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Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

Happy Monday! So I realize it's the dead of winter and this is the exact opposite impulse I should be having, but I really want to cut my hair. Like chop the whole thing off into a pixie cut and be done with it.


When I mentioned this to my fiancé, he says, "It's January and you're all gung ho. Let's see how you feel in April."


His response made me wonder, do we have a sudden impulse to switch up our look in the New Year? And thus, this week's Beauty Challenge was born.


Have you updated your beauty look for 2014 (or are you planning to)? Show & Tell!



Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

What I'm planning on..and still continue to do is grow my hair to the middle of my chest. That would be lovely..Then plan in dying it. But who knows how long that is going to take....I also been wearing makeup more. I've been mastering the cat eye (whoo-hoo!!)


Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

cut my shoulder length  bob  nto a it..went b londe but now goingto a darker blonde with foils..also wearing trying to put on make up every day not just when I go out..taking  better care of my skin too.keeing up with my every other week manis..doing lots of facials, and using my clairisonic at lest 1xx per day..also took my guest room and made it into a dressing room with all my clothes,shoes purses and my make up table over flowig with makeup and products..when life gets too crazy I lock myself in there and put on my stereo and play all I want..great way to start off a new year!!


Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

I got side bangs, which was a major ordeal for me, and I went with slightly darker hair. I've made Argan Oil a part of my skincare routine. Nothing too exciting, but I want a drastic cut/color this summer.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

Thanks to all the lovely ladies on BT, I'm upgrading my brow game. Bought the blonde dipbrow yesterday, with a brush and stencils.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

I changed my hair color - I went from black to gradient lavender-to-black. Wasn't really new year related I'd planned to do it around Thanksgiving but had some stuff come up and didn't. Smiley Happy 


Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

I cut four inches off my hair at the end of 2013! I am new to BT so can't figure out how to put up a pic yet Smiley Happy

My new obsession for 2014 is skin care. I want to reduce redness & even out skin tone. This forum has been immensely helpful in finding the right products!!!!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

I made a resolution to actually WEAR my makeup everyday. I have so many products, and I like to play with them, and I like the way I look when I do my makeup, but I am also lazy. I decided that I needed to stop wasting my money (and also running into people with a bare face and thinking, wow, I wish I looked nicer), so I am really trying to put more effort into my appearance. I am doing pretty well so far, still fairly basic, but I am hoping I will get faster and can then incorporate more of a look. Smiley Happy


I realized an hour into my morning class today that I had forgotten to put on mascara. Did the rest of my face, curled my lashes, forgot the actual product. As a blonde with lighter lashes, this is a big deal. Smiley Tongue I still cannot quite figure out how I did not notice.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

@malday - Your eyes and eyebrows are beautiful!  I think your new shorter hair helps to emphasize them.


I don't make changes/resolutions for the new year; but when I got my hair trimmed a few weeks ago, I had a good 2" taken off.  It's now just touching my shoulders.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

@lylysa thanks! I had to do it, my hair was way too damaged at the ends, all the treatments in the world couldn't make it look decent anymore lol.


Thanks @candacebt


@Londonlover101 thank you Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

those girls in the pic (and malday) are stunning!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

Lighter hair! For my makeup, I'm trying a more classic look and polished look, a softer more feminine look in less sharpness in my contouring.


I am also going to incorporate peter pan collars into my wardrobe, wear more dresses (flowy and casual but still very girly), and subtle jewelry accents.


Last year was all about spikes, very contoured features, and darker shades in general. Time to change it up!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

@candacebt - I haven't got anything in mind yet for the fall,  it's a little to early lol. At the moment, I am looking forward to Spring ( so sick of the winter, we've been hit hard this year). And I am totally with you on being lazy on the hair, that's why I feel cutting it is one way to bring a real change to it. 

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

@malday - I love your hair! It looks great both ways but shorter is so cute. 


@beautytester  - ooooh, upgrading your makeup. I like it! 


@IAmLadyLiterary - I'm so lazy with my hair I barely do anything to it, so to consider cutting it is a big deal! 


@sn22 - I can see how the school year would signal "new year" to you. Are you planning on changing anything up in the Fall?

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

I get he impulse to chop off my hair every now and then, It's not really a New Years thing for me. I gave in and did cut off my hair to shoulder length (which is super short for me) back in September/November. I  guess it might be because I am a student, but I feel like my new year starts during the August/September time. That is when I am looking for change, or sometimes it's in the summer.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

@ Malday, holy cow! I had no idea you went to a cut! I really like both looks on you! Way to rock that shorter hair too!



Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

Well, for the past 7 years I've always used Clinique Stay Matte, but my skin is not as oily anymore and I've started to dabble in more high end powder compact, so I could not resist and feel perfectly justified in purchasing these 2 beauties this month:




So for 2014, it is the year of "use up your skincare" and upping the quality of my makeup. =)

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

I recently cut a lot of my hair off but I don't really consider it a new year impulse, just the regular kind that I have randomly lol. I'm not the type to have a resolution or a "new year new me" outlook, I evolve how I see fit whenever I feel like it Smiley Happy


I've already posted this but:



excuse the weird lighting/shoddy quality.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Update Your Look

I was all set to get bangs, then I remembered how much I hated my bangs each and every time I got them so now I am thinking about going blonde.  I get really stir crazy if I don't change my hair every so often, like mega change.  In high school I chopped down to a little longer than a pixie.  I am still trying to grow my hair out.  So now I mainly stick with changing the colour.

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