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Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

dry lip.jpg


BT'ers, I admit it: Today's beauty challenge is ENTIRELY self-serving. We've already discussed my seasonal dry skin issues, and though I feel like I've gotten my skin under control (Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil is a lifesaver), my lips are still dry and scaly and frankly, gross. So for this week's Beauty Challenge, I need to know, BT: What are your dry lip saving tips and tricks?


Show & Tell! (And HELP A SISTA OUT.)





Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

I LOVE Tarte's lip scrub.


I freely admit I bought this because I thought it was pretty, but it works really well. It is gentle but exfoliates. Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

Mentholatum. The kind in a jar. Not Vicks--that's a different product.



Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

I have tried pretty much every product at Sephora for dry lips, as well as some from Nordstrom and drugstores. The ONLY thing that has saved my lips is the Glamglow Hydrating Mask with a layer of Sara Happ lip balm on top. I put it on every night before bed. My lips are in the best shape they've ever been in--no splitting, peeling, bleeding, or pain. For the first week of using these products, I couldn't stop touching my lips because they felt so good!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

I use fresh sugar scrb then eos at night foor dior glow..i keep burts bees all over the house and in all my bags s I always have something handy when I need to  am now nto drining a lot of water which has been making a dfference in my lips and my face..


Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

Smith's Rosebud Salve Balm!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers



Lip scrub! And then I use the Sugar lip treatment. The one without color. I also keep tons of EOS and babylips all around my room, makeup area and purses. I also use more moisturizing lip products. Currently I pretty much only use Tarte Lipsurgences and YSL Volupte Shine products. Oh and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey. That is my holy grail drugstore product.



I like keeping hydrated with coconut water. I buy the big litre cases from Costco.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

Well this is an amazing thread full of great advice...I knew if I appealed to my BTers you guys would come through! 


Now I'm off to drink more water...

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

Water and Maybelline's Baby Lips line

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

Like the others have said... Water & lip scrub! 

As for lip balm; I always keep Dior Lip glow in my purse & have a tube of jack black everywhere. I recently got a tube of the Anthony Logistics lip balm & that might be a new favorite. Fresh lip balms are nice too, but I prefer Dior. 

Another HG, and a few BT'ers love it too is the Nuxe lip balm, I keep the jar on my night stand. I haven't found anything as good. I wish Sephora carried the Nuxe line, their rose cleansing water is better than KGD! *hint hint* 

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

Josie Maran cream oil

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

I suffer from chronic dry lips. If I don't do this stuff for even one night, I get really bad, chapped lips.


-Smith's Rosebud Salve overnight.

rosebud-In the morning, in the shower, I use my fingers to gently rub off the dry skin that accumulated over night (its a lot...ew!). Then after I brush my teeth with my Sonicare toothbrush, I gently run that over my lips while they're still wet.

-Use My HG lip balm during the day: Cococare Cocoa Butter Lip Balm stick.cococare

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

I use my heaviest frag-free facial moisturizers as lip masks, honestly.


And first I apply jojoba oil or PRT Oiless, then slather on thick cream moisturizer as a lip mask overnight, and then once that sinks in (change in pjs, get my phone, go potty, etc.), I will also put Kiehl's lip balm over that thickly overnight.


been doing this most nights for about a month and there is a HUGE difference in my lips.  I rarely have to use balm now.


Oh and one other thing -- I have eczema and food allergies and sometimes this causes me to get red, itching, scaling skin around my mouth.  It sounds horrible when I put it like that -- it's actually just subtle but something I really notice.  I used to think it was just chapped lips but now know it's a reaction to some foods (which I try to avoid!).  


Sometimes moisturizing like I said above is enough to treat it (and I hate to use any perscriptions, esp on my face/mouth, and esp not steroids creams).  That being said, once a month I sometimes have to dab a little anti-allergy steroid cream onto my cupids bow or below my bottom lip, otherwise the irritation, rednesss and scaling skin just won't go away from a reaction, no matter how moist I am.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

I love Fresh products for lips, they are, well, LIPSAVERS! The Fresh lip scrub is good, as well as the Tarte scrub. When my lips are really dry I scrub, then apply Josie Moran Argon Oil and run my Fresh Sugar lip balm overtop to 'seal in the moisture'. I also love Clinique's repairwear for lips. I find it is too thick to add color afterward but great to use alone!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

ROSE SALVE!!!! the only product ive finished adn bought 4 times. Smiley Wink and fresh sugar rose lipbalm. (the birthday gift) i have 3!!! )but not done) i am constantly mixing up these. and also i think that any old lipbalm works when u sleep in it but what i also use pre event is diors lip maximizer. it plum pens and sofens lips at night and morning 


Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

Lansinoh lanolin - i used this on my nipples when I was going through major chafing from breastfeeding.  Works THE best for chapped lips, and I do promise you that I have tried just about everything.  lip scrubs are great to use before applying this at night.  Also be mindful of how much lipstick /gloss/stain/ etc you use during the day as most can be terribly drying to lips.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

Lots of water and rose salve do the trick for me!th.jpg

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy at night and ALWAYS SPF underneath lipstick or a gloss that has it.  Fresh balms or Clinique glosses are my staples for that or I wear Shiseido's Lip Protectant SPF 34 underneath. Keeps my lips from being, dry, chapped, cracking or peeling.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

I hate having dry lips. I've found a fast cure in the new rose Vaseline lip therapy. Love the stuff and it really works!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

I have the worst skin around my lips on top of dry lips.  They peel almost every night! Smiley Sad but I found that with some great finds I make it manageable


1. Drink water. Yes, lots of people say it. you must be annoyed by now how much people drop the word water but it's true. The mornings after the days don't drink as much water my lips and skin around it already start to peel. 


2. Toner. I use a toner for dry skin by Artistry called Essentials Hydrating Toner but find one that's great for you. I pat it on my lips along with the rest of my skin. It makes the skin more ready to receive moisture


3. EOS lip balm and rose salve.  I found that these two are the best for me. I just found that if you apply too much eos lip balm the wax kind of builds up and gets a little nasty but in acceptable amounts it is a life saver.  Rose salve also works just as well but it's twice as expensive as eos. Although at six bucks it's totally worth it to me Smiley Happy


4. Cetaphil and Vaseline. Have you ever seen the big tubs of cetaphil? I put a generous amount of that and Vaseline mixed together on my lips before I sleep. Like, I slather it on. Haha Possibly the biggest help of all.  


Hope this helps! 

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Dry Lip Savers

@ Joeanne, I was sick a few weeks back with a cough/sore throat and was drinking hot tea with honey more than I was water and noticed my lips were getting dry. I foolishly didn't wait for my tea to cool enough so that was "my bad" on my part Smiley Tongue but once I started balancing out my tea and water intake my lips were back to being happy.

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