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Website suggestions/requests...

Since the web monkeys are all up in the place making changes this week how about some new functionality on the retail site instead of wasting time on the forums?


I would LOVE to be able to go to a product page and see a notice across the top like at amazon dot come that says "you purchased this product on January 15th 2014". 


Or how about not deleting product pages or making them disappear when something is out of stock? We can't even read or leave reviews for a product then. It's so random which product pages disappear and which don't. It's beyond annoying. 


How about improving the 'loves list' section so that we can categorize and set priorities or even make notes for ourselves? 


You guys obviously have all this time on your hands (the programmers not the mods) to waste on the forums which according to statistics is only 3% of your website traffic. 


How about doing some real work and making the site work better for purchasers? 


web monkey.jpg











Re: Website suggestions/requests...

I would love a "WISH" list I could share with my family and friends in lieu of my "LOVES" and regular purchases.  Some things on my LOVES are a bit too personal (deodorant, etc.) and on the WISH I could include those things that I would feel guilty buying myself (NARS Kauai, YSL lippies, etc) but would make the ultimate gifts!

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

That would be great! I feel like a weirdo adding all of this beauty stuff on my amazon wish list. But, if I had a direct Sephora wish list to share with others, I wouldn't feel so weird since it is a beauty store.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

Ditto, and make it organizable by priority/want (like you can on Amazon)

I'd even be happy if we could organize the "Loves" list that way.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

There are some bugs when I post or try to edit a reply - often this will put the red "reply" button behind the thumbnails of the photos in the thread. This is usually in Firefox or Safari.


Also, since I go to the Louge section a lot now, the number next to the envelope indicating my PMs disappears, so I can't tell when I have a PM or not.


I think a list of purchases that are part of your current points would be nice, or a points summary so you know if that trip to SiJCP counted, and the purchases that you have this year towards VIB or Rouge. 


Also, purchases in general are hard to search, they only seem to go back so far.


Categorizing your favorites would be really cool. 


Finally, could there be one way to contact the moderators/admin as a group? It seems like people have different shifts and it's hard to know who is on. Sometimes I go with who has posted most recently, but that doesn't always work. If there was ONE way of contacting whoever was on that would be nice when issues arise. 


Thanks for listening!! Smiley Happy

Re: Website suggestions/requests...



Not really sure if you can see here either, but it's sort of like what you were saying with the reply being hidden behind the thumbnails of pics. You can see where if I were to reply, the reply box is running into other things on the page and my "reply" button isn't even showing.


Another instance of a bug that should be fixed.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

Sometimes m reply button hides behind the picture thumbnails Smiley Sad

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

That happens to me too and I use Chrome so it sounds like it happens no matter what browser people are using. 

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

"There are some bugs when I post or try to edit a reply - often this will put the red "reply" button behind the thumbnails of the photos in the thread. This is usually in Firefox or Safari."


Ahh, I thought I was the only person seeing this!  Sometimes I can't even reach it because I only see a very small, tiny, itty bitty red spot to click on and can't get to it! I have to end up copying & pasting it again, in hopes to get the "Reply" button back to the proper spot!


I second getting that fixed! It happens to me more often than not! Even on my iPhone. Smiley Sad It's quite annoying.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

i would love it if there was a points breakdown!  i am losing my mind a little trying to figure out if i got my double and triple points

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

YESSSS!!! Someone mentioned it earlier, it should be like a real account to see how much you "deposited" and "withdrew" and tells you if the points have been multiplied yet from promos.


I agree with most of the suggestions on here - especially about being able to prioritize/separate loves list into "want to try" and "want to repurchase" etc. I would also LOVE to be able to see my entire purchase history (and even return history) so I can see my spending habits. 



Re: Website suggestions/requests...

I would like an actual points breakdown as well. The other day(I think it was Thursday) a number of points were added to my account, and I can only assume that they were from the skincare promo because I didn't make any fragrance purchases. I am also not sure if the correct amount was added. 

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

As it is now, I have to go back to the emails I get from Sephora at different times because that email contains my points as of the email date.  Then I have to work from there to see what's been used/added.  I am pretty sure I received the 2x points for the skincare purchases earlier but don't know if it was the right amount, but I could figure it out using the emails.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

Okay, I'm jumping in even though I think maybe I shouldn't. Many people know that I try to stay out of the drama and 'stuff', I claim to be Switzerland. I do feel like Switzerland is being invaded though.


Yes, there are changes that I hope will be made. Having a banner that says, "kssweetheart, you already bought this item 2 days ago you knucklehead." would be delightful, because I'm a scatterbrain. I'd love to be able to organize/prioritize my love list too.


I read Very Little of this thread, just a few comments, so forgive me if I should have educated myself more by reading this entire thread. I cannot read it. I do not want to read it. I will not read it. I feel that the people we are trying to communicate with may feel the very same way.


I will simply add that I think the old adage is true. You catch Many more flies with honey then you do with Vinegar.


I'm now going back to Switzerland with a GIANT bowl of ice cream in hand. Think I will find a good movie, get some love from my beloved dog and decompress. I hope that others will follow suit. (I know that some of us may prefer a GIANT glass of wine instead of ice cream, whatever works for you. Smiley Tongue)  Hope I don't sound 'High and Mighty' because I certainly know that I am neither. Peace.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

Sugar coating your disagreement doesn't make it less of a disagreement. It's fine that you didn't like the way I phrased it. 


If you're too lazy to read the entire thing then why bother commenting. I don't see how you thought this might add to the conversation. 


Saying you are Switzerland and then getting yourself involved after not reading it in its entirety pretty much negates you as Switzerland. Switzerland doesn't 'jump in, have its two cents worth and run off'. You are not Switzerland -- ice cream or no ice cream. 


I agree that perhaps that my wording could have been different but it was because of all the frustration of what they've done to BT and surely even Switzerland can appreciate that. 


As far as catching more flies with honey I am under no illusion that this will ever be read by said code monkeys or that they would care about any of it or give it a second thought. It was more venting and a wish list of things that will probably never happen. But thank you for beating a dead horse and side-tracking the original issue yet again. 


Enjoy your ice cream. Smiley Happy

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

Last time I checked, Switzerland's game plan has been, "sorry, but we're Switzerland, we're staying out of it," then they go and do exactly that.  They don't even tell you they're having ice cream because they staying out of anything that doesn't concern/interest/affect them.  


I have to wonder what Switzerland's stand on ice cream is.  I bet they prefer gelato.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

How giant of a bowl of ice cream are we talking? Giant enough to share said ice cream? Smiley Happy

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

It was Ginormous!!!! and tasty too.!


I had a side dish of vintage Tom Selleck with it **sigh**, but a funny thing happened. once the three of us sat down together (3 = me, ice cream, Tom) my ice cream melted in like 2 seconds flat! It was bizarre. So it seems that Tom not only makes me melt in no time flat, he has the same affect on Ice Cream! Maybe cause it just got so darn hot in here.


I'll run out and get some more and we can all find a time that's good for us and pig out together. We'll have to try to decide on what flavors of ice cream and what flavor of.....enterTOMment. I meant entertainment. silly me. Smiley Tongue

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

Yes, please share said ice cream..


Re: Website suggestions/requests...

I can do that. We'll have to decide on a date & time & flavors for our get together.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

wait..there's ice cream?

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