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What's New Wednesday: Ardency Inn

Whenever I'm exploring a new brand, I always look out for a few things: innovative products, a great back story, and extensive shade range. From the looks of it, the new-to-Sephora brand Ardency Inn has the goods. I was so intrigued by their stuff, I'm featuring them in the first ever "What's New Wednesday" brand takeover. Let me know what you think!


(Full disclosure: I haven't tried any of these products yet, but you can bet I'm going to scour the office and hunt them down.)


coverage 8.7.jpg


Ardency Inn AMERICANA Custom Coverage Concentrate

This concentrate is meant to be mixed with your regular moisturizer to give you custom coverage. Mix a little for a sheer, tinted moisturizer or a lot for full coverage. Um, that's kind of genius.






lip balm 8.7.jpg




Ardency Inn BOOM BASE Lip Balm & Base

I'm a bit of a lip balm fanatic (hey, it's a feature, not a bug!). The fact that the crazy green color of this balm is meant to neutralize your natural lip color to prime it for lipstick AND has a minty fresh scent does nothing to quell my obsession.





lip liner 8.7.jpg



Ardency Inn AMERICANA Natural Lip Color Pencil

So, this looks like a concealer pencil, right? Well it's not, it's a LIP LINER. A big fat creamy lip liner that you can use to get the perfect nude lip. And even better, it comes in MORE THAN ONE SHADE (because, as I've said for years, "nude" ain't "nude" for everybody). Can we discuss what a revelation this is?






So what's new on the site that's caught your eye? Show & Tell!


Explore Ardency Inn>

Re: What's New Wednesday: Ardency Inn

Glad you ladies are as excited about this line as I am! If you try it, report back!

Re: What's New Wednesday: Ardency Inn

I love the concept of the concentrate! Will definitely be looking into this line!

Re: What's New Wednesday: Ardency Inn

The concentrate is such a cool idea! I love the lip pencil too, can't wait to check this line out in person! 

Re: What's New Wednesday: Ardency Inn

wow!  I am glad you shared those products.  I am totally intrigued by the concentrate idea.  And it looks like it has great shades!

Re: What's New Wednesday: Ardency Inn

The concentrate looks seriously awesome! I want!

Re: What's New Wednesday: Ardency Inn

i'll have to check those out the next time i'm in the store.

Re: What's New Wednesday: Ardency Inn

I'm really interested in the MODSTER Long Play™ Lip Vinyl. Specifically in the shades Original mix (red base with orange and neon pink reflects) and Dubstep mix (black base with pink undertone and reflect). They sound pretty cool. I'm dying to see some swatches of them! Oooh and the BOOM BASE Lip Balm & Base sounds pretty interesting as well. Can't wait to hear more about it!


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