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Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!



Hey BeautyTalkers! I am so excited to share with you the debut of Sephora Show & Tell, the latest addition to our ever-growing beauty community.


Sephora Show & Tell is the place to find out what’s happening at Sephora and in the BeautyTalk community; share your photos, ideas, and thoughts; and generally hang out with those of us in the office who love having you guys around and want to get in on the fun. staffer picks.jpg


My name is Candace and I’ve been the Community Manager of BeautyTalk since it began. Until now, you may have seen me as “sephoraadmin” or “sephoraadmin2,” so I thought it was time I came around and said hello!


I feel like I’ve gotten to know some of you through your awesome contributions to the community and can’t wait to meet more of you. I figured you may want to know a little about me as well. So here they are, my “Beauty Confessions”:


• I own more nail polishes than I care to admit. (Okay, fine, we’re all friends here, right? At last count, it was over 200.)


• I’m OBSESSED with my Clarisonic. If my apartment was on fire, it is the first thing I would grab.


lipsproducts.jpg• At any given moment, I have at least 10 lip products in my purse.


• I’ve got crazy hard-to-pin-down undertones, so I’m on the eternal hunt for the perfect concealer/foundation/BB cream. (If you’re in the same boat, get excited. We will be doing a series of “hard-to-match” posts to help my sisters of all shades find their best colors.)


• I’m deathly afraid of heights, rollercoasters, and possums. (Unrelated to beauty, I know, but I figured as long as we’re confessing…)


Now that I’ve officially introduced myself, I want to hear about you! Introduce yourself in the comment section below. Who you are, how long you’ve been with our little community, maybe a beauty confession or two Smiley Wink. And if you’ve got any ideas of what you’d like to see in the future on Show & Tell, let me know!


Looking forward to getting to know you!



  • Show & Tell

Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!



My name is drrragon and I am a beauty addict.


I didn't discover BT until the holiday season last year, and now it's my favorite "place" on the internetz!  Since I've been trying to cut back on buying so much stuff, it's really nice to be able to come here and at least DISCUSS new products and see what other people think of them.


Everyone will gasp in shock when I say this, but I never wore makeup at all until my mid-30s, when I got a new job with a dress code.  Sephora was WONDERFUL for someone new to makeup because they let you browse and swatch and try everything without hounding you every 5 minutes or follow you around like you're about to steal something (dept stores, I'm looking at you!).  (although these days they follow me around because they know I'm about to buy something)


I've suffered from eczema almost my entire adult life, so of course I've done a ton of research on skincare.  In the last few years I finally found my eczema solution (literally, a book called The Eczema Solution) and have been switching my focus to researching anti-aging products.


My big beauty downfall is eyeshadows....I have more than I could ever use, but like a crow with shiny objects, I just can't resist the pretty colors!  I almost like _looking_ at them more than actually putting them on my eyes!



Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

Hey Candice!


- I've been on BT since June of last year and love it! I accidentally discovered it because I clicked on advice to ask a primer question and never looked back.

- My favorite beauty related items are lipsticks and blushes....I have a darker complexion so I think I have just about every free color in the worldSmiley Tongue I haven't counted my lipsticks, glosses, and blushes in a while, (but awww who cares) being beautiful is not cheap.

-My makeup collection is dominated by Chanel and Dior.

- I'm a stay at home mom now (worked for a dermatologist for 12 years) so skin care has a always been a number one priority then and now!

- We have a cocker spaniel that is 13 years old and very funny.

- I love giving back to people and knowing if I make one person feel great about them selves I have accomplished a huge thing for that day!

Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

Welcome welcome Candice! It nice to see real people behind those moderator screens!


