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Thursday Throwdown: Benefit Mascaras

Ladies (and gents), it's time for another Thursday Throwdown!

In this corner, we have the original, the amazing, what some call the "baddest" mascara around: Benefit BADgal Lash.


In the other corner, we have Benefit's young upstart, They're Real!, which has quickly made its way into the hearts and onto the lashes of mascara fanatics everywhere. What say ye, BT? Which is your favorite?


Remember, there are no "winners" or "losers" here, only respectful opinions, based on your preference.


Now Throwdown! (Nicely Smiley Happy)


benefit 8.8.jpg



Re: Thursday Throwdown: Benefit Mascaras

HeYyY CandaceBT,


I have tried both and I think that They're Real wins and here is why...


Bad Gal has a large brush which I feel makes the application a bit awkward. I also think that you have to apply several coats to make it look like you have any mascara on at all. I do LOVE the fact that it comes in Purple and I use that one more often then I use the black one. When I use this mascara for my lower lashes it is very difficult to avoid getting product underneath your eye lashes, especially if you are using the Purple one (You don't wan to look like you have a weird eye infection). However the go0od parts about the Bad Gal is that it does fan out your lashes in a very ladylike way. So0o that's a plus! Bad Gal does make your lashes feel soft. 


They're Real wins in my opinion because it has a very unique brush that helps you grab the stubborn lower lashes a bit easier. I also like that unlike Bad Gal you do not have to put on several coats to get the desired look. I sometimes use just one coat and then take the pointy end of the brush and pick at the outer lashes to get a more "winged-out" look. They're Real tends to leave your lashes a little more rigid but sometimes that is go0od because it holds better. 

Re: Thursday Throwdown: Benefit Mascaras

@Greyes - That is an excellent breakdown!  I never put mascara on my bottom lashes (I know, gasp!) so the bigger brush on BADgal is a feature and not a bug for me. But you make very good points.

Re: Thursday Throwdown: Benefit Mascaras

Bad Gal Lash is my current favorite high-end mascara! Its a dry formula, which works really well on my lashes for separating and lengthening. Im in love with it, so bad gall definitely wins in my book!

Re: Thursday Throwdown: Benefit Mascaras

in my opinion, i'd pick They're real mascara over Bad Gal Lash. with the They're real, it only takes 1-2 coats for your lashes to look long and volumized...on the other hand, the bad gal takes multiple coats for anybody to notice. even though my They're real mascara dried out quite quickly, it's still my favorite! <3

Re: Thursday Throwdown: Benefit Mascaras

I have a ridiculous amount of mascaras in my "to try" bin & They're Real is up next!  Bad Gal is one of my all time favs, so I'm super curious & want to open up They're Real right now!!  

Re: Thursday Throwdown: Benefit Mascaras

BadGal is one of the only two full size mascaras I've purchased (we get so many minis!). I have a mini of the They're Real and actually threw it out before finishing. I have big eyes, so the fat wand of BadGal makes it quicker for me to apply and I get much more volume. I like that it's a little drier, I feel like it holds a curl better. The They're Real formula is too watery for me and I don't like the rubbery wands, they do nothing for my lashes. Lancome mascaras are still my favorite so far though Smiley Happy

Re: Thursday Throwdown: Benefit Mascaras

I've only tried the They're Real so far.  I think it is a great mascara.  It makes my lashes look great--full, thick, and lots of volume and length.  However, at the end of the day, I found it felt too heavy on my lashes and was really difficult to get off (which was both a good and bad thing).  



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