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What's New Wednesday: May 15

Here's what our product maven Amber has her eye on this week:

josie maran 5.15.jpg



Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee

Like all things Josie, this cheek color feels like a sheer treat for your skin. The shades range from perky to peachy and build to your ideal flush.  The coconut infusion provides refreshing moisture to your cheeks and if it’s anything like my addiction to coconut water, this blush will be living in my purse full-time.





living proof 5.15.jpg




Living Proof Hair Serum

Anything that minimizes how much time I spend on my hair is greatly appreciated—I’m just not patient enough to keep things traditionally tamed. This lightweight serum gives me a manageable mane in one pump, keeping flyaways down and turning the shine factor up. All this hair goodness—fuss-free!






ud 5.15.jpg

 UD Moondust shadows

Glitter has always caught my attention—special events, dance parties, and holidays are always shimmer heavy. These days I also keep a lookout for formulas that give me sparkle without the costume effect.  This satiny shadow goes on creamy and dries to a glinting powder with smooth wear. I particularly like Space Cowboy, a champagne hue just right for a dreamy daytime.




What new products have caught your fancy? Show & Tell in the comments!

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Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

So many! I really want to try the new corrective shade of the NARS Concealer (Pear), but it has been out of stock at the two stores I have visited. There are a few new shades of the UD 24/7 eyeliners (I'm happy that UD made Whiskey permanent! I fell in love with it when it was part of the duo that came with the UD Naked Palette) that I want to own, and I think I also need the new NARS lipstick in Tolède. Smiley Very Happy

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

I noticed new Clinique nail polishes for us sensitive folks! These sound really interesting to me!!!

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

@candacebt enablers for sure! 

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

@dannyc - nonsense, of course you need another hair product. Smiley Happy #enablersRus

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

I have my eyes on the Alterna CC cream, but I don't think I need another hair product... but I do WANT another hair product Smiley Wink 

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

The Guerlain bronzer comes in sooooo many different shades that its kinda overwhelming. Right now I have fair winter so I'm leaning towards the 00 shade because it looks like it would be good for adding colors all over my face, but I don't know if it would be tan enough for just plain contouring. And summer is just around the corner and because I live in the blazing hot south, I tan quite easily. But, I wear sunscreen on my face everyday so the color of my face is always 2 shades lighter than the colors of my arms, which are always exposed and seem to have a tan year round.

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

@lolo01 - I'm definitely going to have to try that. I've been looking for a good long wear lip color.


@colorobsession - Living Proof makes really great products. And my hair gets super frizzy in the summer so I'm interested in trying this too!


@sephoramusthave - I have a NARS bronzer and I love it, even though there's only so "bronze" I can get, lol. I've had a Guerlain bronzer on my shopping list forever, and I'm SUPER interested in that OCC concealer! I need to figure out what my shade would be though, it looks like I might fall in between a couple of different ones...

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

That Josie Maran blush looks pretty cool. I have the Josie maran color stick in petal pink and its one of my must have items! I want to try the new OCC concealer and I've had my eye on the NARS and Guerlain bronzers for the longest time.

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

Great finds this week! I would really love to try all of them. I saw the cheek Gelee a few weeks ago and I really would like to try it. They didn't have it in stores at the time I first noticed them, but maybe they'll have them now. The hair serum sounds awesome too!

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

@beautylovingirl-- thanks doll Smiley Happy


@candacebt--- It does stay on all day, you do have to reapply gloss but as for the color stain I have a hard time removing it. I use my cleansing water to take it off.

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

Me too! It's a really pretty color on you. Does it stay on all day?

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

@lolo01- Love it!

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15


I scooped up the MUFE Aqua Rouge #18 Coral last week at Sephora and I must say I love it, I do feel the application would be smoother if the lip stain part of it was also a brush but I found if I let it

dry and then apply second coat it looks fine.

New Image.JPGNew Image.JPG

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

I'm really intrigued by the Fresh lip treatment, too!



Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

@arielaaaa - I'm intrigued too. There was one photo of a couple of swatches in the reviews, but I want to get my hands on a few so we can swatch them here. I feel the same way about the MUFE product, sometimes those long last things are drying. Looks like I'm just going to have to try it. Smiley Happy


@makeupmaven - If it's good enough for Jennifer Aniston, it's good enough for me! Lol.


@consolvo - I'm REALLY interested in that. I love everything Fresh, especially the lip treatments. I think I might need that.

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

I am really curious about Clinique nail polishes. I usually enjoy their products, so it would be interesting to see how their nail polishes compare to the like of OPI, Zoya, Butter london, etc.

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15


I just added the Living Proof Hair Serum to my Shopping List. I need that!


I'm going to be watching for reviews of the Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatment. I'm a sucker for lip treatments and love the Fresh lip products!

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

The Satin Hair Serum is excellent! No oils or silicones, which is really unique for a hair serum! Love!

Re: What's New Wednesday: May 15

The Cheek Gelee caught my eye! I'm interested in seeing swatches. 

And The New MUFE shades in the Aqua Rouge Lipsticks have got my attention the New Coral Color looks amazing and it's just my cup of tea! But I'm hesitant to buy cause i don't know how i will like the formulation of it. 


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