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Weekly Beauty Challenge: Rep your team!

Ladies (and gents), I am not so proud to admit that even though we are having the MOST beautiful late summer in the Bay Area in years, I sat on my bum in the house all day yesterday watching football. I could blame it on my boyfriend, but I'm just as excited that the season has started as he is!


Because we are a community of many interests, I look to you, BeautyTalk, for support (and validation).


For this week's Beauty (sort of) Challenge, we're doing a BeautyTalk roll call: Who's your team? Have you created any looks to support them on game day? Feel free to mention if you haven't yet but plan to, and as always, extra credit for pics!


Show & Tell!



And now that I'm thinking about it, we should just keep this post going. If you do a beauty look to rep your team this season, post a pic here and show it off!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Rep your team!

Denver Broncos! I haven't done any looks yet, I'm still looking for the perfect orange polish!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Rep your team!

@malday - is this close?  I have a hard time finding the right shade for my alma mater (burnt orange)


Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Rep your team!

Minnesota Vikings! I didn't do anything on Sunday but I will soon. I'm sure they lost because I wasn't wearing purple. Ha! Anyway, I'm traveling to London and will be watching them play the Steelers in person on the 29th. So, I'll have to represent the purple and gold on that day. I'm not exactly sure what I will do but I plan on using my new Chanel Taboo for the purple.


Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Rep your team!

@malday - Um, well why didn't you say something?? Smiley Happy


Sephora Collection Color Hit nail polish in Trick or Treat



Also, I took the liberty cooking up some search results for you>


Btw, it's kind of my hobby to find polish colors that are exact matches for sports teams (weird, I know), so if anyone else has a request let me know!


Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Rep your team!

@nichelle02 - that's a really pretty purple! Just throwing this out there, but in case you need some other options for color combinations (and I think something with a swirl to represent Viking horns would be really cute). Again, it's a hobby.


Givenchy Acoustic Purple


Color Hit Nail Polish Klein Blue



OCC Nail Lacquer in Traffic






Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Rep your team!

I'm also a Broncos fan and might need to pick up that Sephora polish now! Thank you candacebt Smiley Happy

Ooh, and the Sephora My Favorite Jeans polish looks like it will pair perfectly! 



Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Rep your team!

@candacebt - nicely done! I hadn't thought of doing a Vikings horn swirl. I'm not that talented beyond doing straight lines. And those purples are pretty spot on. The combination is perfect. You're making me rethink my Taboo!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Rep your team!

Seattle Seahawks Smiley Very Happy I will post if I do a look on gameday, unfortunately I was at a bday party yesterday, so I didn't get to bust out the gear.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Rep your team!

@candacebt too perfect! Thank you! My mom will be happy that I'll be able to give her a game day mani now!

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