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Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

One of the great mysteries of my life (right up there with why my skin gets drier in the winter AND the summer) is how I, beauty-obsessed-Sephora-evangelist, spawned from a mother who neither likes nor has ever worn makeup (like nothing, not a stitch). It's a good thing Sephora sells skincare, ya know?


But it got me thinking, BeautyTalkers, am I alone in this (the mom who doesn't wear makeup question, but I suppose the dry skin thing too)?


For this week's Beauty Challenge, I want to know: What are you gifting (or hoping to get) for Mother's Day? And does your mom like makeup? Show and Tell!


mothersday 5.5.jpg

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

My mom stocked up on every makeup item imaginable when I took her to the Rouge event with me for Chic week. So no Sephora for her - I'll probably get her some cute maternity outfits - she's due in September. 

My grandma on the other hand, we just shipped the L'Occitane Secret to Beautiful Hands Set.


I think it's just the perfect gift for grandmothers/mothers because it's a hand creams where you really can't go wrong. Everyone loves L'Occitane! (:

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

My mom was never into makeup or beauty products. She always says she's "too much of a tom boy for all the faff & fuss". She only ever applies e/s and brow pencil, but uses solely drugstore products. Not sure where I got my beauty obsession as I'm pretty much the only one with a real interest in it, aside from my Grandma with her bright YSL lipsticks. 

I'll be giving my mom an Anastasia Brow kit, the UD Naked Basics palette and a Clinique Cheek Pop blush(she LOVES flowers/gardening), along with a few basic brushes. As for me, I'm only a mom to my fur-babies, but my fiancé let me splurge on the Dior Croisette Blushes from Saks in Coral and Pink as his gift to me since I'm a bit difficult to shop for Smiley Wink

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

I honestly have no idea what to get for my mom. She's recently been getting a little more into makeup and skincare again (I've been influencing her with my samples).. But whenever I ask her if there's something she would want, she says she doesn't need anything. 

I know that she loves Nars now but she doesn't wear an insane amount of makeup. Does anyone have any suggestions?! 

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

My mom almost never wears makeup! Only for special occasions which is a handful of times a year! I don't know how we are related.... I'm skincare, Makeup, Fragrance, Nail obsessed! But over the last few years i have got her hooked on a few things, and i will probably pick up a few things she likes, to go along with the Michael Kors purse me and my sister got her! She likes hand creams, So i will probably pick one up for her. One of the only perfumes she loves is Poetica by KVD and i have an extra rollerball so i will give it to her. I also got her a samples of the Bare minerals pressed powder a few months back and she likes it a lot so I might pick that up as well! I'm slowly making her love high end products. 

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

My mom knows nothing about makeup so whenever she felt like wearing some I had to help her with it, But, my mommy lives back in Brazil and this will be my third mother's day in row away from her. Smiley Sad Unfortunately the only gift I can give her is a phone call. Traditionally though my dad, my brother, my sister and I used to take her for lunch on mother's day.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

well, I feel the same as CandaceBT only in reverse! I love makeup and skincare, jewelry, and bags. My daughter is 16, hardly wears any makeup, couldn't care less about jewelry or bags. Luckily she got some darker coloring than me, so she has brows and lashes that are actually visible. she looks gorgeous without makeup.  My mom is 87, still wears foundation, brows and still does the bright orange-red lipstick, and never goes a day without her signature dark red nail polish with a gold glitter topcoat! She reminds me of Betty White, and her skin is still so beautiful thanks to staying out of the sun.  I don't know what I will get her, though.

Now, as for ME? I have decided I can't live much longer without Guerlain Meteorites. I recently caught a whiff of Midnight Romance, and that is also a must-have...and Tory Burch...

BUT I will settle for help cleaning the house...and changing the TP roll, laundry help, etc. 

