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What do you want changed about Sephora

Every time I do something on Sephora I always think of how it could be better. I was in the SALE section of and I clicked on a item I was interested in and it said sorry this item is out of stock. I wish they would delete it from the sale section or put a red X on it. Does this happens to anyone else or is it just me?

Re: What do you want changed about Sephora

Hi all! Sounds like some good suggestions - At the bottom of the webpage, there's a "Give Feedback Now" button.  It's there for exactly this purpose! Please let us know what you're thinking and how we can improve. 



Re: What do you want changed about Sephora

Definitely better perks or GWP. When I buy from Macy's, I've never NOT had a Sales Associate throw a million perfume samples and whatnot in my bag (same with online orders... I've gotten ziplock bags full of samples from Macys without having to ask or choose just 3.) I'm not even loyal to them like I am to Sephora... beats me why.

Nordstrom's has the BEST GWP's. The only reason why I don't shop from them more is because of my continued hope in the Rouge problem (that was supposed to say "program" but I'm leaving it) for whatever reason (It saddens me that purchases from Nordstrom could have gone to Sephora and given me points.) I should probably rethink that..

Re: What do you want changed about Sephora

I agree with Teresaanne92, fix the emails and have better perks. I have a Body Shop "Love Your Body" card, and it's amazing! You get 10% off every time you use it, and you accumulate points that are redeemable for money rewards ($15 and $25 to spend in store), and a $10 reward in your birthday month. Why can't Sephora have something like that? Some of the 500 point perks are worth it, but I've never liked their "birthday gifts". I would much rather save money than accumulate points that are only redeemable for little samples that are useless to me.

Re: What do you want changed about Sephora

1. Fix the emails- I barely get any emails about sales, rouge things, anything at all. I check my spam and nothing in there either. Smiley Sad I don't spend thousands of dollars a year here for nothing. I actually don't mind going to other websites for things. It's just convenient here.

2. Better MUA in stores. I have a few favorites, but I would never just trust a random stranger I've never gotten to know before at Sephora because it seems to be 50/50 with them.

3. Customer service reps. I expect their makeup to be on point. Maybe not flawless, but deff above average. Reason being I would love product knowledge- and first handed product knowledge I believe is the best kind. If I have a question about foundation and the sales associate's foundation is like 5 shades too late I am going to second guess everything she says. There for training, and well-put togetherness is a must for me.

4. Rouge. My shipping never gets here in 3 days. The low stock of the few rouge only perks means I'll probably never see it. The rouge program is not a make or break thing but if it continues to be like this, I can see myself searching elsewhere for things if they are cheaper/on sale and being less loyal to Sephora.

5. The "perks". I also have a membership with Gamestop and I LOVE that I can get coupons, free items, etc with my points. I wish Sephora were like this. Instead we get mini-items and stuff that says Sephora all over it. It just seems cheap. I'll be shopping around first to see what places have a really nice GWP from now on. 

6. A bigger selection! I wish Sephora had Chanel, Estee Lauder, and Tom Ford namely. I also wish Lorac was staying as I'm just now really starting to love them as a brand. And other brands I've never heard of. I love trying new things.

7. Pairing of free shipping with the code of your choice. This isn't a big deal to me now because of Rouge but before then it was incredibly frustrating if I was on a budget and this was in my way!

Re: What do you want changed about Sephora

Email when something on your loves list goes on sale. Lots of places do this - an email that says "Something from your wishlist is on sale!" It would be nice to get a notification instead of seeing it mentioned on BT after I see it out of stock on my loves list. 



Re: What do you want changed about Sephora



That is a great idea. 

Re: What do you want changed about Sephora

$25 Free shipping? Yes Please! And update sale section, because I swear if a UD Dangerous Palette comes up and then it says: Sorry this item is out of stock, that palette isn't THE ONLY THING that's going to be dangerous! 

Re: What do you want changed about Sephora

I'd like to be able to use my free shipping code with other promo codes - can't they just add a separate box for it or something?


More samples/better & more diverse selection.


More brands.


Better point perks.


OOS items - I actually like to still be able to see the page for the item even if it's not in stock. Some items I haven't even been able to read about or check out reviews because the page just isn't there. I could go elsewhere but I feel that would defeat the purpose of me being here, on Sephora.

Re: What do you want changed about Sephora

A tip for you (that I learned from another BT'er) add that item to your loves list, then stalk that sucker. Smiley Happy  I have snagged items doing just that, notably the Disney Cinderella palette.


What I wish would change?  I wish they would give samples in store during checkout (my store does not do this, I will admit I have not been in there in awhile though), also I would like to have the ability to combine two promo codes within one order online.

Re: What do you want changed about Sephora

More samples in-store, free shipping, sales...

Re: What do you want changed about Sephora

Carry more brands. I feel like I have already tried so many brands on this website that I'm interested in trying new lines. I was looking at and was amazed at all these new brands I haven't heard of.

Re: What do you want changed about Sephora

More in store events in stores that aren't in New York/Vegas

The ability to pair a free mini code with a free shipping code

Re: What do you want changed about Sephora

Oh there are sooooo many things I would like changed with Sephora. 


1. The Rouge Program (nuff' said)

2. More 20% off coupons

3. More sample choices

4. A more reliable email system for in stock notifications, promos etc

5. More informed customer service reps

6. Reliable reviews on products


And the list could go on, but I'll stop here

Re: What do you want changed about Sephora

Yes, this ^^^ plus customer service service that cares. Reps that don't view you as an inconvenience.

Re: What do you want changed about Sephora


I will say, I've had a couple "makeovers" at Sephora... Primarily on days I had free time and was looking for inspiration. Once I ended up looking like a ghost bc the rep used way too light foundation, once I looked like an 80's hooker, and once the lady was (bless her heart) very old and I assume her hands shook bc the eyeliner she put on me was SO not even close to smooth. the reps are nice at my store but don't seem very educated- I have to say what brands I am interested in, most won't suggest stuff on their own.

Re: What do you want changed about Sephora

I want Sephora in general to be more generous with the beauty point rewards because it's not easy to shell out hundreds of dollars (god forbid) thousands of dollars a year for nothing..

Re: What do you want changed about Sephora

it seems like they used to be better. I wish there was more variety than cheap iPhone covers (sorry, not trading in my adorable kate spade cover for advertising sephora), moisturizer and a random living proof product. I want masks galore, seasonal grabs, even brushes or other tools. 

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