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Weekly Beauty Challenge: Garden Party

Have you seen our new Garden Party board on Pinterest? I’m pretty much living for it; such pretty blooms!


It got me thinking—this month we are using the garden theme to inspire a fresh take on fragrance, but what about beauty? With all of the weddings, graduations and (literal) garden parties that happen during the spring, I’m sure we could all use a little beauty inspiration.


So for this week’s Beauty Challenge, let’s get inspired by spring blossoms. Create an eye, lip, nail (or hair!) look based on your favorite florals, or just take a picture of your favorite flower and Show & Tell in the comments!


What’s your favorite flower?



Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Garden Party

Roses are my favorite I have them in my back yard and it smells so good when their blooming.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Garden Party

@beautylovingirl - After I posted this, I started thinking about my favorite flower, and I don't know! I love roses, but I also love tulips, and orchids, and all kinds of tropical flowers...I'm going to have to think about this some more.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Garden Party

Irises are my favorite...  My mom used to grow them in the front yard...

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Garden Party

@candacebt- We have these red ,white, and pink roses on one certain bush that the colors are all swirled together and they are just beautiful to look at and smell soooo good. I like the others you mentioned as well, just not as much as roses. It is hard though especially the tropical having all those bright colors!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Garden Party

I love Sunflowers. They are so simple and pretty. 

And Orange Roses. They are beautiful.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Garden Party

My favorite flower of all time is the classic gerbera daisy. They just make me happy. My boyfriend gets me them every time he gets flowers. I love that they come in so many colors, so every time he gets them they look different Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Garden Party

I really love a perfectly pink peony!  I adore all makeup that is this hue, especially lip sticks/glosses.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Garden Party

So pretty, ladies! I love that everyone has such a specific flower too: orange roses, pink peonies, gerbera daisies...this is great inspiration!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Garden Party

I'm a rose girl, myself.  My parents used to have a beautiful rose garden (50+ plants) when I was growing up and summers meant fresh roses in every room.

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