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What's New Wednesday: Amika Switch Kit

wnwamika 7.30.jpg


Meet your hair’s new bestie! From the NYC hair care and styling mavens at Amika comes an amazing starter kit for a slew of perfectly curled styles. The The AMIKA Switch Kit™ Starter Set includes a curling iron base with an adjustable digital temperature control, plus the brand’s most popular one-inch, clip-free barrel for sultry, wavy curls. The system also has other barrels in different diameters (sold separately) so when you get tired of the Hollywood vixen look, you can just switch out the barrels to achieve beachy ringlets or voluminous supermodel waves. One styler does it all and takes out the guesswork. (Plus, interchangeable barrels mean you never have to buy a whole new curling iron for a new look, just the new barrel.)


The folks at Amika designed their system with a bunch of high-tech features to protect your hair’s shine and ban that annoying frizz. The 100% tourmaline-infused ceramic barrels produce far infrared heat and negative ions for gentle styling and perfect results. Far infrared heats the hair from the inside out, preserving moisture for hair that is fluid and shiny, not damaged and crispy, while negative ions smooth down hair’s cuticles eliminating frizz. The result is sleek springy curls that will turn heads wherever you go.


The base also includes convenient features like automatic shutoff and a dual-voltage adapter for when you’re gallivanting overseas, plus a nine foot swivel cord for those times when there isn’t a plug right next to your mirror. If you’re not a pro at curling already, no need to worry! There are simple-to-follow five-step instructions on the box for achieving your perfect Hollywood vixen locks. - Kris Gucker


What’s your favorite head of curls? Do you prefer bouncy volume or sexy ringlets? Show and Tell!

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