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What's New Wednesday: STELLAR


STELLAR offers high-performance makeup, alluring shades, and velvety textures for all skin tones. Because of the challenges she faced while trying to find shades that match her medium complexion, brand founder Monika Deol was inspired to create products tailored to medium skin tones, a demographic rapidly increasing.


Available in 22 universal colors, the lightweight, high-pigmented Limitless Foundation smooths onto skin evenly for a natural-looking, radiant finish. The long-wear, full-coverage Infinite Lipstick comes in hues ranging from a warm, brown nude to a head-turning bright plum, and the Metallic Moon Lipstick lets you choose from five vivid, metalized colors for extra texture, depth, and dimension. The Cosmic Blush features a beautiful incandescent shimmer and delivers a dash of either bright pink, coppery peach, or coral to the apples of cheeks. -Tracy J.


Candace and I were both able to swatch all of the lipsticks. Check the spoilers to see these beautiful shades.

We swatched all of the lipsticks. From bottom to top:
Disco Moon 05
Disco Moon 04
Disco Moon 03
Disco Moon 02
Disco Moon 01
(Disco Moon 01-05 are Metallic Moon Lipstick shades)

Dark Matter 04
Dark Matter 03
Dark Matter 02
Dark Matter 01
Wicked Aura 02
Wicked Aura 01
Super Sonic 04
Super Sonic 03
Super Sonic 02
Super Sonic 01
Astral Punch 04
Astral Punch 03
Astral Punch 02
Astral Punch 01
(Infinite Lipstick shades above)

I also swatched the Cosmic Blushes, which come in three buildable shades. I swatched with a heavy hand so the color payoff below is intense and you can really see the metallic effect.

Top to bottom:


Have you tried STELLAR? Show & Tell!



Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

I swatched some of the foundations this morning 


from wrist down: S12, S13, S14, S15, S17, S18




there must be a lot of pigment in them because after I took them off, they had stained my arm 


Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

I ordered 3 Stellar lipsticks to try during the sale.  Disco Moon 01, 05, and Wicked Aura.


Well, Sephora shipped two Wicked Aura to me instead of the Disco Moon 05.  That SNAFU discussion is for another day.  Here is Disco Moon 01, and metallic copper.


Stellar Disco Moon 01.jpg


I love the colour.  The formula is comfortable, but a disclaimer - it can be a bit patchy.  It is not matte/long lasting - so if you eat something greasy, you will need to reapply.


I like this a lot.  In fact, I wore it both yesterday and today.   Two ladies remarked on my lipstick - and loved the look.  The depth of color flatters my pigmented lips and skin tone.  I don't mind reapplying.  As to it's patchiness, the thing about a metallic shade is that such things aren't quite visible (expect to yourself).  It looks just fine.


**On another note - the brand especially caters to medium skin tones (as advertised).  I am so very eager to try the entire line.  But the foundation descriptions on Sephora are not helpful at all, and the colour squares are all over the place.    There are no online swatches either, and they are not stocked in stores.  Surely the brand/Sephora can post the foundation swatches in this thread, similar to the lipsticks.





Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

Man, I'm kind of excited that the creator is one of the ex-hosts for Electric Circus. (Any other Canadians remember that?)


Is there any way we could get swatches of the foundations as well? 

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

I really want this foundation to come to stores nearby so that I can swatch and see if any of the shades fit my skin tone. Smiley Happy

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

I'm intrigued.  Anyone know if any of the foundations have an olive-toned base?

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

I had never heard of Stellar and now I'm interested after seeing those swatches!!

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

Oh yeah, I've been asking around about this brand and there's a thread about it🤗

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

Hi @ShugaShuga, it looks to me like your best bet would be the shade S14. Since this foundation is new, the shade range isn't in Color IQ just yet, so I did some comparisons with other foundations that match your number. I hope that helps! 

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

Thanks for the swatches @KatieBT & @candacebt These look awesome!! I love the gold and copper! Smiley Very Happy

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

I am attracted to THAT gold!!!!  ;')  Pretty! 

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

Thank you Monika Deol!  I am of Indian ethnicity and know how difficult it is to find foundation matches.  I've often had to buy two different shades to get a good match - which can get really expensive!  Does anyone know what the Stellar foundation match would be for 2Y10? 

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

Thanks for the awesome swatches @KatieBT @Candace BT! Those blushes look awesome. That bright yellow gold metallic liquid lipstick is definitely different. 

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

Thanks for the swatches @KatieBT @candacebt!


Those gold and copper lipsticks look awesome Smiley Surprised

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

I was so intrigued when I saw this in the email newsletter. I immediately went to youtube and realized this brand must have just launched since I couldn't find anything. So I've been waiting patiently to hear more on BT! I would love to see foundation swatches since complexion products are so hard to match when not in-store. But wow those metallic lippies look great!

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

Those blushes are gorg!  Thanks for all the swatches, I can't wait to try some of these (hellooooo Dark Matter 02!).

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

Thank you ! Katie and Candace, It is interesting how many new brands are arriving at Sephora. Super helpful swatches . Metallic moon shades are so pretty, I am loving the look of Disco moon 01 and 05 .

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

Thank you for the swatches @KatieBT!  I was just looking at this brand via an e-mail I received from Sephora.  Good to know the med skin tone market is increasing...I'm still pasty white and I don't think these companies have done enough for the pasty whites or the very darks yet.

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

@KatieBT@candacebt  Thanks for the swatches guys! Man that gold and that copper lipstick look awesome! I'll have to take another look at the products.  Too bad your site isn't working properly. When will that be fixed?


@Anewxayes in Canada:

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

Wow thank you ladies @KatieBT @CandaceBT for these swatches! I am loving this new trend of you giving us sneak peaks with swatches especially on different skin tones- Thank you!!!!


The words mettalic Moon had me instantly intrigued and the first 5 swatches especially look so gorgeous. Are we getting this in Canada? I love this brand is especially cathering to people of my skin tone ❤ 

Re: What's New Wednesday: STELLAR

I have never heard of Stellar, but now I am super intrigued by those Metallic lipstick shades!  Gorgeous!  Thanks for sharing the swatches!  ❤️   @KatieBT @candacebt

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