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

My Mom's idea of makeup is lipstick.  She used to wear blush, too.  I bought my Mom a kitchen window.  Now she'll have to think of me every time she looks out that window--bwah ha ha ha!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

My Mom lives far far away at a distance of 15hr non stop flight so It is going to be a skype chat and online card,,,,,and,,,,,My own kids are too little 9,5 and 2 yrs old and I already know my 5yr old has planted a seed in little pot in his school and he told me with all innocence "Mama we are making plants at school to give you a surprise gift" and all I say is "OH I'm so thrilled what the surprise is going to be" LOLZ,,,my 9yr old daughter will give me breakfast in bed (she is doing it every mothers day and my B Days since she was 3) and some super cute card and she will make both little ones to make cards........So I'm going to gift them their favourite toys. 

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

Fun! I got my mom a dolce & gabbana light blue rollerball (she loves how you can carry them in your purse) and I'm trying to find one of those turntables they sell at Urban Outfitters since the speakers on her old school record player don't work.. I'm just at a loss how I will be lugging it down the street a few blocks to my car haha

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

My mom is my inspiration! She is 87 and absolutely beautiful. She loves makeup and she loves Sephora-guess that's where I got my addiction! One of our favorite things to do is a shopping trip to Sephora - my mom, me and my daughter Hannah - three generations of Sephora addicts!  Talk about heaven!


Mom is always checking in with me to make sure she's not making any "old lady" makeup mistakes! But she has perfect classic taste and always has. So I will probably take her on a shopping trip to Sephora when my daughter Hannah comes home from college (next week) and out to lunch and we'll have a blast!  I'll buy Mom a lipstick, blush, whatever she wants - she definitely deserves it!


As for me, I've been dropping hints for a gift certificate for a pedicure at a ritzy salon. These feet will not be seeing sandals if they don't have a really good pedi soon!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

@heartsmyface - 


Can we correctly assume they're vitamin c gummies? ;-)

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

My mom doesn't wear makeup, washes her face with oil of olay soap, and moisturizers with Vaseline and body shop body butters.  

she was complaining a couple months ago about how hard it is for her to lug her vaccuum downstairs so I purchased a dyson DC62 animal for her. And some purdys GummiesSmiley Happy 

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

Candace, if I don't get one for Mothers Day, I am heading out to get my own! Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

@jozkid - I am not a mom, but I need one of those mirrors SO badly. I keep hinting at my fiance, not sure why I can't just take the plunge and buy one for myself, lol.


@andyhtrieu - SK II is a great idea! They are definitely known for their anti-aging products. You may also want to consider Eve Lom or Kate Somerville. 


@sephoramusthave  - I love that. Have you seen the new Santigold palettes from Smashbox? Super fun:


@quixotic  - Ugh you just reminded me! Triple points! I wonder if my mom needs a fragrance...



Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

My mother has claimed her eyelashes are "shrinking," so I got her the Blinc Lash Primer and Mascara.  She's also getting the Bottled Dreams Fragrance set (hurrah for triple fragrance points!)

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

Oh my mom LOVES beauty and wont leave the house without makeup. She's recently been on a Smashbox kick and that line usually makes great sets/palettes so I might get her some of that, and some Origins skincare.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

My sisters and I are planning to get her some anti aging products since she has never used them before. We were thinking of something from SK II.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

This poor old Mom needs a 10X magnifying makeup mirror in a big way. I do my makeup one feature at a time with the little Tweezerman mirror which is only about 3-4 inches wide:


Works fine, but not for doing your whole face every day.


My Mom was not much of a makeup person. Her idea of dolling up was to use some lipstick and more often than not it was one of those teeny tiny mini lipsticks Avon used to give out! In that respect, I am NOT like my mother! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

@kbmatthews  - Good picks! Nirvana White smells super classy, good for moms. Smiley Happy And she'll get a lot of use out the Naked Basics set. I got it for my friend who is a (new) mom, and it's all she uses now. Easy to get a lot of good neutral looks quickly! 

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Mother's Day Gifts

Mom doesn't really care about brands or anything, so all her higher end stuff comes from me.


I'm buying her:

- Curling iron

- Naked Basics

- Nirvana White rollerball


Her birthday is a few weeks later and I'm getting her a skincare set. Haven't decided which one yet, but looking for one with a moisturizer, serum and eye cream.


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