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What does the 'heart' do?

I have been on Sephora online very frequently, just browsing, but not that long to understand somethings on the site... 


Like what does the 'heart' do? I noticed tonight I just got a heart, but I have no clue as to how or why I got it. How does it affect me? Also, what does "special guest" or whatever title it gives on my profile mean? Lol I am so confused! 

Re: What does the 'heart' do?

It's also a great way to build up a sense of community and to interact with users!


Not to mention we love to throw heart parties once users reach milestones, so we like to celebrate with threads that show food, cute animals, festive gifs, presents, and balloons!

Re: What does the 'heart' do?

They are the likes on facebook, favorites on twitter, and thumbs up on Youtube. And it helps raise up your status or title Smiley Happy

Re: What does the 'heart' do?

Hearts are basically like the "like" button on Facebook, except the count is cummulative. Some people heart generously, I usually just heart in agreement or as a thankyou instead of making another post. It doesn't affect you much.


The title is random and changes ever so often, then settles into Hall of Famer when you've been here for a while and made enough posts.


Don't worry about it, just read the guidelines then do what you want (within reason) and have fun. =)

Re: What does the 'heart' do?

The heart just means that people on here like what your topic is about or what you have to say.  I think how many hearts determine what status your name will change to.  If you get over 50 it will say something like beauty maven.  The titles just change randomly with posts and comments so keep a look out. 

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