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Website suggestions/requests...

Since the web monkeys are all up in the place making changes this week how about some new functionality on the retail site instead of wasting time on the forums?


I would LOVE to be able to go to a product page and see a notice across the top like at amazon dot come that says "you purchased this product on January 15th 2014". 


Or how about not deleting product pages or making them disappear when something is out of stock? We can't even read or leave reviews for a product then. It's so random which product pages disappear and which don't. It's beyond annoying. 


How about improving the 'loves list' section so that we can categorize and set priorities or even make notes for ourselves? 


You guys obviously have all this time on your hands (the programmers not the mods) to waste on the forums which according to statistics is only 3% of your website traffic. 


How about doing some real work and making the site work better for purchasers? 


web monkey.jpg











Re: Website suggestions/requests...

1. Make sure everyone gets emails, the CORRECT emails.

2. Make font size/color work on BT.
3. Being able to organize PMs
4. Being able to organize Love lists
5. Being able to organize our own posts.
6. Make BT work on android phones.

7. Have a "setting" section where the users can subscrib/unsubscribe to different boards that they see for BT front page.

8. Unify the BT formats, there's the Q&A format where you can select solution and have hidden comments under solution, the forum format, and the blog format that Candace usually use. Do we really need all those formats?

9. Make the album more manageable, as in if I want to pull a picture from album to put into posts, I won't have to go through rows and rows of set of 4 pictures to pick.

10. My impression is that most mods actually have beauty expertise that we would like to take advantage of, so it would be great if you get more ppl to do the CS stuff so the mods have time to answer the beauty questions that we can't really answer such as comparing shades of foundation or new/discontinued products etc.

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

Yes yes to number 10!

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

I'd like to be able to filter my search results.  I'm usually searching for a specific type or group of products, but they fall under a larger type or group of products, so I have to scan through all of the products.  Even worse is having to click on virtually every item to find out that the item is not what I am looking for.  If I had been able to filter, I could have eliminated 75% of the results and saved myself 45 minutes looking at incorrect items.


I would also like to be able to compare items side by side too.  For example, if I'm looking at foundations A, B, and C, I would like to be able to compare foundations A and C side by side.  Right now I have to open two copies of my browser to do that (more for more products).


Thank you for listening!

Re: Website suggestions/requests...

Yes, all of what ShinyMagpie said.  Also, I'd love to have ALL my purchases be visible (and searchable if it's not too much to ask for).  For example, I love that I can see all my Amazon purchases for all time and by different filters/searches too (i.e., last six months, or 2013, or Beauty Blender).  


And since code monkeys are hard at work pleases make BT better, it's awful.  Sephora, you may not realize what happens here, but this is a HUGE enabling fest.  In case you haven't noticed we talk product here A LOT. It would be lovely to be able to follow a conversation in the order the responses were made, not try to follow comments made two minutes ago that are posted to pages long before the last page in the conversation. LOOK at the forums on RAVELRY, CodeMonkey is a genius and it's so easy to follow.  


Oh, and STOP fiddling with reviews that people leave.  It's not only a resource for us, but should help you choose products that customers will buy.  Low ratings should equal a notice to you that it's time to stop carrying that product.  It's unfortunate that the place where I do most of my beauty-related purchases is the last place I can trust an opinion.  


And, I want ONE new product page, where I can see everything that's been added without you trying to bundle it into a category.   

Re: Website suggestions/requests...



That was Legen......wait for it.......dary 


Re: Website suggestions/requests...

Am I going to have to start filling my desktop with monkey photos that I found on the net now?  The llamas are taking up a lot of room already Smiley Happy


I would like to see the website  functionality with Android (and other mobile platforms) devices updated/fixed.  I can never complete a purchase using my phone or tablet because the pages always error or time out.



Re: Website suggestions/requests...


Re: Website suggestions/requests...

I have the same problem with the app as well.  Even the desktop webpage on a mobile device does not work with the shopping cart for me.  I guess I just cannot shop Sephora unless I am using a desktop computer.

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