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Weekly Wow 10/11!

Happy Tuesday BIC! Get ready for another Weekly Wow sneak peek. And as always, before we start just a few reminders: 

  • The Weekly Wow program is offered in the US and Canada (online and in-store). 
  • Deals go live each Thursday and most are only on sale for one week only. 
  • When items sell out, they are gone so I suggest hopping on your favorite deals early! 


becca gloss.jpg


BECCA Cosmetics Liptuitive Glow Lip Gloss$12.50 (US) $15 (.CA) 
This gloss contains color-blooming technology that reacts to the chemistry of your lips to create a perfectly pink shade. It has blue and purple sparkles but when you apply it actually turns into a light pink pretty shade and it's so lightweight, I forgot I was wearing it (see the picture below)


s1898220-main-thumb-400.jpgKate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior™ 2-in-1 Plumping Moisturizer + Serum $95 $47 (US) $114 $57 (CA) 

This an all-in-one plumping moisturizer and serumMy co-worker tried it and she liked the fragrance and texture, she said it was easy to work with because it’s not too watery, which make it work well with other products. It also doesn’t leave any residue on the skin.  


T3 SinglePass Curl 1.25” Professional Ceramic Curling Ironand T3 SinglePass Curl 1.25” Professional Ceramic Curling Iron $160 $129 (US- .COM ONLY) $200 $162 (.CA ONLY) IMG_3117.jpg


@KatieBT and I had the chance to test these out over the weekend, Katie tried the wave iron and I tried the curling iron. The curling iron was a bit thicker than I’m used to, but it heats up very quickly, made my waves last all night and it was super easy to use. Katie loved how fast the Singlepass curled her hair. She was concerned about how curly her waves were at first but combed through them with her fingers and loved her final look (see above), which was beachy and had held for three days now! 


Are you team curling iron or curling wand? Show and tell!

Weekly Wow 10/11!

I'm sure the BIC team is working on the official thread for this week. BUT the Sephora IG just said the the blush palette will be in the WW this week. Hopefully everyone that had their heart set on it last week can grab it!

Re: Weekly Wow 10/11!

I am so getting the BECCA Cosmetics Liptuitive Glow Lip Gloss@BrendaBT Today. 3rd consecutive week I have bought from the weekly wow, lol. Good for you, bad for my wallet 🙂

Re: Weekly Wow 10/11!

@Buootiful I can't blame you, this month has been full of juicy products! 😉

Re: Weekly Wow 10/11!


The Weekly Wow 10/11 doesn't seem to include the Sephora Collection Contour Blush Spice Market Blush Palette.  It has the Sephora Collection Contour Palette instead.

Re: Weekly Wow 10/11!

@tsavorite I was very sad as well. I enormously apologize for the confusion and miss communication. I will update the thread and already messaged our team about this issue as well as all of your comments/concerns.  

RE: Re: Weekly Wow 10/11!

Honestly Sephora should be honoring what they announced on the Instagram video and here. That’s not fair I live 45 miles from a Sephora made a trip to get nothing. If not they should have corrected it and said something because it’s very disappointing.

Got this message back from Sephora about it

Got this message back from Sephora about it

Re: Got this message back from Sephora about it

That is disappointing the Spice Market palette is not included after all. 😞 I was going to purchase one today.

Re: Weekly Wow 10/11!



Me too! I was in store today (Bloor St, Toronto) and they had the contour palette on the Weekly Wow, and the Spice Market was regular price! I made a special trip just to get it today! 😞


I'm disappointed also. I was looking forward to getting it!

I'm disappointed also. I was looking forward to getting it!

Re: Weekly Wow 10/11!

I'm so upset! I've been wanting to pick up this palette for months and thought this was a sign to finally get it 😞

RE: Re: Weekly Wow 10/11!

I hope it’s an error - after I saw this post on Tuesday I swatched the blush palette in-store and was looking to pick one up today 😕

RE: Weekly Wow 10/11!

Looking forward to trying the Kate Somerville product. Weekly wow has really improved! I think I buy something new once a week. 🤣

Re: RE: Weekly Wow 10/11!

Totally agree!! When Tuesday/Wednesday comes around, I'm ready for this thread!

Re: Weekly Wow 10/11!

Smiley Surprised the curl held for 3 days?!  Ok, challenge accepted @BrendaBT!


Since I haven't mastered the use of a wand without igniting my fingertips, I'm gonna have to go with the curling iron.  


HA!  For a second, I thought this WAS @KatieBT? Smiley LOL  Maybe it's that black/white shirt 

Curling Iron GIF - CurlingIron Haircurls GIFs

same here!! I can't figure out wands for the life of me!

same here!! I can't figure out wands for the life of me!

RE: same here!! I can't figure out wands for the life of me!

You gals made me feel so much better about my lack of wand use skills @ZombieMetroAnt @Quinners23 I always end up with crispy fingertips or a curl with a straight end sticking off of it!!

Re: Weekly Wow 10/11!

Hi all!


The Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior™ 2-in-1 Plumping Moisturizer + Serumis amazing! I mixed it with my FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation 460yesterday, and it created the most natural and flawless finish. 🙂


Best regards,


Re: Weekly Wow 10/11!

I purchased the T3 singlepass curling wand when it first launched on Sephora, and I can attest, it's AMAZING. By far the best wand I've ever used! 

Re: Weekly Wow 10/11!

Is it wrong that I just like looking at the Becca lipgloss?? That color is so pleasing to my eyes. It's a sad state of affairs when you might buy something just because the tube is so pretty :D.

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