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What’s New Wednesday: Luxe Lashes


Step up your lash looks with Christian Louboutin’s Lash Amplifying Lacquer. This decadent gold packaging alone will leave you feeling spoiled, but so will the mascara’s rich, lacquer-like formula. In shades like SEVILLANA—a rich burgundy and KHOL, an inky black—their highly concentrated pigments layer seamlessly onto every lash. The mascara’s unique brush design offers both vertical and horizontal bristles to ensure a smooth, expert application. The result? You’ll bat lashes with dramatic volume, enhanced definition, length, and lift. -Lauren P.



What’s your secret to getting luxe lashes? Show & Tell?

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Luxe Lashes

I usually put castor oil on my eyelash line and eyelashes before going to sleep. This helps it grow thick and long. Then for mascara, I like to use the Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash mascara as my first coat. This usually really lengthens it because I like to do it from the root up. After that, if I feel like it, I'll put powder on my lashes (any powder will do, I just use my Rimmel London foundation powder) and then go on with a second coat of the Buxom Lash Mascara in 'Blackest Black'. I usually focus on the tips so that it looks thicker. With this mascara, I make sure to cover all of the powder.

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Luxe Lashes

I've always started off with a lash primer just because their consistencies allow me to quickly build on length easier without relying solely on bulking up on mascara. Favorites of mine include Cargo's Lash Activator, Lancome, Smashbox, and Lashfood. Both Cargo and Lashfood have formulas that focus on conditioning and strengthening lashes to help with growth and resiliency that I've noticed serves my lashes well to where I can see improvements. 


From there I liked working with mascara formulas that are buildable and give good lift and volume. While my lashes aren't pin straight, I love giving them a boost so what lash I do have is more visible. I used to adore Too Faced's Lash Injection (tubing formula), but I felt like they changed up their formula as it didn't wear the same as before so I switched. I fell in love with Fairy Drops' Scandal Queen and even turned my cousins onto it, but then Sephora discontinued the line (why?!?!?!!???! I'm still crying about its departure) I had to find something else, which was sad because it was super long-wearing (not waterproof, but quite water and humidity resistant), super buildable with non-flaking fibers, and the brush gave so much lift. Currently I've been a fan of Smashbox's X-Rated mascara, which I tested the buildable quality by bringing it to my desk job and reapplying coats at 8 AM, 12 PM, and 3 PM. No dry clumps or flakes, but it wasn't so moist that it transferred or ran, the brush took some learning but I've since mastered it (I like to use the flat edge to first apply and then flip it to where I'm working with just the edge to comb through and further distribute product), and it boosts my lashes up super well! Benefit's Roller Lash is also nice, but I find that it dries quicker so it's not as buildable (if I layer mascaras, I'll tend to use Roller Lash last). 

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Luxe Lashes

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Luxe Lashes

Sevillana looks super pretty, but I'm partial to my under $20 Japanese drugstore brand mascara. It keeps a curl like no other and my lashes never clump with it!

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Luxe Lashes

@CRAZY4MASCARA I've never heard of Cat Lash is that your favorite? Please share any tips you have on falsies, I am so intimidated I usually don't bother. 

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Luxe Lashes

Wow that's definitely the most luxe mascara I have ever seen!


as for myself, i have super short lashes. 


I always tightline my eyes and that helps a ton! I love using benefits roller lash mascara as it does help to lengthen and curl up.

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Luxe Lashes

I'm a mascara junkie so. Love trying diffrent one and combinations. I'm currently enjoying Burberry Cat Lash and Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes Statment mascara the wand can be tricky on this one. I'm trying to learn the process of applying false lashes, hopefully I'll get it down soon.

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Luxe Lashes

my fave mascara of all time is GUERLAIN maxi lash. i've just never found a mascara that gives such impact that 1. doesn't flake and 2. somehow still manages to not scream I'M WEARING MASCARA. it's not that it looks natural, it just perfectly balances drama with chic. i thought the price of THAT made me faint (at $30 for a mascara), but this louboutin has me typing this as a ghost, because i died. (i understand that comes with the territory of the brand, i'm not hating on anyone who wants to / can spend that much on a mascara).


but sometimes i crave a more natural look. my favorite mascara for this is GIVENCHY noir couture 4-in-1 mascara. i don't entirely understand what this mascara does for me that i like so much, other than it somehow makes my lashes look like mine, but much much better. inkier, longer, flutterier. (i also find i like this mascara best about a week or two *after* i've opened it and it has a chance to dry out just a hint).


edited to add: i alwayyyyyys wear mascara on the lower lashes ! 

Re: What’s New Wednesday: Luxe Lashes

This is what dreams are made of....long, gorgeous, lashes!  

Image result for long lash gif

I am currently using (and lovin') Blinc Black Lash Primer coupled with Diorshow Waterproof Mascara. I find this combo provides enough length & volume (until I learn the art of properly applying falsies).  I don't wear mascara on the lower lashes because then Racoon Eyes are inevitable.


Re: What’s New Wednesday: Luxe Lashes

Wow - That Louboutin Lacquer is beautiful!


I typically layer 2 (or sometimes 3) different types of mascara to get the length and volume that I desire.  I am currently loving a combination of Benefit Roller Lash and either Smashbox X-Rated or Guerlain Maxi Lash.


I also separate with a lash comb (I prefer the little metal Japonesque lash combs) because clumps drive me crazy!

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