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Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

As you may have noticed, we're celebrating our birthday! That's right, Sephora has turned 15. We may be young, but we've seen A LOT of beauty trends come and go.


So for this week's Beauty Challenge, I thought it would be fun to have a little throwback moment. Let's hear it, what was your beauty look at 15?


You can participate in this challenge in a number of ways: 1. Explain your look (with bonus points for details of crazy beauty trends you fell victim to), 2. Recreate your 15 year old look and snap a pic, or 3. Post a pic of your 15-year-old self (which is clearly the most fun).


And just so you don't feel alone, I've posted a pic of 15-year-old Candace for your amusement (what WAS I doing with my bangs?)


Show & Tell in the comments!


sweet 15th_6.3.jpg


Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

@makeupmaven - that's very sweet, but nobody believes you Smiley Happy


@beautytester - "Research first, then buy. Experiment first, then wear out." - Nerds clearly make the best beauty testers. Smiley Happy


@nebel - I feel like that "driving our mothers to their wit's end" karma is going to come back to me when I have kids. I'm in trouble!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

Candace you have not aged at all!


Oh word...glittter...glitter everywhere...

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

I was a stereotypical nerd back then: pony tail, loose jeans, white tennis shoes, free t-shirt from math competitions,   and a rolling backpack...365 days a year cuz it was TX....O.O


I was just starting to be aware of skincare/beauty at that point so I wore sunscreen and didn't even have a proper skincare regimen. I brought a Bonnie Bell lip gloss and  Burts Bee lip gloss at one point (they were colorless/sheer), put them on and was like "......that's it?" It was anti-climatic so I started reading up Seventeen mag, random articles online about make up (even back then, my motto is: "Research first, then buy. Experiment first, then wear out." the only exception being a brown lipstick in a moment of weakness). Didn't start wearing make up until junior/senior yr cuz of award ceremonies/prom/senior picture.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

WAAAAYYYY too much black eyeliner and blistex.  My idea of fashion was tucking my pants into my combat boots, and this was a good decade before it became trendy. My poor mother, she was at her wit's end Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

Oooh I loved lip smackers too and Bonnie Bell lip gloss and my favorite of all time the Dr. Pepper one.Smiley Happy Too bad I didn't use those instead of that red lipstick.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

@dianabt - There is a picture of you with Melissa from high school?? How can you NOT share that is my question. Smiley Happy


@beuatylovingirl - strong blush, black eyeliner and red lipstick...ah, to be 15.


@neatgurl - I went through about one of those roll on glitter things a month. I had a problem.



Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

If only someone had told me what I was doing was all wrong! My friends were all wearing the same thing so we thought we were on it! haha Rather than spare you with a terrible picture (I actually have one of MelissaBTand I from high school) I'll just say lots of overplucked brows, glitter gel on the lids, dark brown eyeliner and white/shimmer lipstick, and super caked on powder foundation0 (special thanks to the girl in the department store who sold me doublewear foundation and powder which I now know is WAY too heavy for a 15 year old) . WHY is all I can say about that makeup look.. Let's not get started on the butterfly clips or the stretchy pointed headbands...



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

I was a drugstore glitter junkie! I would wear the cheapest, more glitter filled eyeshadow i could find, usually in the god awful hot pink and turquoise shades. I would cake on the darkest blush i could find, and who could forget that almost white frosty pink lipstick!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

Well everyone else has gone so I guess it's my turn now *Sigh*   Reaaaallly BIG HAIR and a lot of hair spray (I mean ALOT of hair spray I'm pretty sure I could've stopped a bullet at some point if I needed to and enough blush for about 2 girls, and of course really thick black eyeliner, and to top it all off some of the most god awful red lipstick that was ever made. Soooo glad those days are gone.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

@kalex - you were clearly in high school at the same time I was (go '90s!) The baggy jeans! Ugh, my mom could not understand why all of my jeans were 3 sizes too big and I insisted on wearing combat boots. And I have a photo from 9th grade with my crazy half-poofed bangs around here somewhere...

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

To set the whole picture:

I was wearing baggy jeans with chunky shoes and teeny midriff baring tops.  My hair in a high ponytail (with scrunchie!) with the bottom part of my bangs across my forehead and the top ratted up and poofy.  As for makeup, I wore black eye shadow across my top lid (like heavy liner) and the two-toned lips with dark liner.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

@colorobsession - So. Much. Glitter. #icanrelate  

And I LOVED Lip Smackers!!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

There's probably one word that sums up the style of my early adolescence - glitter. So. Much. Glitter. If I remember correctly I was all about shimmery eye colors (I distinctly remember a stackable collection of shimmery loose purple shadows from The Icing that I wore frequently). I had a couple of Cover Girl eyeshadow compacts and a Revlon cream eyeshadow compact that I remember using a lot as well. Definitely wore black mascara, and glittery lip gloss too! I loved the Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker squeeze tube glosses that were scented like different kinds of frosting. My first exposure to quality makeup didn't come until my late teens when I went through a big Bare Minerals phase. 

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

@consolvo - oh how I'd love a picture! Beauty trends in 1969 were rad!


@miabt - Brown lip liner! Welcome to my high school. Smiley Happy


@starletta8 - I had soo many of those GWP Clinique bags with frosty pink lipstick I couldn't wear. Lulz.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

At 15, I had super thick, blunt bangs across my entire forehead- but with my natural cowlick, they split above my right eye. I also only parted my hair in the middle.


At 15, I was all about Clinique! Part of becoming a teenager in my extended family was getting a makeover.  I had a light-medium cocoa eyeshadow that I would wear every day, along with powder and mascara.  I was all about chapstick in all forms for my lips.


Aside from dance recitals- that's when the turquoise eyeshadow and bright red lipstick came out! UGH!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

I'm sure I'll regret this one... but here's my 15 (maybe 16) year old self. Horrible color matching, shimmer all over my lid, brown lip liner w/ blistex over & don't even get my started on the brows. Ahh to be young.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15


I so wish I could put my hands on a picture!


My beauty routine was so minimal as to be practically non-existent. The only makeup I remember wearing was some CoverGirl liquid foundation that was probably not even close to the right shade (on the too tan side) + some shiny white eyeliner worn at the lash line...above and below my eyes! I loved it and would not leave the house without it


That may sound strange, but since it was 1969...not so much! Smiley Happy



Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

@melde - Yes to the clear mascara (see my earlier post about not being allowed to wear makeup)! And butterfly clips. Soooo many butterfly clips. :/


@waterbaby1981 - So basically you were a beauty ingenue and had your perfect routine already down at 15 *jelly* Smiley Wink

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

Let's 15 I was guilty of not wearing sunblock.  However, I did wear this:


tinted moisturizer





berry colored lipstick


Of course, no makeup brushes except the ones that came with cover girl or Maybelline makeup.  Smiley Wink

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Sweet 15

So embarrassing. I used to wear clear mascara (not sure why! I'm blonde!), though it was around this age I switched to black. I wore face powder alone (in a dry climate... yeah)... and ..... white or light blue eyeliner, often from Bath & Body Works makeup line. I also think there were butterfly clips involved. It was pretty hot. Smiley Wink

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