T-Sal, I tried Avalon Organics Scalp Treatment Tea Tree Shampoo and Shea Moisture Reconstructive Conditioner.  These two products transformed my hair and scalp.  I also added the CR Sea Salt Scrub after trying it in the Sephora Favorites Hair Kit last year.


I don't use any products in my hair and I let it air dry, so I don't really need any sort of clarifying rinse.  Washing my hair every two or three days helps a lot too.


@lylysa - Too bad I didn't read this thread before I went to Target after work this afternoon!  I bought two more bottles of Shea Moisture.  I'll look for Shealicious next time I need conditioner.

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Scalp Revival

I believe in scalp tonics!  I use Reverie CAKE, my own organic blends, my own ACV rinse (mix in a little rosemary) and the CR Sea Salt Scrub.  This stuff makes your scalp squeaky clean.  Your hair feels so bouncy!  



When is the SF Hair Kit coming????????!

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Scalp Revival

I'm a fan of Christophe Robin's Sea Salt Scrub, the consistency is rich so a little goes a long way. It smells very refreshing and rinses clean from my hair so it never leaves my roots feeling greasy or roughed up. The coarseness of the sea salt is an effective exfoliant when I get dry patches and I enjoy gently working it along my scalp. 


I also enjoyed Shealicious' Scalp Relief back when I could find it in stores:

Image result for shealicious


It came packaged like a dual-part yogurt container where you opened the foil cover and tipped over the smaller oil well into the creamy, shea butter base to mix together and apply to hair. I made the mistake of using too much of this the first time as normally my hair can take lots of conditioner/product as it's so long and thick, but this stuff is crazy rich and potent so I could have probably gotten two uses (if it was applied to all my hair) or even three to four uses (if applied to just along my scalp). The scent is very strong as it contains essential oils, but I didn't mind. This stuff really soothed my dry scalp during winter!


Image result for shealicious the midst of posting this, I realized they carry it on Target now!!!! ^_^ Yayyyyyy!!!!! 

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Scalp Revival

I love Earth's Nectar Jojoba and Tea Tree scalp oil and Phyto's exfoliating shampoo. I used to have oily hair and a flaky scalp that required washing my hair daily until I started using both of these products. Now I only have to wash my hair every 2-3 days!

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Scalp Revival

I need all of the help I can get with my scalp because I wash my hair so often. It's an endless cycle Smiley Sad I recently purchased Earth's Nectar's Jojoba and Tea Tree Oil from Sephora and I feel like it's helped a bit.

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Scalp Revival

Do you know if this also helps with flaking? I guess that would be dandruff, right? I've never had the issue before but lately after brushing my hair I notice big fat white flakes by my roots (ew). It's nothing severe but it's super new to me so I'm not sure what to use to help it lol.

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Scalp Revival

I need to try this! One scalp care item I LOVE is the Christophe Robin Sea Salt Scrub. It does wonders for getting the build up off my scalp. I can not wait to try this Briogeo one though! I will pick this up during the upcoming vib sale Smiley Very Happy

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Scalp Revival

I recently got a bottle of Alterna Scalp Facial and love it!  No stinky smell, you squeeze a tiny amount on a patch of scalp and rub the brush gently to spread it around, then go to the next section. Then shampoo as usual. I was put off by the seemingly small size bottle, but it seems to last quite awhile. My scalp is a lot less itchy and has zero build up. I only use it once a week, that seems to be sufficient. I've tried a number of scalp treatments and none seem to work as well as this one.

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