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Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

For this week's Beauty Challenge, stand out in spring color with bold effects for eyes, lips, cheeks, and nails in Lucid Lilac, Infrared Rouge, and Majestic Cobalt.


Recreate the looks below (learn HOW TO) or create your own COLOR VISION inspired look using whatever products you'd like. Try cobalt nails, rouge cheeks, or lilac lips. Go bold or keep it subtle; you really can't go wrong with this one, ladies!


Colorvision howto 4.8.jpg


Show & Tell your looks in the comments!


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Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

Yay to people posting pics! I'm rocking a cobalt blue nail today, so I will post one later.


@starletta - that julep is so pretty! It's a great contrast w/ the colbalt.


@drrragon - I love your blue!


@beautytester - that's what I call stepping out in spring color! I love that bold magenta eye, girl.  I think you can rock it. Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

@lylysa, no, I just put some Benefit foundation in a slightly lighter shade on the lid (UD Naked works better cuz it's more lightweight and doesn't feel as greasy...but I got no more samples of UD Naked). The dab of red was Tarte lipSurgence in Fiery (need some fiddling with shape, couldn't get over the accidentally-smeared-lipstick on eye feel...I think it would look better if I used some white eyeshadow for contrast).


ps. Love Tarte aquagel eyeliner, I did those black liner there in 2-3 swipes with no clean up needed!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

@ Starletta, I love the combo of the two colors, extra bold pops of color!


@ Drrragon, gawsshhhh, you're so sweet! I love that soft blue lining your eyes, it really brings an openess to them (I love blue with brown eyes)!


@ Beautytester, I'm really liking the red, and yes, it is very Geisha style! Did you use any highlighter? The red really makes the rest of your lid look super smooth and pearl like!


@ Jessicarwabbit, lilac is easily becoming a favorite nail shade of mine, that one is so delicate and pretty!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

Ha, I think everyone have a wild side to them. =P


@Drrragon. Ohh, I totally thought you have a darker skintone from your free shadow swatch. o.O


I did a quick try before washing my face. The blue/purple eye was easy tho the contrast didn't show up well on phone camera, but I was being adventurous and want to use red on the eye, like Geisha style....don't think it works unless you got paper white foundation =/.

2013-04-10 00.48.44.jpg

I like the fact I won't see my eyes staring back at me in the front page, but I also have no idea how large/tiny the pic is going to be due to the comment style. o.O

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision


ok so obviously no one's willing to post photos of themselves, having been completely intimidated by lylysa's amazing skillz and her awesome gorgeousness.  so i'll volunteer.  i was playing around with blues the other days and pulled out this old UD eyeshadow pencil I'd forgotten about.  fun!  I added a light blue shadow on the bottom inner lashline.  then I couldn't decide which color would look best on the bottom outer lashline so I just gave up.


yes, i intentionally cropped out my sloppy brows.  


@lylysa -- i agree, after the last few days' of posts MoreGun is sounding more and more like some crazy wilde childe! hehe.  did you see what she said about doing her nails all pointy and silver with red tips?!?!?!  and leaving some poor dude with a scar!??  we love ya Morgs!  but sometimes you scares us!  LOL!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

I combined two of them!


Cobalt blue shirt with Julep Lauren nails.



Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

And in regards to the shadows, it comes from painting/coloring my whole life. I love drawing and art since I was young enough to remember, so eye shadows are like paint for my lids. If I don't have a time limit, I'll get crazy and incorporate up to 12 shadows for one look, but just work to get everything seamlessly blended and smooth looking!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

OOOOooOoOoOO, heck, if I can't do your make up, I just want to attend! Sounds like you're a gal who knows how to do a party up!


He was considering the Na'Vi cosplay for a while, and we finally decided to go through with it about 2 1/2 weeks before the con! Hahah! For as little as the costume is (accessories and loin cloth), it did take some time and we did run through a couple of body paint/make up tests. There was blue mist everrrrrrrrrrrrywhere in my apartment!!!! At least it was easy to clean and didn't stain (minus the towels to wipe up)!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

lol, that is awesome, and if he were about 4 ft taller (impossible without stilts, hich would make it look weird) it would be a flawless execution, I love seeing all the work people put into costumes for cons ^.^


Main reason I ask is it looks like you're extremely good with eyeshadow, whereas, I'm not, plus the body painting is a plus, I was thinking about maybe having some "red" Martian tattoos being painted on for the ceremony as well, or they could be Lost Tribe of the Sith, I just enjoy the ceremony of it all and the symbolism Smiley Tongue

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

Hahaha, totally, Moregun! Smiley Very Happy

It'll be like a mini Beauty Talk party we can have!


Thanks for the compliment, he put in so much work and effort into piecing together his outfit, from hand beading his jewelry, to even speckling them to give them an aged look, even dying yarn for his leg bands with tea! He went all out!


The best thing is, he kept the Butter London toe nail polish on and didn't even bother to remove it! Hahaha! I <3 him!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

@ Lylysa, can I hire you for my wedding makeup in a few years? lol Also your boyfriend's cosplay is amazing! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

@jessicawabbit - yay! I love that Lilac, it's perfect. It's also here, in case anyone is wondering. #cantstopmyself


Dior Colorvision (yes, created just for us!) Vernis Nail Lacquer>


@Janine - DO IT. Smiley Wink



Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

I'm currently sans makeup (I know, I know how un-Sephora of me) working from home, but I think I'm going to give an electric blue/purple look a try tomorrow. I'll be sure to take a picture.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

@jessicarwabbit- I love that color and was rocking it last week.  I think it mght be my HG lilac!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

I'm obsessed with this Dior polish in Lilac that is being featured on the Sephora site and in stores, I had to get it Smiley Happy

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 4.28.16 PM.png

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

@ Candace, *gasp* ME?!?!?! My secret???? *looks around* Smiley Tongue


Thank you for the kind words! I've been sporting bolder lips this month (getting back in the groove of bright red, deep brick, bold magenta, and neon pink) just because it's so easy to jazz up a look, even if clothes are kept casual.


The Na'Vi project was quite an ordeal! He was a great hit at the convention though, photo op after photo op, he even got interviewed by local news stations covering the event! The cutest was when a little girl (who looked spot on like Dora the Explorer, but was not in costume to be her) went up to him and motioned for him to kneel (the girl was tiny and my bf is 6'5) and whispered, "I saw you on tv and in the movie!!" because aparently Avatar was playing a couple of nights before the con. He whispered back "Shhhh, you can't tell anyone I left, okay? It's our secret!" and she nodded. Her last statement "If you see Darth Vader....kill him!" My god, she was adorable! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision

@lylysa! I'm like, straight up speechless! You're so talented! And now you officially have no excuse not to post pics for beauty challenges. Your secret is out. Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Color Vision


Some of my past looks, from left to right, first I decided to go super decked out in color to match the pastel, rainbow backing of my leopard tube top. Polished off the look with a bold magenta lip! Second look, I played a lot with various shades of purple and kept a neutral lip. Third....well, I figured I couldn't go more blue than my beloved boyfriend! Last year we attended a comic convention and he cosplayed Jake Sully as a Na'Vi from Avatar. The body painting (airbrushed) was completed by me in about 6 1/2 hours; prothetics (brow ridge and ears) and hair installation took about 1 1/2 hours (including make up for the face alone and adding details like the white speckles on his body which were hand painted). He even had his finger and toe nails painted with Butter London's Slapper to match! The whole costume, minus the knife he wore on his chest was hand made (including arrows) and he used an actual long bow with a 50 pound + pull on it!

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