My name is Sephoramusthave and I have been on BT for over 2 years. I didnt start wearing makeup until I was around 19. I bought some beauty magazines to take with me to the beach (I cant bring books to the beach...the sand, the wind, the salt...I can throw away magazines no problem, but throwing away a book would just kill me) and was instantly attracted to all the pretty colors, and how nice the models looked with all those items on their faces. I never liked makeup before Sephora, I have used drugstore stuff but havent found any good items (that has changed now of course). Once I started shopping at Sephora, I *loved* makeup and still do. I love beautyblogs (mostly temptalia, but musingsofamuse too) and I cant stop watching makeup tutorials on youtube (I love Tanya Burr, and Sam and Nic from pixiwoo). I have more eyeshadows than anything else, but am really the biggest lipstick lover on the planet. If makeup didnt expire, I would hoard them like crazy. Before makeup, I was a skincare addict and still am. I've been on a all natural kick for over 2 years now. I like to study ingredients, and can tell whether something is really natural or not just by looking at the ingredient list. Just because a product *says* its natural, that doesnt mean it is. The terms natural/organic arent really regulated here like they should be, so most companies freely use that word on their packaging. Anything natural/organic I'm attracted to instantly. Skincare, makeup, haircare,! I couldnt *believe* the difference in taste between organic milk and eggs and regular milk and eggs and I refuse to go back! I like my neutral colors, but do get color cravings every once in awhile (I'm itching for it right now!). My least favorite makeup item is lipgloss and yet I still have a full drawer (say whaaaa....). I love music, anything with a good beat or good lyrics. I think I'm the only person left that still buys CD's. I dont like sticking anything in my ears so headphones and stuff have never appelled to me. I like the water. The beach, the waterpark, the lake, river, pool, my own bathtub....if there's water, I'm there. I'm not a sporty person. Wish I was, but nope. I've never played any sports, but can watch almost any sport on TV. I love the Olympics, am basically glued to the TV when its on. Especially the winter olympics. Loves my figure skating and my snowboarding. Those people can *fly*. I'm scared of snakes, and am scared of *extreme* heights. I say extreme because I love theme parks and will never pass up a chance to go on a roller coaster. I cant draw, I cant paint, I can cook but dont have the passion for it, but I LOVE to do my makeup, and other peoples makeup. I love children. The only pet I've ever had was a tank of goldfish. One lived to be over 5 years old. I love my BT community, such a great and supportive place. We could be boring robots that just talk beauty and nothing else, but I'm glad we arent. I like words and always seem to find a new favorite word and I use that word until everyone gets sick of it...then I move on. My word right now is Huzzah.

Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!


Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

@maltipoo66 - congrats on finishing beauty school! I can't wait to see some of your looks (head on over to our first beauty challenge and post an emerald one!)


@waterbaby1981 - I'm with lylysa on this one - no small feat, lady, so congrats!


@caligirl - a good lip balm will change your life! I'm always on the hunt too.


@beautytester - I am SO clumsy; I'm the girl that will bruise the same place 3 times in a row because I keep bumping into the same thing! It's a wonder I can put on eyeliner.


@fran11 - I'm thinking about starting a support group for excessive smiley face use. Feel free to join us. Smiley Happy

Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

Oh - and I excessivelly use smiley faces on BT! Smiley Wink

Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

Hi Candice - this is such a great idea!! Smiley Happy


* I think I have been on BT for a little over a year.  Me joining BT coincided with the start of by Beauty Product Obsession!! Smiley Happy

* Before January of 2012 I exclusively used only Bare Essentuals products for about 9 years due to my acne prone skin.  I decided to be brave and step out of the box last year and I am so happy I did - I still love BE products, but I have discovered so many other fantastic brands that don't break me out!

* I too am obsessed with my Clarisonic! It has done WONDERS for my skin and I don't know what I would do without it! 

* My biggest beauty concern are my under eye circles.  I have very dark under eye circles that can turn ashy and gray with concealer so I am always looking for the next best product that will work for me.  

* I consider myself as having a beauty product obsession and I probably spend more money on products than I should - but by boyfriend is my biggest supporter! He is my enabler and always convinces me that I deserve to treat myself.  He just enjoys seeing me happy Smiley Happy  I am a luky girl. Smiley Happy

* I used to think I was a dog person, but my boyfriend has cats and I have totally converted.  They melt my heart and I want to get one of my own! 

Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

Hmmm.....something about me that's hopefully not random.....


- I'm clumsy and don't know much about make up, but I really like fiddling around with skincare and right now have 25+ moisturizers.

- I have a weird undertone where my neck is yellow and 2 shades lighter while my face have a slight tan/flush that made it a bit pink toned, so I pretty much wear whatever is closest and forget about it.

