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Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

beauty mythbuster 7.29.jpg


I admit it: I'm addicted to Pinterest. It's an occupational hazard of having a job in social media, and I can't get enough of the nail art inspiration. But honestly it's because there are SO MANY awesome / crazy / "Why didn't I think of that?" D.I.Y. life hacks that I love to pin and pretend I'll try out at some point. And when it comes to beauty fixes, the options are endless.


That got my coworkers and I wondering: Sure, creating a hair rinse out of vinegar and lime juice might sound amazing but (aside from making you smell like ceviche,) do these at-home beauty remedies actually work?


So for this week's Challenge, let's play Beauty Mythbuster and save our BT sisters from some beauty D.D.I.Y.s (DON'T Do It Yourself!): What at-home / Pinterest / shady-food-or-office-supply beauty remedies have you tried that were less than successful? Show & Tell!


And for the record: Packing tape on your face? That's a DON'T.


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Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

I've had a problem with acne for about 3 years now, and I've tried literally everything to get my face back to how it used to look pre-acne. I read somewhere that mixing lemon juice, honey and a teeny bit of sugar would reduce the size and redness of my pimples. I tried this mixture for about a month and a half, but to no avail :/ it just made my face really sticky and my dog kept trying to lick my face everytime I put it on -__-

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

How Fun!! And Packing Tape, OMG!! I would NEVER!

I see things like this all the time on Pinterest (I'm obsessed as well), not that i would ever try them. 

I can't wait to see what the lovely ladies here have tried/seen and what's a definite NO!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

Not packing tape, but I have tried scotch tape before when I was desperate. Other than that I haven't tried anything crazy (I did try milk soak, made rosewater, salt soak, and a couple DIY mask. It's ok).


I've heard about baking soda as scrub and kind of really want to try that....

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

Toothpaste may dry out a pimple but it'll also cause irritation that is usually worse than just buying some Clearasil.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

I wouldn't recommend baking soda for anything. Getting it off your face is like dealing with sandpaper...

Witch hazel has been a decent home remedy for me though.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

@urbandecay93 - LOL! I can only imagine how tasty it made your face to your dog. My dog loves the smell of my lotion, so who knows how crazy he would go if I put honey and sugar on my face...


@arielaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - I couldn't believe the packing tape one! I use it to get lint off my clothes, not to exfoliate!


@beautytester - you MADE rosewater? How did that turn out?


@LCResz - the toothpaste is a popular one, I used to do that in high school all of the time to no avail, lol. Now I just stick to my Origins spot treatment Smiley Happy




Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

Turned out pretty well actually! You can see it here:


It makes my skin so soft when I use it as a toner. My favorite has to be splitting the Shiseido cotton into 2 pieces (not cutting) and soaking it in rosewater that I keep in the fridge, then put them on my eyes for eye mask.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

@beautytester - wow that looks awesome! If I get my hands on some organic roses (and some free time), I'm gonna try that out. Smiley Happy

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

Anyone ever try just cutting a lemon in half and sprinkling sugar on it, then scrubbing it on their face? Been meaning to try that and would love some input as to whether it works or helps with anything!


I've tried the egg yolk mask - the yolk is moisturizing while the whites are supposed to be clarifying or something. It felt good for a little bit, but I wouldn't recommend it over those cheap Queen Helene masks. Too much work for very little payoff.


Also, baking powder and lemons as a way to brighten nails - didn't work so well for me.



Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

I use to put toothpaste on my pimples because I heard that dried them out really fast... they looked more red after I washed off the toothpaste :/

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

I tried Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner My face was burning and stinky (what a combo, right?!), so I won't be trying that one again.


I also tried baking soda as a scrub for my blackheads. I'd say it worked at making skin softer and thoroughly exfoliated, but it isn't the easiest thing to get off your skin.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

As I go hide in the corner and raise my hand.... I have to admit to the packing tape trick in  times of desperation. Followed by a cleanser. If someone could tell me why it's a big no-no, besides the obvious chemicals on said tape that could transfer to your face? I do use the clear tapeSmiley Happy. I live in the desert and my skin is severely dry and oily in places. I am here to learn so please, show me the error of my way and recommend something you guys have tried, pretty please! I love reading the suggestions and other stories on this board so I will try anything you might suggest. I will stop with the tape, too!

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

@Carrie1975 did you check the link @Candacebt posted to get rid of dry flakey skin? The key is to exfoliate, and then try a moisturizer mask a couple of times a week. 

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

In high school, I was told going to bed with toothpaste on those huge, painful, impossible-to-pop pimples would decrease their redness, size, and bring them to the surface. Nope. Just made me look ridiculous and red from scrubbing crusty toothpaste. 

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

@jinxski - I would proceed with caution before rubbing lemon all over your face - they're pretty acidic and if you have sensitive skin it might not react well. I've tried the lemon on my nails and that didn't really work for me either.


@wendyomgwar - Origins Spot Treatment is the business, I'm telling you! Or a drying treatment like this one from Kate Somerville -


@PoshDarling - I think the warning about Apple Cider Vinegar is a great one! I always hear it's a great at home treatment and think "maybe, but why would you want to smell like that??" And as @voxover said, the baking soda thing is...tricky. Smiley Happy



Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

@carrie1975 - arielaaaaaaaa is right - the key is exfoliating and moisturizing. Try the link I posted above for suggestions, or check out our exfoliators and peel section on the site>


You also sound like an excellent candidate for Skincare IQ! Plug in your skin issues and it will recommend products customized for your concerns>


@oceanavebabe - Origins, Origins, Origins. Okay, I'll stop now.

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

Read somewhere that if you put yogurt on your face, all your black heads would go away. So I got super excited, and jumped at the idea. DON'T TO IT. I broke out immediately! I have never tried a home remedy since xD

Re: Weekly Beauty Challenge: Beauty Mythbusters

Ahhhh high school memories... I have tried lemon juice and toothpaste on acne, and have tried using elmer's glue to clear pores.

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