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Website suggestions/requests...

Since the web monkeys are all up in the place making changes this week how about some new functionality on the retail site instead of wasting time on the forums?


I would LOVE to be able to go to a product page and see a notice across the top like at amazon dot come that says "you purchased this product on January 15th 2014". 


Or how about not deleting product pages or making them disappear when something is out of stock? We can't even read or leave reviews for a product then. It's so random which product pages disappear and which don't. It's beyond annoying. 


How about improving the 'loves list' section so that we can categorize and set priorities or even make notes for ourselves? 


You guys obviously have all this time on your hands (the programmers not the mods) to waste on the forums which according to statistics is only 3% of your website traffic. 


How about doing some real work and making the site work better for purchasers? 


web monkey.jpg











Re: Website suggestions/requests...

Heck Yeah! 

R.S.V.P me.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

Apparently only in faux Switzerland. Smiley Wink

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

you bet, my buns ARE spoiled and proud of it! Smiley Very Happy


Let me sounds much better!


Poo rolled in sugar is still poo!

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

Ok ladies, how about us focusing on the website feedback part? =)


No, the tone of this post is not super polite/professional like in a business setting, but it's not the worst in the scheme of things if anyone have any experience with customer service (especially with the number of frustrated customers Sephora is getting). If the programmers/website designers of Sephora are true professionals, then they should act like professional and picking out the valid points that everyone is making regardless of the tone of the posts.


I've listed the 10 things I would like to see changed (and have tons more but those are minor), so peace out, friends!



- a proud nerd and code-monkey-wannabe

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

OH MAH GAWD! It's a Squirtle!!!! lol Smiley Tongue

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

I want that turtle. Thanks for enabling me on stuffed animals

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

I'm on board with anything that involves awkward turtle.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

It might be a better idea for us to unleash the rage give feedback about the changes we want in the "Give Feedback Now" tab on the bottom right instead (while it's mostly customer service, same as here, I spotted someone with the title of Product Management on one of the questions, which means instead of our feedback being forwarded to the abyss of oblivion appropriate department, people who actually work on this stuff sees it).


If you don't like the pop up, here's the link:

That link was from the Sephora feedback button so I figured it's ok. If it's removed, basically you click the grey "browse ideas" link beside Feedback on top left of the pop up.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

That's what I was wondering, whether that tool is looked at by Sephora at all. If so it could be a great way for us to deliver feedback and make requests.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

That little tab first appeared (lol, can I be paid to be a Sephora historian?) when the current website was in it's Beta phase, so ppl use that to report bugs when it went live. I know that the tech ppl did look at the stuff back then, but not sure if they do now. If you sort by "new" then it looks like Sephora CS (is it the same as mods here?).


I don't know, neither are perfect, but it's Sephora's problem, not mine. 

Re: Website suggestions/requests... have posted nine times so far on this thread...who is belaboring, moaning, groaning, whining?....sneaking that we in there again; that matter has been addressed already.


would you rather be right or happy? or neither?  just give it a rest please....the autopsy has been completed!

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

spoiledbuns, maybe if you don't like it you could also skip over it Smiley Happy


if people respond to me, i think it's generally a good idea to reply back, especially if i'm asked a direct question.


i really never imagined the concept of being nicer could be so controversial.


anyhoo - this thread HAS been derailed enough. let's go (can i say let's? it means let us and i don't want to speak for you - but let me sounds so strange) back to discussing website improvements.


Q for the devs: Do you guys read the Give Feedback Now suggestions? That little box is always there in the bottom corner of the page and I only JUST used it yesterday. It'd be great if it was read regularly, it seems like a good way to send through ideas for improvements.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

I  think they need to prioritize, I would settle for getting e-mails.  As for the monkeys, after months trying to fix the problem of no e-mails and  giving them the benefit of the doubt, I personally think it's being generous.  They could also update some of the product pages and add the ingredients. Makes no sense that I have to google it just to find out what is in a Laura Mercier primer.  

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

I would love to be able to respond to reviews. For example, if a people writes a review about how cake-y a foundation is, other people could give them tips on how to make it less cake-y.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

That's an excellent idea. 

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

I am not sure if this has been said already as I did not read through the thread but things that I would like to see:


In the loves list -  I would like it to organize by things I have already purchased (show the date), then by category (lips, eyes, moisturizers, concealers, etc.)


I wish you would have a limited edition tab. I want to see what is new and for the spring/fall/winter/summer lines. Could you be able to sort it by lipsticks, shadows. etc?


This might be a more difficult request, but I would love to see all the brands sorted by shade like you do for the color IQ. I want to be able to do this for all makeup. So if I am a 2y05 what colors will work for me. If I am a 4r12 what colors would work for me?


Could you put a little notation on all shades that says warm undertone, cool undertone, neutral undertone, olive undertone? That would be so incredibly helpful when looking for new items.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

I think the Limited Edition tab would be a nice addition too. I would probably be less likely to miss out on it. Smiley Happy

Nice thoughts lsp Smiley Happy

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

Way to go Syd - you said it all perfectly and I agree with you 100%!


How many things have I purchased b/c of BT? More than I would have normally ordered. Some people on the boards know what I love or we love the same things. They mention it and I purchase it!  It was my intent to NOT make rouge for 2015, yet I have already reached it. Smiley Sad


Butterbuns, is that the Royal we you are using?  You do not know me and are in no position to speak for me. May I suggest putting down your playground monitor whistle and finding something fun to do?  Great to share your opinion....please just speak for yourself and not the rest of us.  Also, I suggest you re-read what you write and ask yourself, "do I follow this advice myself?"  Thanks.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

thanks brat!  took the words out of my mouth!

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

I second that!

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

Yes, yes, and yes. Things that currently make me nuts. It's like you know my thoughts.

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