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Weekly Beauty Challenge: Try a New Lip

True confession: I don’t usually wear lipstick in the office.


Shocking, right?


Granted, I always have some sort of lip product on—like Rosebud Salve (my fave!) or my UD Lip Junkie in Naked, or one of the many Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments I own (I think the current count is 5). But lipstick? Hardly ever.


But after seeing these crazy-cool lip looks on Sephora's Glossy, I’m inspired to do something different!



Now I realize most ladies can’t roll into their jobs sporting a sci-fi pout, so if you don’t want to go all out, no worries. All I’m asking is that you try something new.


Prefer a nude lip? Try a berry!
Just a gloss kind of girl? Wear a stain!
All red all the time? Go nude!


Me? I’m going to rock fuchsia lipstick in the office tomorrow. ALL DAY.


Go ahead and step out of your comfort zone this week. Then Show & Tell your look in the comments!


If you’re really up for the challenge, find out how to get these out-of-this-world looks on Sephora’s Glossy>


Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Try a New Lip


Ignore the mess in the second pic, I've been traveling A LOT and just got back!  Anywho, I tend to go with more sheer shades that mostly just add a subtle OOMPH to my look.  So, naturally the contrast is a bold red, the first is the darkest I can go without looking ridiculous, I'd try for a sci fi look, but my selection is just not that phenomenal for bold color Smiley Tongue  Neat thread, i hope someone does something fun and out there!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Try a New Lip

aha!  that must be the lucky guy!  you two are adorable together!  MoreGun you look so gorgeous in that deep red shade!  and in pic 2, there's that same happy smile as in the Tarte brow mousse pic Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Try a New Lip

Hmm I can't edit my comments in this thread.  For lips, I don't have the right colors to try any of those looks that Candace posted....I'd love to do the bright orange/hot pink lips if I could!  Some of those lips sort of look fruity to me, like blood oranges or something....

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Try a New Lip

Thanks, and yes he is, but I'm pretty lucky as well ^.^  And thanks, the deep red was a definite gamble, but it seems unique for a deep red, kinda has purple/pink notes it was a worthwhile gamble, just wish I could wear it more often! The second has more orangey-browns, it looks much better when not under my desk light.


Do you plan on doing any fun colors for the challenge? Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Try a New Lip

hmm the second one would look great paired with some Naked or Naked2 eyeshadows, I'm thinking....and the first....full formal wear!  Gorgeous black velvet or something!  but with your coloring I'd think you could wear it even on regular days, maybe just for fun once in a while Smiley Happy


Hmm I wasn't planning to do anything, but it seems like so much fun!  I don't have a great variety of colors, but I guess if I tone down my natural lip with some concealer that would give me more options....will have to experiment Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Try a New Lip

I've been wishing I could wear red lipstick for a long time but never think it looks "right" on me.  So I'll half-way participate by wearing red lipstick around the house the rest of the week just to get used to seeing myself in it.  I'll let you know if end up wearing it out!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Try a New Lip

MoreGun89, the red on you is stunning goes very well with your eye makeup, hair color, and skin tone! Where ya been traveling to and fro? I love hearing travel stories!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Try a New Lip

It's always fun to try something out of the norm. I'm generally pretty good when it comes to experimenting with different lip looks. Today I'm wearing a deeper nude lip, but I'm no stranger to reds, deep purples, and everything in between.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Try a New Lip

Great thread! I've pretty much been living in soft pretty pinks lately and since I used up the color yesterday that I've been reaching for every day lately, this thread has come as a perfect time! When I choose what look I want to go for, I'll come back on here.

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