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What’s New Wednesday: MARE


Reverie MARE Mediterranean Sea Mist

This spray not only creates the perfect beachy, tousled do, but features the heavenly scents of Southern Italy. Talk about a vacation in a bottle! Inspired by the brand founder’s visit to Italy and created in small batches using organic ingredients, the formula features Mediterranean sea salt to volumize, condition, and amplify. It actually leaves your hair healthier thanks to strengthening and nourishing ingredients—perfect for wherever summer may take you.


Do you have a product that transports you to your dream destination? Show & Tell!

Re: What’s New Wednesday: MARE

I prefer unscented products.  I'm tired of all my products having different scents:  shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, antiperspirant, shower gel, moisturizer, and on and on.  I'm happy with my perfume providing the scent.



Re: What’s New Wednesday: MARE

I love Reverie!! Replica Beach walk also reminds me of walking on the beach every time I spray it!! I should spray some now and close my eyes and pretend because its so cold in NYC!!! 

Re: What’s New Wednesday: MARE

MM's Replica Beach Walk. It reminds me of walking on the beach as the sun is setting. There's a light breeze, and I can hear the waves crashing in the background. It comes in handy after 5 months of winter. Smiley Wink

Re: What’s New Wednesday: MARE

@veronika23  Hopefully, the Promo section!  ;')

Re: What’s New Wednesday: MARE

I am Reverie's biggest fan, but this obsession with Italy's smells has got to stop! It never smells right and certainly not Italy.   Hopefully, it is more bergamot friendly!  Bergamot is heavenly. ;')



How about pizza????!!!!!  I want pizza scented hair products!  lol


Which reminds me when I was little I used to rub a garlic clove on my nails to make them strong and long.  It works.


Now I get this exotic garlic nail treatment at work!  


Another thing....Ummm, travel!  Yea, Reverie NEEDS a travel kit! Make this happen!

Re: What’s New Wednesday: MARE

Ohhh is this coming to Canada @KatieBT????

Re: What’s New Wednesday: MARE

a couple years ago i bought a travel spray size of ATELIER COLOGNE mandarin glaciale and took it along with me to maui. every time i smell it, still, i'm instantly poolside with a dark & stormy (dark rum & gingerbeer) at 11 a.m. Smiley Wink

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