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Weekly Wow 6/28!

Another week calls for another Weekly Wow! Stay tuned to find out which Weekly WOW’s are coming your way 6/28 



Argan oil.PNG


Josie Maran Argan Oil Buy one for $48, get one free!

Guess how many ingredients this product! Formulated with 100% pure, organic, Argan oil this product is a multitasking moisturizer that works wonders. You can apply a few or as many drops as you need to nourish your skin, hair, and nails. I tend to have dry skin so when I applied the oil to my hands I instantly felt it hydrate and soften my hand. This product is ideal for all skin types and highly recommended if you have dry skin, sensitive skin or live in an area that doesn’t allow you to keep your skin fully-hydrated year-round.




Benefit Eye Liner.PNG



Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner $24 $12

They’re Real alright! This innovative, waterproof, push-up liner is foolproof and budge proof gel eyeliner in a pen. It is now available in four brilliant, wearable shades perfect for any occasion. The eyeliner’s soft tip is custom angled to draw an easy line for your bottom or top lid. Its’ flat, wide guard gently pushes lashes aside to get close to the lash line leaving eyes big and bold!




Benefit Remover.PNG



Benefit They’re Real Remover $18 $9

Who doesn’t like watching their makeup melt off after a long day? This creamy, gel formula effectively lifts away makeup without tugging the delicate eye area. Gentle yet powerful, it’s specially formulated to remove long-wearing mascara and eyeliner, and leaves skin feeling soft, clean, and smooth.




Benefit Double the Lip Lipstick.PNG



Benefit They’re Real Double The Lip $20 $10

If you’re looking to add some shape to your lips, Double the Lip is worth a try! We’ll also have a mini on sale for $5! This lippie is shaped like a teardrop and allows you to apply lipstick and liner in one swipe. (say whaaaatt). Yes! @KatieBT tried this out and loves how comfortable it wears and how contoured the two-tone shade made let lips look compared to typical lipstick.



Perricone Plasma.PNG




Perricone Cold Plasma Sub Anti-Aging Neck Treatment $135 $67

This neck treatment refines, tightens, firms, and visibly sculpts the neck and jawline areas. This multitasking product targets your skin’s individual needs around the neck and jawline for any type of skin condition you be experiencing.



Benefit sexy ip kit.PNG



Benefit They’re Real Big Sexy Lip Kit $29 $14.50

Everything lip? You got it! This set of four silky-smooth lipsticks with dual-hued tips visibly lines, fills, and boost the fullness of your lips. Each Double The Lip size lipstick & liner in one is crafted with a custom teardrop tip. The deepest shade is melted into the outer point of the lipstick to line the lip and prevent feathering, while a lighter shade simultaneously fills in the lip in one swipe. Lips are left looking seamlessly full and satiny smooth.




Benefit Duo Blender.PNG




Benefit They’re Real Duo Shadow Blender $24 $12

Leave all your eye shadow application worries behind and let the shadow blender do it for you. This innovative duo eye shadow blender gives literally allows you to apply two shades at once (where are all my lazy-beauty-connoisseurs?!) The custom Shadow Blender fits your eye shape for expert application. First, glide the included applicator across the pan of the shadows. Then simply position the applicator on the inner corner of your eye with the darker shade along your lash line (or in your crease, up to you!). It builds beautifully and lasts up to 12 hours! We will also be featuring the Big Sexy Eye Kit for $18.00 if you are interested in trying a few shades out.




Perrsicone cold plasma and face.PNG




Perricone Cold Plasma + Face $149 $74

Looking for a multitasking product that targets the nine most visible signs of aging? Cold Plasma + Face has got you covered. This product is great for fine lines, wrinkles, pores and dullness. It’s adaptable to any skin type from normal to sensitive. You can believe that this serum will target your individual needs, immediately and overtime.






SC Brush.PNG


Sephora Collection Pro Drawing Shadow Brush #41 $20 $10 From our very own Sephora Collection, the PRO Drawing Shadow Brush is great for applying eye makeup because it help add definition and shape. It acts like a drawing tool to elongate and enhance the eyes with ease. The innovative design features a soft, tapered brush head inspired by an artist’s tools.



  •   As stated in previous posts, the Weekly Wow program is only offered in the US (online and in-store)
  •  Deals go live each Thursday and most are only on sale for one week only
  •  When items sell out, they are gone so I suggest hopping on your favorite deals early!

What’s your favorite “They’re Real” product you’ve tried? Show & tell!

Re: Weekly Wow 6/28!

Thanks for the pics @Ispend2much6!

Re: Weekly Wow 6/28!

@greeneyedgirl107  You're welcome!

Re: Weekly Wow 6/28!

That Sephora Collection Pro Shadow Brush looks like it could double as a lip brush. So excited to try it!


Re: Weekly Wow 6/28!

I'm definitely getting that Sephora brush!

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