- I balk at taking shower/bath mostly because I find them so time consuming, because......once I get in, it feel so good I don't want it to end, so I try to make it as long as possible (pre-shower hair treatment, shampoo/scalp exfoliator/bodywash/scrub/cleanser in shower, then and the whole 9 yards of mask/toner/serum/eye cream/cream/massage oil of skincare along with other stuff afterwards).

- I don't gain interest in things easily, because once I do, I get crazy obsessed and picky and wants to know every single detail and get so addicted's really not good for me (hardcore fan of Colbert Report and SHINee, addicted to BeautyTalk). I'm not very good at self-discipline. T.T

- I'm sleepy all the time, I don't know why and I wish I'm not, but that's how it is. And caffine puts me to sleep. =/

- I'm nerdy and shy and not very talkative, but I like to dress fashionably and loudly and is very verbose in writing. 0.0

Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

Hi Candice!


*I'm obsessed with skincare and makeup but hate to wear more products than what I can count on my hand.

*My dad always said that its nice to see your girl in the morning as the same one you took home the night before (meaning when she takes off her makeup, she still looks like the same person).  For that, I never try to hide my freckles and other things I would love to change about myself.

*I always take my mom and mother in law for some pampering but I have issues with hygiene so I'm uncomfortable with mani/pedi/massages for myself.

*I'm always on the search for a good tinted moisturizer or foundation and lip balm...I can never have too much lip balm.

*After all the money and time I spend on buying great products....I still resort back to the same moisturizer my mom has been using since I was born. 

*I love throwing away my products and starting over: its one part OCD, an excuse to buy more stuff, and just boredom!


Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

Congrats on the weight loss, Waterbaby! I know that you must be tackling all sorts of matters from being a new mom and wife so being able to drop the weight in a healthy manner is no small feat!

Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

Hello!  I'm a stay at home mom of a five month old that is just now battling her first cold ever.  Definitely make for a lot of fussiness lately!  Currently doing weight watchers and have dropped 15 lbs so far down from prepregnancy weight, so very excited that it's working!  However...I broke the nobuy for this month because of it since the hubby said I could get myself a treat to reward myself for it (and he NEVER says that). 


I definitely have the same problem with lip products in my purse (or diaper bag).  Usually at least ten or more lip balms, glosses, lipsticks, etc. in there.  My favorites lately are the Chanel lip stains...they wear for 8-10 hours, don't come off on my daughter Ashley (lots of kisses all the time!) and look good all day long, like I just applied it.  Currently looking for the perfect blue-based, deep dark red.

Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

Oh yes, and thank you for the kind words, Candace! Smiley Happy You and the BT gals make this place wonderful!

Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

Hi Candace!


I've been on BT for definitely over a year, maybe two years.  I try to answer questions as much as I can, but it can get difficult during the school year.  I recently finished an online beauty school, and post Maltipoo Makeup Looks here when I make a look I want to share Smiley Happy


My confession is that I have a problem favoring certain products over others.  I have one look that I love right now and wear every day, so other products I have aren't being used.  I've been making on effort to, at least on the weekends, mix it up a bit.

Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

LOL, I'm right with you on the "serum it"...maybe BT can be the spring board to make "serum" a verb! Smiley Tongue



Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

Ladies! Can we discuss how excited I am about this? Thank you guys for sharing!


cherrybombtastic - you've *NEVER* gotten a mani or a pedi?? That's kind of amazing. Also, I never thought I was a dog person, but now I'm dating a man with 3 dogs, and whaddya know?  I'm a dog person. Smiley Happy


Spyski - that photo rocks, and I'm loving your skincare mantra. Mine would just add "serum it" (if "serum", could be used as a verb, which, um, it probably shouldn't be.)


lylysa - first off, props for giving the best advice. You've always got awesome input! Second, 12 eyeshadows for one look? That, my friend, is dedication.


kalex - Hi! I feel like it should be our special project to find you the right foundation. Stay tuned.


kimmi1115 - I need to tell you that I LOVE your nail photos. And there will be nails here, promise. I also live for Urban Decay. Their 24/7 liners are amazing.


bananachoox3 - Welcome! And you've only been here 3 months and you already have over 400 hearts?! Seriously impressive.



Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

Hi Candace! 

I've been on BT for about about 3 months now? I think LOL It seems longer than that.

I love blushes and bronzers, I don't know how many I own but I just can't get enough of them.

My lippies are mostly nudes/neutrals, same as my eyeshadows but I love collecting palettes.

Found my interest in makeup after highschool, my friend force me into eyeliner then slowly watching youtube videos, and the rest is history.

Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

What an awesome idea!  This board is going to be awesome!  


-I've been on BT for over year; about two years now I think.  I joined the forum a while after I discovered Sephora.  


-My favorite beauty related items are nail polish and eyeshadow.  I love experimenting nail art and trying different techniques.  I've not counted my polish bottles in a while, and I'm not so sure if I want to count them lol.


-My makeup collection is primarily dominated by Urban Decay products.  Urban Decay eyeshadows are addicting lol.  I also love Kat Von D's eyeshadows.


-I'm a full time college student majoring in English and minoring in Education (ignore typos on here lol).  I want to teach high school students.


-I have a huge heart for animals!  I've volunteered with different organizations, and I have gotten some family members to adopt shelter pets.


-A few other hobbies are videogames, arts and crafts, and riding dirt bikes.

Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

Hey Candace!


- I've been on BT since the first week it launched though I'm not on here nearly as much as I used to be.

- I'm the stay-at-home mom of 4 kids.

- I'm teaching myself how to play the piano.  (Diminished chords are from the devil.)

- I'm a serious lipstick/gloss addict.  On the "Count if you dare" thread that I started I had something like 100.  I've counted again since then and it 120-something.

- I'm taking Spiro for my hormonal acne and it has sucked every ounce of moisture out of my skin.  I'm on the hunt for a super moisturizing regimen that won't break me out.

- I'm also on the hunt for the perfect foundation.  I'm very fair (NC 10-15ish the lady at MAC tells me with both warm and cool undertones).


Looking forward to Show & Tell! 


Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

Great feature, Candace!


I believe in being well-rounded in the overall sense of beauty, health, and wellness. I know cosmetics, skin care, body and hair care, plus diet, exercise or an active lifestyle/activities, and just keeping in line with overall moods and feelings can reflect and enhance aspects of our inner and outer selves.


My passion and love for make up and beauty started with art, basically drawing, coloring, and painting as a kid. I evolved to mixed media, graphic design, photography, clothing design and fabrication, make up, hair styling, body painting, modeling, and cooking.


In terms of Beauty Confessions, I have to say I get quite indepth to certain looks, using anywhere from 12+ eye shadows at any given time but love blending and mixing to make things seem so seamless it looks simple. It's not that I want to come across as some make up maven or high maintainence girl, but it's the inner artist in me that see's my face as a canvas and I just love mixing and experimenting with product and color since I no longer paint or draw as much.



Re: Welcome to Sephora Show & Tell!

What a great thread Candace!


• I'm a bit of an adrenaline junkie. You can find me surfing the Gulf Coast (Yes, there are waves in Alabama), Deep-sea fishing in search of tuna with my Dad, Scuba diving with the sharks, Hiking in the Smokies, or awaiting my next adventure while daydreaming at my 9-5 desk job. The desk job keeps me sane, as my boyfriend sees it. Haha


• I'm pretty much a newb when it comes to Sephora. I've only been a BI for a couple months now, but really enjoying it so far and maybe one day I can be as helpful as alot of the beauty insiders on here. I always feel bad asking for recommendations and not being able to help back in return with my lack of beauty knowledge. But...we all never stop learning, that's the beauty of it! 


• I absolutely have a passion for photography. I currently work in marketing, so it mends well with my passion. Here is one of my first portrait photos (I do not like portrait photography just because of the fact that I get a crap load of social anxiety from it, same as weddings but figured I'd post the pic since it shows a lippy!)



• As far as product advice goes, I think it's important that everyone acne or clear complextion, light or dark has their own beneficial skin care regimen in 3 steps.

1.) Wash it

2.) Tone it

3.) Moist it



><)))*>  Steph  <*(((>< 




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