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What's New Wednesday: KORA Organics


Miranda Kerr truly cares about using good-for-your-skin products, and she hopes you do too. She created KORA Organics, a healthy, organic, natural skincare line that follows strict organic ingredient guidelines, so that you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.


The rich, moisturizing Noni Glow Face Oil absorbs quickly into dehydrated skin to smooth, nourish, and brighten–while providing a natural glow. The potent, nutrient-dense Noni Glow Skinfood Dietary Supplement Powder (which is vegan and gluten-free) contains a powerful superfruit mixture for your daily beauty and wellness benefits. One of Miranda’s personal blends, Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil is supercharged to invoke, nurture, and empower the energies of your heart chakra. –Tracy J.


What’s your favorite organic brand? Show & tell!

Re: What's New Wednesday: KORA Organics

@KatieBTI use Sunday Riley Luna Oil every night and it is definitely one of my HG products, but I haven't had great luck with other facial oils in the past. 


I've tried Jurlique, Josie Maran Argan Oil, Caudalie Huile Divine, Moroccan Oil and L'Occitane Divine Youth Oil (and maybe others, can't remember offhand) and many of them were too heavy and didn't fully absorb into my skin leaving it feeling greasy, some broke me out and some oddly left my skin feeling dry. 


I have definitely steered clear of facial oils (other than Luna Oil) for a while now, but am super happy I gave the Noni Glow oil a try.  This is definitely something I plan to purchase when this bottle is finished!

Re: What's New Wednesday: KORA Organics

I have been gifted the KORA Noni Oil as gratis from Sephora- thank you so much again btw!! and I am really loving it! The packaging is so luxe and this sounds so simple but I really like the way that the dropper fits snuggly into the bottle. It makes me feel like it is preserving the integrity of the product more. There is a slight sweet scent but on me it turns almost herbal when I apply it to my face. It also is a bit tacky but that goes away once moisturizer is applied on top! I've been using it for almost a week now and my face feels so balanced and well hydrated. Also, it hasn't broken me out! Can't wait to see how it affects my skin with continued use Smiley Happy

Re: What's New Wednesday: KORA Organics

@veronika23 so trendy, I need to check these out!


@Tamara76 I really want to try KORA now... How does it compare to other oils you've used? I haven't tried Herbivore but I've had the YTTP serum for months and decided this morning I am going to use it up to see how it brightens Smiley Happy 

Re: What's New Wednesday: KORA Organics

I was recently gifted KORA Organics Noni Glow Oil by Sephora (thank you!) and I love this stuff!   I've only used it for a few days, but I really think my skin feels smoother and much more moisturized.  I've been using it at night and it seems to leave my complexion more glowy in the morning. Smiley Happy


I also love Herbivore (Blue Tansy!) and Youth to the People (it's vegan, but I'm not 100% sure it's organic).

Re: What's New Wednesday: KORA Organics

@KatieBT  The products are made in Coachella Valley, CA Smiley Happy

Re: What's New Wednesday: KORA Organics

@veronika23 l've heard you talk about this brand, need to check them out!


@AGforever I didn't realize Herbivore was an organic brand, that product sounds incredible!

Re: What's New Wednesday: KORA Organics

I really love products from The Body Deli. Mostly using their body care at the moment but they have some nice products in skin care as well. Wish Sephora would carry this brand!

Re: What's New Wednesday: KORA Organics

My favorite organic brand at the moment has to be Herbivore! Their Moonfruit Night Treatment was one of my recent skincare buys at Sephora and I absolutely love it. My skin has been kind of crazy (dry/oily/dry/oily), and this has been able to balance and correct my concerns.


Something really interesting about this product was all of the information included in the packaging? Skincare can be super complicated and they were able to address a lot of this confusion inside the box! They really went into detail about the organic ingredients, and even explained the color of the product. I've only purchased one product from this brand, and I already trust it so much. I am hoping to make a trip to my Sephora soon and sample their Blue Tansy Mask! It's been calling my name!!


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