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What's New Wednesday: Bust Your Brass


Hair gone brassy? Have no fear. Amika is here with two brass-busting formulas that help maintain hair’s cool, toned look for a variety of shades. Great for all hair types and textures–from sleek straight to tightly coiled–Bust Your Brass Shampoo and Conditioner work together to counteract harsh, brassy tones, while enhancing hair’s brighter color, head-turning shine, and incredible softness. Both ultra-violet, nourishing formulas are enriched with sea buckthorn berry, which hydrates, regenerates, and restores strands back to their optimal health. To rid hair of unwanted warmth, simply massage a small amount of product from scalp to ends and rinse thoroughly with warm water. -Tracy J. 


How do you keep brassy tones at bay? Show & Tell!

Re: What's New Wednesday: Bust Your Brass

@lostaloha  I think Christophe Robin makes a Golden Blond version of their purple Baby Blond mask - that might be helpful for you!

Re: What's New Wednesday: Bust Your Brass

I go back and forth on getting highlights and every time I deal with them turning brassy. I've tried purple shampoos and toners, and much prefer purple shampoos.  Toners seem to dry/damage my hair a little and I can get the same results with purple shampoo. My favorite one currently is Joico's Color Endure Violet, but it's still a little drying so I'll have to give the Amika one a try next.

Re: What's New Wednesday: Bust Your Brass

A year ago I used the Lee Strafford Bleach Blondes shampoo and while I liked how bright it made my highlights, it left my hair rather dry.  This one sounds promising!  @KatieBT do you know how often the amika should be used?  Is it a regular shampoo/conditioner or more of a weekly treatment?  Thank you!

Re: What's New Wednesday: Bust Your Brass

A few years ago I decided to embrace my natural color (even the couple of gray streaks).  No more spending money on highlights, low lights, and all that maintenance.  woo-hoo!

Re: What's New Wednesday: Bust Your Brass

Does Amika make a product to add more golden "oomph" to blonde hair?  I have a nice, honey-gold balayage and warmer haircolors are much more flattering on me.  My roots/natural hair color is very dark and warm.

Re: What's New Wednesday: Bust Your Brass

Ok for a second I totally read the title of this thread as "Bust your Bra's" Smiley Very Happy as a play on words for a "lifting" cream. oopsie lol. 

Re: What's New Wednesday: Bust Your Brass

I've tried the Wella "Cooling Violet" toner (050) and it definitely helped cool down some orangey tones in my newly bleached hair. Definitely worth a try for the money!


Are these shampoos and conditioners strong enough for hair that's dyed silver/grey?

Re: What's New Wednesday: Bust Your Brass

@sierrafallon Thanks for the tip about the Christopher Robin mask. Smiley Happy @KatieBT I plan to try it out this week, so I'll definitely share my thoughts about it.


I did try out a Wella toner (called White Lady) ages ago and seem to recall it being incredible. 

Re: What's New Wednesday: Bust Your Brass

@Asche I would love to hear how you like the Christophe Robin mask!


@wheeeee I was not expecting that! I'm so curious, where did you learn that trick? I'm sure it works like a dream if you're also able to highlight your own hair!

Re: What's New Wednesday: Bust Your Brass

I highlight my own hair and don't use the toner.   This leaves my hair looking a little 'new' 'bright'.....maybe 'brassy' if I remove the bleach too early.


To 'dull' these unwanted cheap looking gold tones I wash the highlights with original DAWN dishwashing liquid.  I leave on for about 5 minutes and follow with a hair mask while in-shower.  


After doing this for 2-5 washes (my hair turns out different each time I do it) it is the perfect dirty blond with white blond highlights color! 


I do use Dry Bar Blond shampoo/conditioner because I like the formula. (very de-tangling and creamy Vs Sake Bomb)  While the color is purple.....I am not sure it does anything for my blond hair.

Re: What's New Wednesday: Bust Your Brass

I like the sound of this and would definitely be willing to give it a try at some point.


I have cool-toned blonde hair, but it can start looking yellow quickly. I always love the way it looks after getting toner applied at the salon, but in between visits I've been using Drybar's Blonde Ale shampoo a few times a week. I also recently got Christopher Robin's Baby Blond mask, but haven't given it a try just yet.

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