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Welcome, VIB Rouge!


It's here! Welcome to the top, darlings (in my best Starletta8 voice). You guys have been talking about it for weeks, but VIB Rouge is officially on deck.


In case you're not aware (where have you been??), VIB Rouge is Sephora's new premium membership tier. Spend $1K in a calendar year and you get awesome new benefits like free shipping on ALL orders, unlimited access to the Sephora Beauty Studio, exclusive Rouge events and gifts (I've heard about some of what's coming, it's insane), and much more. I know, $1k seems like a lot, but given how many new Rouge badges I've seen popping up around the community I think BeautyTalkers may be over-represented in this particular category! (A blow dryer here, a UD lipstick there, a new Algenist serum adds up, trust me. Smiley Happy)


I've seen a lot of BT'ers wondering how far they are from reaching Rouge. To you, I offer this exclusive BeautyTalk hack, straight from an ingenious community member (I now can't remember what thread I first saw it in, but if it was from you, speak up!):

1. Sign into your account.

2. Put a higher priced item or two in your basket (Say a Clarisonic kit and a ghd flat iron)

3. If you are within about $150, a little banner will pop up at the top of your basket letting you know how far you are from qualifying for Rouge.

4. Do the math (add the price of your items to the $ amount in the banner).

5. Keep shopping (optional, but encouraged) #enablersanonymous


So, who has gotten their Rouge Welcome kit? You know I want to see it. Post a pic in the comments!


Learn more about VIB Rouge>

Got a question? Get the FAQs>

Re: Welcome, VIB Rouge!

It might have been me lol. I have 1 expensive > $200 and 1 medium range around $100 item in my basket right now just in case one fay I decide to become a VIB ROUGE Smiley Happy !!!!!!!!!!

Re: Welcome, VIB Rouge!

I cant help but think of the song constantly repeating 

**Started from the bottom now i'm here** lol



btw do you know if the events will be like around the US or based in CA or NY? (if you can say) 

Re: Welcome, VIB Rouge!

@violalea - Either way, thanks for the tip! 


@JenBlush - OMG I LOVE THAT. So funny!

Re: Welcome, VIB Rouge!

@JenBlush - Oh, and I think the events will be all over the place, but if I get more info that I can share, you know I will!

Re: Welcome, VIB Rouge!

@candacebt That should be our theme song! haha! 

and thank you!! <3

Re: Welcome, VIB Rouge!

@candacebt - You're welcome!!!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Welcome, VIB Rouge!

I looooove being a VIB Rouge! So prestigious, yet I don't dare tell my husband (who sighs at the weekly Sephora boxes)...


Smiley Very Happy

Re: Welcome, VIB Rouge!

@JenBlush I still have my other two cards as well! I can't believe how long I've had my B.I card now! :')

Re: Welcome, VIB Rouge!

I love being VIB Rouge too! I went to my Sephora today but they didn't have any Rouge cards in yet! They said I was the first Rouge customer they had and were all excited about the perks coming up. I was disappointed that I'll have to wait for a card, but they did make me feel special!

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